Florida Resists Obamacare Deathstar

Florida has joined the Resistance against the Obamacare death star. 
The state’s legislature just approved a ballot proposal that would bar Floridians from being forced to obtain medical insurance coverage as required by Obamacare.
As reported by the AP’s Bill Kaczor on April 22, 2010, the proposed state constitutional amendment (HJR 37) will go on the Nov. 2 ballot after the House and Senate each passed it by largely partisan votes. 
The House vote was 74-42. Only two Democrats, Reps. Leonard Bembry of Greenville and Debbie Boyd of Newberry, voted for the proposal. Just one Republican, Rep. Ron Schultz of Homosassa, voted against it. The Senate roll call was 26-11 with all Republicans in favor and all Democrats against.
House sponsor Republican Rep. Scott Plakon conceded federal law would override the state amendment due to U.S. Constitution’s “supremacy clause.” “We all know that if ultimately the individual mandate is deemed constitutional then that would render the federal question moot.” But he added his proposal would ban similar laws at the state level, and “certainly prevent a future debacle like what’s happening in the state of Massachusetts right now where their system is basically imploding.”

Rep. Rick Kriseman, D-St. Petersburg, who opposed the amendment, cited U.S. Supreme Court rulings dating to 1824 supporting the primacy of federal law over conflicting state statutes. He also noted state lawmakers swore to support the U.S. Constitution in their oath of office. “You don’t get to choose whether you agree with the Constitution or not,” Kriseman said. “You don’t’ get to choose whether you agree with the Supreme Court’s ruling or not.”
That argument didn’t stop other lawmakers from attacking or defending the federal health care overhaul. Sen. Carey Baker, a Eustis Republican who sponsored the amendment in the Senate, argued the federal law conflicts with constitutional freedoms and American tradition. “For the first time in American history you have to buy a product just to live here, said Rep. Rich Workman, R-Melbourne, a native of Canada. “That is not the freedoms or the liberties that I was promised when I immigrated to this country.”
Rep. Joe Gibbons, D-Hallandale Beach, argued that the state amendment would undercut the cost-saving aspect of the federal law by leaving many Floridians uninsured. “We’re forcing people into the emergency room,” Gibbons said. “The average emergency room visit costs about $2,500. The average preventive doctor visit costs about $50. Do you want to spend $2,500 or do you want to spend $50? I say we go for the $50.”
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I congratulate the lawmakers of my state for being brave enough to stand up to our new dictator. Personally, I believe the new health care bill is unconstitutional on a couple of measures, but I am not a judge. I do have a decent grasp of the constitution and my brother was and is a constitutional lawyer. Many times he admonished me for my ideas on the law of the land and I had to bow to his knowledge. How our supreme court will handle the law is not up to me, but I have high hopes. I sometimes wonder… Read more »


Good to see a resistance to the Comrade Chairman beginning to grow across our America.
I have been praying for this since 12:00:01 pm, 01/20/2009.
Perhaps there is hope for us yet.


Hi Muffin,
Been in Florida for over twenty years now. Started out in Miami, moved to Live Oak, now in Jax. I joined this blog because it was listed in Lake City.


Hi Eowyn,
When I first came across the blog I seen Lake City at the heading and I thought the Blog came from there so I entered a comment. I’m not sorry I did and I don’t care where you’re located. I’m satisfied that I found someone who thinks the same as me.
Love ya,


Yea for the Floridians! Now other states must get some courage and challenge the dictator!