Florida Obituaries show no Parkland school shooting deaths

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From Wikipedia:

On February 14, 2018, a mass shooting occurred at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Seventeen people were killed and seventeen more were wounded, making it one of the world’s deadliest school massacres. […] Seventeen people were killed and seventeen more were wounded.

Here are the names of the 17 individuals who were killed on February 14, 2018, in Parkland Florida:

  1. Alyssa Alhadeff, 14
  2. Scott Beigel, 35
  3. Martin Duque, 14, posthumously honored by the U.S. Army with the ROTC Medal for Heroism.
  4. Nicholas Dworet, 17
  5. Aaron Feis, 37
  6. Jaime Guttenberg, 14
  7. Chris Hixon, 49
  8. Luke Hoyer, 15
  9. Cara Loughran, 14
  10. Gina Montalto, 14
  11. Joaquin Oliver, 17
  12. Alaina Petty, 14, posthumously honored by the U.S. Army with the ROTC Medal for Heroism.
  13. Meadow Pollack, 18
  14. Helena Ramsay, 17
  15. Alex Schachter, 14
  16. Carmen Schentrup, 16
  17. Peter Wang, 15, posthumously honored by the U.S. Army with the ROTC Medal for Heroism. On February 20, he was awarded a rare posthumous admission to the United States Military Academy.

Florida Obituaries is part of Tributes.com, which describes itself as:

Tributes.com is the online source for current local and national obituary news and a supportive community where friends and family can come together during times of loss and grieving to honor the memories of their loved ones with lasting personal tributes.

According to Florida Obituaries:

  • None of the above 17 names is among those who had died in Parkland, Florida, on February 14, 2018 or in the days after.
  • There was only one death in Parkland, Florida, on February 14, 2018: Alice Levenson.
  • There were two deaths in Parkland, FL, between February 14 and March 7, 2018:
    • John Maginnis, who died on Feb. 16.
    • Norman Goldstein, who died on March 7.

Here’s a screenshot of the Florida Obituaries page, showing the date (4/3/2018) and time (8:06 AM)when I took the screenshot (click image to enlarge):

Notice the box on the webpage and in the screenshot that allows you to search for a particular name?
I did just that, and conducted a search, using the date range of “last 90 days,” for each of the 17 individuals who allegedly was shot to death on February 14, 2018, in Parkland, Florida. In each case, I got the same result:

No results were found using your search criteria, so we increased the date range to ‘2000 to present’ and removed the city.

I repeated the search for all 17 names, this time changing the date range from “last 90 days” to “Date of Death: All”. In each case, I got the same result:

No results were found using your search criteria

There is a Martin Guillermo Duque who died in Miami, Florida, but he was 76 years old and the date of death was July 30, 2013.
H/t Tony Mead

Update (April 28, 2018)

As of this afternoon, Florida Obituaries still does not show any of the 17 Parkland school shooting deaths. Below is a screenshot I just took:
Florida Obituaries for Parkland

Update (June 9, 2018):

I just went on Florida Obituaries‘ website. Still no obituaries for any of the 17 people who supposedly were killed at MS Douglas High School on February 14, 2018. Here’s the screenshot:
Florida Obituaries
There are obituaries on other websites for the Parkland dead, as well as accounts of their funerals, thanks to research undertaken by Vivian Lee:

  1. Alyssa Alhadeff: Legacy.com; Miami Herald
  2. Scott Beigel: Legacy.com; Sun Sentinel
  3. Martin Duque: Legacy.com; CBS Miami
  4. Nicholas Dworet: Legacy.com; Miami Herald
  5. Aaron Feis: Legacy.com; Miami Herald
  6. Jaime Guttenberg: Legacy.com; Miami Herald
  7. Chris Hixon: Legacy.com; Miami Herald
  8. Luke Hoyer: Legacy.com; Miami Herald
  9. Cara Loughran: Legacy.com; Miami Herald
  10. Gina Montalto: Legacy.com; Miami Herald
  11. Joaquin Oliver: Legacy.com; Miami Herald
  12. Alaina Petty: Legacy.com; Miami Herald
  13. Meadow Pollack: Legacy.com; Miami Herald
  14. Helena Ramsay: Legacy.com; Miami Herald
  15. Alex Schachter: Legacy.com; Washington Post
  16. Carmen Schentrup: Legacy.com; Miami Herald
  17. Peter Wang: Legacy.com; Miami Herald

Tony Mead reminds us that anyone can create a profile on Legacy.com as Miss Crenshaw demonstrates in this video:

See also:


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160 responses to “Florida Obituaries show no Parkland school shooting deaths

  1. seems to be a common occurrence with these “shootings”:
    “dead” people without obituaries

    • It’s a miracle, a true miracle I tell you! How amazing so few [none] were killed when it could have been SO much worse [if the scenario hadn’t gone as intended].
      Bah, humbug! All the perps should be given 30 lashes in a very public square, then do 10 years in maximum w/NO hope of early release. They do HUGE damage to millions of fearful sheople who believe this crapola is real, when 90% nowadays is staged for political manipulation.

  2. Is it just a coincidence two mass shootings happened in Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s district?

    • Nah, she’s just a lucky Jewess laughing at the stupid goyim she rules.

      • I had to laugh today when I ran across a piece where they found that some 50 Congress Critters waived the background checks on her lover’s company and relatives. She of course handed over all the classified material on Congresses computers. I suppose that saved them from having to buy it from Israel.
        But, there she is. NOTHING she or Hillary does is sufficient for an arrest. There hasn’t been a more immune bunch in power since Vlad the Impaler.

    • Is that a fact? I had no idea, and yes, if accurate it will be very interesting. But by now a lot of right-minded people are hip to the fact that we are at war in America. The young woman who shot up youtube realized that she was being shut-up and shut down by the thought police of Google, and simply took matters to their logical conclusion. I hate that she killed herself, because a national discussion over the blatant manipulation of these left-wing techno-kingdoms must begin. They must be forced to either break up into smaller kingdoms (like Bell Telephone was long ago) so we have some choice, or let people post whatever they like as long as it is not obscene or brutally graphic.
      Youtube gave me a strike and deleted my video of a local Florida news reporter interviewing TWO students at parkland that both said there were multiple shooters. And youtube shut down Mike Adams, the “Health Ranger” (NaturalNews.com), who is a brilliant fellow, probably due to pressure from the pharmaceutical advertisers. Youtube/Google is corrupt – the Pravda of our day. I used to do web development and specialized in getting guaranteed Number 1 search rankings for my clients. I quit about five years ago when it was obvious to me that Google manipulates their algorithm to drive ad sales and increase their stock value. Its all about money, and they get plenty from the deep state, too.

  3. Once again…..
    Things that make you go, hum……

  4. Honestly, nothing shocks me anymore. I am no longer comfortable in my own country. I am more comfortable in the mountains of Iraq with my Kurdish brothers.

    • You are correct, as they’d extend their traditional hospitality, certainly not look forward to torturing or killing you to further their century-long grievance at being denied the homeland they were promised by the US and others after WW1. Anybody recall that fracas?

  5. We’ve been ruminating over this little factoid as well. Where are all the funeral photos/videos? Tell me the media wouldn’t be interested in a lot of coffins and tearful goodbyes……

    • Yes, and you would expect the usual “feel good” stories about wounded, heroics, etc.. Actually, they’re doing largely the same in the Vegas operation. In a very real sense the giveaways are more about what they DON’T do.
      When some major event happens the norm is for reporters to be out interviewing hobos, dogs and cats, anybody that can fill a minute or so. When they stage one of these they keep the regular press way back and only allow the drill participants air time.
      In the Parkland operation even the photos that were released are laughable. Look at that girl “Alexis (sp?)” (The Stoner}. She’s laughing her head off. She reminds me of the principal’s daughter in SHES.
      So you have a large school, and maybe ten students who talked to the press? You have the worst response……EVER! But no one is discussing that. NO, they’re going for the NRA.

    • It would probably put them over budget in the crisis actor department. Plus they’d have to be closed casket, can’t catch a “dead body” breathing, right?

    • Exactly. 17 funerals in the same week – the mass media would be in a feeding frenzy. But not one single funeral. Yet the blind, mute and deaf population of America will never have that “doh!” moment when they collectively ask “When are the funerals? Where are the obits? Where are the CNN crews covering the funerals of those poor little children?” Same as Sandy Hook.

  6. Is this tribute being PC or are there no obits in the local rags? Are life insurance payouts public knowledge? Any way to follow the money? How about funerals homes? I don’t think there is any dead guy/funeral home privileged speech. A lot of times you can look at Funeral home websites and see who they’ve been planting.

    • In the areas I’ve lived in my life there are requirements for public death announcements. This only makes sense if you realize that people often have debts or other obligations that creditors or other interested parties may wish to know.

    • Funeral homes generally provide the obits to either newspapers or local radio stations (published on their websites). This is supposed to be public knowledge. Another curious thing: This shooting was in the “freshman building,” wasn’t it? Then why are some of the victims ages 15, 17 and 18?

      • I don’t know but I noticed that too. When I researched it there were several versions of which buildings were effected. Ultimately, given the six minutes, it was Bldg. 1200. I believe that was the “Freshman Building”. Why there would be different ages in the “Freshman Bldg.” is a mystery to me.
        As to the obits, I’m simply not sure. I did research death certificates during SHES. In Connecticut the undertaker ultimately signs them. It is not the same in every state.

  7. In the current day and age, few people care to post obituaries in the dying newspaper industry, particularly when many newspapers charge for them. Have you tried looking at Social Secirity death notices. They are more inclisive.

    • Our local paper runs the coroners report every six weeks or so. It then lists every death, within the county for that period.

    • Florida Obituaries and Tribute.com areONLINE, not print media, obits.
      As for SS death notices, Social Security Administration changed its policy on the public’s access to its Death Master File. On the website of the Social Security Administration, it says beginning March 27, 2014, the public can have only “limited access” to its Death Master File. To gain access to the DMF, we the American people must now jump through several hoops:
      One must be “certified” (via having one’s application approved) to be granted “limited access”.
      Only certain people are eligible to be “certified”. One must have a “legitimate” fraud prevention interest, or have a “legitimate” business purpose pursuant to a law, governmental rule, regulation, or fiduciary duty in order to be certified under the program. (The critical word “legitimate” is undefined, which means Social Security Administration’s bureaucrats decide what “legitimate” means.)
      Those who are “certified” for access to the Death Master File must pay a hefty annual per-person subscription fee of $995.
      Then there’s this cover-their-posterior all-purpose qualifier by Social Security Administration:
      “This [Death Master] file includes the following information on each decedent, if the data are available to the SSA: social security number, name, date of birth, date of death. The SSA does not have a death record for all persons; therefore, SSA does not guarantee the veracity of the file. Thus, the absence of a particular person is not proof this person is alive.”
      I believe SS changed its policy to limit public access to its Death Master File because of Sandy Hook.

    • There are laws that govern this. They vary from state to state, but the primary purposes are the same. For example, if you paid an annuity to someone you would want to know if they died. There are people who read these as part of their jobs.
      In a case like this, just think of the implications. Some, if not all, would have insurance. The schools themselves would have requirements for reporting and recording these things. There are legal issues galore.
      In a real event no one would want to appear to have deviated in even the slightest degree from standard protocol. That was a dead giveaway in SHES and is probably the same here.

    • Deaths, Births, Marriages, Arrests, Properties Sold, & Lawsuits filed are all public records which newspapers automatically publish as part of their normal business routine.
      How often they publish them may vary according to how often they check their public records sources (Courthouses, Hospitals, Coroner’s Office, Sheriff’s Office, etc.). Larger daily newspapers check/publish those daily. Smaller newspapers maybe less frequently.
      Each newspaper usually has at least one person (“legal dept.”) whose job includes gathering that info for publication.
      The point is, it’s not up to the family of deceased persons to HAVE to notify &/or pay the newspaper to publish a Death Notice. Papers (are supposed to) do it with or without family input.
      Now, if a family DESIRES a nice lengthy obit that includes more details re the deceased, they CAN do that, too. And yes, I think if it goes over too many words, there might be an additional fee.
      With all that said: The above is how newspapers USED to operate for sure. But since many of them have since gone Commie, they could be in cahoots with &/or play havoc with public records according to their “handlers'” directives.

      • You’re absolutely correct. I hope you didn’t think I was saying that. These “notices” are legal requirements. They are not the “eulogies” where you lie about the dead. They are more “Jack Webb”, “just the facts Ma’am things.

        • Oh, no, I knew you knew & I was agreeing with you, Low-Fat (lol!) 😉 I actually had in mind some of the comments further above yours & was hoping to clarify & make it clear for them that newspapers do indeed (are supposed to) publish all Legal Notices, which includes Deaths. Then, sites like legacy.com grab them from the newspapers.
          Back when I still received hardcopy newspapers, I was one of those “weird people” who actually liked to read all the Legal Notices, Deaths, Births, Marriages, Arrests, & Lawsuits, etc., ha ha.
          And decades ago (before computers), I used to “paste-up” the same & more when working for a small town newspaper out West. It was a blast (fun job!)
          It’s a sad thing to me to witness over the years newspapers being bought up & centralized by leftard Commies. Can you imagine the havoc they will create when there is no “hardcopy” proof left of anything at all? They will just make stuff up as they go along & plaster it on the internet … Oops, they are ALREADY doing that!
          Sigh & Groan for the “good old days” when us dinosaurs worked with honesty.

          • Good for you. I used to write a column for a little paper. They used to handset the type. I too read the notices.

            • Excellent. A fellow small newspaper comrade! Cool!
              Right before I began working there, they had stopped with the lead handset type & gotten a big giant rectangle Mergenthaler “computer” that sat on the floor in its own AC’d nook (had to keep it cold) into which was fed the rolls of paper-tape punched w/holes by the electric typesetting machine+typesetter (I did that, too). From that, “Mergie” would spit out long strips of body copy to be wax/pasted on the newspaper pages. Ancient (but more fun) History.

          • Yeppers, no shit Red Rider. Them was the good ol’ days 50 years ago, now a rapidly fading memory. Hitler, who was extremely intelligent, albeit not well-educated [the two terms are not synonymous], wrote that “History is only as old as the grandparents.” Now contemplate how ephemeral the Internet is, as history. It ain’t: as in zero, nada, zilch. A memory hole is all our destiny.

            • I’m afraid so. I remember in school being taught that reading the newspaper and visiting the library were part of our civic duty. How would our cultural heritage survive if we didn’t know how to enthrone and retrieve the information?
              Worse, (I think), is the attention span. Have you tried to discuss something complex with a young person lately? They have no patience. They lack concentration. They can’t reason.
              So, Joseph my friend, I’m afraid you’re right.

          • TPR, You bring to mind “Minitrue” (Ministry of Truth) from Orwell’s 1984! Down the memory hole with it all!

      • I entered two the student’s names in my search engine and two obituaries came right up so I’m not sure why the writer asserts they aren’t there! Try it for yourselves.

        • Can you not read this post’s title? I didn’t “assert they aren’t there”. I simply reported that Florida Obituaries show no deaths of the 17 alleged Parkland shooting victims. You should address your question to Florida Obituaries.

  8. Dr Eowyn . . . . This is a fabulous post, you have hit the ball out of the stadium with this one!
    Although this news does not come as a great surprise to the majority of us. It never the less is distressing on a level that goes off the chart. The very fact that these Deep State characters would on a perpetual basis continue to orchestrate these false flags and stir up, particularly those on the left, who are mentally unstable at best. This causes the situation where our nation is continually in an orchestrated state of upheaval.
    I can already tell, I am working up to being mighty pissed off today, what with news such as this. Even though its not unexpected news.

  9. We know the deep state will choose to sacrifice or not sacrifice innocent citizens to push their agendas. So, did they or did they not in this situation? The evidence we have so far is leaning toward no one died in my opinion. Given the inconsistencies with little Hogg and his parents, the shooter, the stand down by police, sheriff, school resource officer, the reported timeline, the deletion of opposing videos and interviews, the showboating of little Hogg and the 3 other students and evidence of preparations to hold the huge rally in the large cities before the shooting occurred (I read this somewhere but can’t remember the source), what do you all think? I wish we could find one sure method to follow when these false flag psy-ops occur so we’d quickly know the truth.

    • You’ll likely never know the complete truth, but you will know the truth simply by normal reasoning. How many of these ‘events’ do we need to experience wherein much of the information is contradictory and utterly improbable to make a decision? And ultimately, it doesn’t matter whether we know every, single detail. The agenda moves ahead whether we know the details or not. One of their main weapons against us is to have us arguing over details for months and years on end until we have exhausted ourselves. By then, they’ve taken multiple 2 steps forward and 1 step back.

      • Yes in SHES we were told that normal protocols had to be suspended “under the circumstances’. Routine records were not available. Laws were passed to punish people for sharing what was once public information.
        None of these actions or excuses made sense in a practical way. As we’ve said many times here, we are now at a point where they no longer attempt to justify their actions. They just demand that we accept their stories.
        They are obviously lying. If we are at a point where we cannot determine accurately whether 17 public school students were murdered and another 17 (16? The number keeps changing, were wounded), what does that say?
        There are death certificates, notices in newspapers, etc., that are all necessary and normal. We have reached a point where we are more secretive and deceptive than the former USSR ever was.
        We knew this would happen right after 911 and the passage of the “Patriot Act”. Well, it is here in full blossom.

      • VERY astute comments, St L!

    • Exactly. Of course the fact that we do not know is a real issue. In this case it appears not. This one looks like a pure drill. Of course, I could be wrong. Either way, it isn’t the central issue. It may be horrible in its implications, but it isn’t what makes or breaks a fraud.

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  11. Good morning- another day in the masonic hood.
    ALL these names are very STRANGE. Numerical code names
    which transmits the obvious to those in the know.
    Chemtrails for 20 years…no one has an excuse.

  12. I’m so glad you posted this. I was thinking about it last night while commenting on other aspects of this latest operation. I was thinking back to SHES and the attempts to obstruct normal access to public records.
    I remember the alleged families who just couldn’t get enough media attention wringing their hands and demanding that the public not be allowed access to official records. At the heart of it all was the desire to control the narrative.
    I still maintain that if you can get away with telling everyone that you did autopsies in the parking lot and left the victims lie in a school all night while not allowing their parents to see them, you can get away with anything.
    In the Las Vegas one we had ambulances told to wait while pickups delivered “victims” to the hospital. The drivers were invited in to assist the medics in their treatment. Sure!
    Are we really this stupid or have we become so cowed that we fear demanding accountability for these frauds upon the public? They would be more believable if they switched to aliens from Outer Space attacks. That way we at least wouldn’t have a baseline to know what normal is.
    As usual, you don’t see “reporters” scouring the area talking to anybody. No, you see those interviews confined to pre-selected participants. This is all make believe.

  13. Thanks, I’d say that’s a bit strange. Of course I suppose they could falsify records if they liked. Why would anyone restrict access to death records? Don’t these agencies work for “us”?

    • This is a question I’ve asked .. how could Obama unilaterally close the SSMDI to the general public, as it was suggested at the time? Or did Congress do it secretly? Of course, SS was devised by the deep state as a way to “capture” all of us in their web. We pay dearly for all our “entitlements,” don’t we?

      • Without doing a thorough job of researching this, I would guess that it is a rule change. Those do not require acts of Congress. They are considered part of the codification process. Laws are written broadly. The specifics come later.
        Of course Congress, or someone else, could question such a move as being inconsistent with the public good. After all, what is the purpose of the register in the first place and is it appropriate to charge a fee for access?
        Most EO’s go unchallenged. They don’t have to, Congress is just too busy collecting their bribes and sucking up to their owners to do the people’s work.

      • Goldbug, I do believe that ball started rolling back shortly after 9-11. I had noticed many who (allegedly) perished on the (alleged) flights were not coming up as deceased or were not found to be listed at all. I believe it’s progressively gotten worse, up to and including tracking down Barry’s SS# info.

      • Re the SSDI, circa 12/2013, about a year or so after SHES, I went there to look up an unrelated (to false flags) person’s name, & was horrified to see a notice on their site that saud, due to “BUDGET CUTS” they were not allowing public access to the SS deaths list unless the person had ALREADY been dead for at least (IIRC) 3 years!
        I said to self: NO WAY Jose’ that change came about due to BUDGETING!! grrr. Without a doubt it was solely SHES-related.

  14. Here is another menton of a funeral. The funeral for Scott Beigel will be on Sunday at 2 p.m. at Temple Beth El, 333 SW 4th Ave., Boca Raton.

    • I wonder if Louis Leo IV & James Tracy are available this Sunday to attend incognito Scott Beigel’s memorial service at (((Temple Beth El))) 333 SW 4th Ave., Boca Raton? 😀
      Since Jewish people, afaik, still bury their dead within 24-hours & they do not believe in embalming, don’t expect Scott’s corpse to be in attendance.

    • So the families can afford elaborate funerals and memorials, but not an online obituary?

      • Oh, I’m sure they can AFFORD whatever they wish so long as they don’t deviate from the script.

      • I wouldn’t be surprised if the parents all had their mortgages magically paid off two Christmas’s prior! LOL

        • That might be worth a look. Of course they got stung once before so they may have added that to their checklist.

    • Sun-Sentinel published that & the funeral was held A WEEK AFTER the fact. So the question remains, why no death notice/public record (which legacy.com & other newspapers & sites pick up) BEFORE the funeral? How were Nick’s friends supposed to know when/were his funeral?
      5:10 pm, February 21, 2018
      Family and friends gathered Wednesday to honor Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School senior Nicholas Dworet a week after he was killed by a gunman at school.
      His funeral was held at Serenity Funeral Home in North Lauderdale, and later hundreds gathered for a memorial at the Parkland Golf and Country Club, which is about two miles from the high school where Dworet and 16 others died.
      Questions are always a good thing. They are what will hone up anyone’s “investigative skills.” Anyone with the wherewithal & time on their hands could proceed as follows:
      1_Find out who owns Sun-Sentinel?
      2_Who owns Serenity Funeral Home?
      3_Who owns Parkland Golf & Country Club?
      (Local County Property Appraiser site should have owners’ names, &/or FLA Secy of State, Dept. of Corporations would also have even more details for any that are corporations.)
      If Sun-Sentinel’s photo of Nick is legit, he was a handsome young fellow & does not look Jewish. What do his parents do? Do they work for the FBI (&/or other govt. agencies, local, state, or federal, etc.) like Virginia Tech school shooter’s sister did, & orange-haired-James whats-his-name Aurora shooter’s father did, & Hogg’s father did, etc.?
      Questions birth more questions. 🙂

  15. I’ll bet you can’t find a pebble within a mile.

  16. Yep. Another Obongo legacy item.

  17. The Left is highly organized; We on the Right must be highly organized, also. And we have to go on the offensive: This is a great post with crucial information. Now, HOW do we get this information into the hands of Alex Jones, et al.?
    Kudos to Dr. Henry Makow for tweeting this where I found out about it. Now, HOW do we go on the offensive?
    And HOW do we get President Trump to cripple all of George Soros’ operations? And we have to go after Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Sheriff Israel and his department.
    I understand we’re all limited as to time and money. Alex Jones has his own battles, but he is fighting for free speech, despite whatever flaws he may have. But it would have been great if we could have sunk the Sandy Hook debacle as soon as it came up. Ditto Parkland. So we have to understand the Deep State (or the Mossad, for that matter), has the upper hand here, because it can stage any production it wants and get that publicity from the get-go and then hold it for the first critical 72 hours.
    I know it’s a tall order, but I wish someone out there could come up with an effective strategy to KNEECAP that mainstream media stranglehold. Otherwise, we are going to lose the Information War.

    • I think this is where “right” meets “reality”. When backed into a corner, and clearly guilty, what happens? Well, first you have to find someone willing to prosecute. Who would that be?
      It is obvious from SHES, and by extension these others, that these are supported at the “highest” levels of government. They are NEVER going to allow justice to prevail in one of these. Just like they will NEVER admit that the Kennedy assassination was a conspiracy.
      We have a duty to point out the flaws and, where possible to ridicule and demean these. What we can do is get them to a point where they are laughing stocks and nobody will pay any attention to them any longer.
      That would be a real victory. While I realize that a lot of this isn’t funny, humor is a powerful tool. What needs to happen is for the people to make their “government” irrelevant. If they are not doing OUR will, why give them any credence?
      It is impossible to control what people think. If we provide food for thought we will be ahead of any propaganda they spew. Some people are stupid. The majority are not. Once people come to realize how outrageous these acts truly are they will be unable to influence their thinking.

    • I’m honestly thinking that A.J. is not who you think he is. My gut tells me he’s part of the system.

    • You have hit the nail on the head; but who or what organization can and will do this? We are in big trouble.

  18. If you google the names with age and funeral, you will pull up obits and reports on the funerals. This author did not do his full homework.

    • @Wildflower of Venice, Florida:
      Can you not read the title of this post? This post is about the fact that Florida Obituaries, which claims to be “the online source for current local and national obituary news,” does not have the names of the 17 Parkland victims as among the dead. Why don’t you “pull up obits and reports on the funerals”?

    • To wildflower: Who knows if the obits are legit? All they need is a shifty/sleazy Coroner (like Carver in Newtown) to release fake death notices which the newspapers then pick up & publish as part of their normal public records.
      And without some incognito “truther-boots on the ground” to go attend each & every funeral, the possibility still exists that Parkland is just another very-tight-knit (((tribal))) hoax.

      • Yeah, it’s like that coroner Slick Willy used to have in Arkansas. He once wrote up a beheading as suicide.

        • Oh brother, I had not heard that one! As if a suicidal person’s first choice of weapon/death would be to chop their own head off! Even if they tried, they would not remain alive long enough to fully “behead” themselves.
          SMH! < humor. 🙂

        • Come on, lophatt, give a guy a break! Determined to commit suicide, he reached round and pulled the release rope after he put his neck in the guillotine.

          • Or….., there was this….TRAIN! That’s it…, a train. And he ran over there and flung himself right on the track just as the train came by….! Did I mention we found a ransom note?

      • Or, all they need is a coroner like “Dr.” Fahmy Malak, Clinton’s coroner in Arkansas where so many died from Arkancide.

        • Yeah that’s the guy I’m talking about. One of their political hits was found decapitated and he ruled it a suicide.

  19. I did a quick search on the first name and came up with this site. https://www.dignitymemorial.com/obituaries/north-lauderdale-fl/alyssa-alhadeff-7762839
    One should easily be able to call the funeral home and verify whether the funeral happened or not. I think this is unwarranted speculation without sufficient research.

    • Once again, I repeat my previous response to Wildflower:
      This post does not claim to be the be-all on whether the 17 alleged Parkland victims actually died. Are you a defective who can neither read nor comprehend the title of this post: “Florida Obituaries show no Parkland school shooting deaths”?
      Do you not find that curious?

      • Well, “I” find it curious. I’d say, suspicious. Considering that the state’s obituary repository undoubtedly obtains their information in a standardized manner.
        I’m reasonably certain that the school has protocols as well for reporting deaths and injuries. I would think that, even in Florida, they wouldn’t want to miss any murders or bodily injuries in their statistics.
        I’m assuming that they have death certificates in Florida as well. I would imagine that only certain duly designated officials are allowed to sign them. I would further speculate that there is a reporting procedure associated with that practice.
        Anyway, people who struggle to believe the established media are either frightened sheep or paid advocates. You decide.

        • Sorry for your loss. I really don’t think that deaths are all that “sensitive” as far as privacy goes. I know when my mother died I called the hospital and they told me all about it without any verification. When you’re dead you’re dead. You are “beyond” harm.
          Anyone can go on the public portion of the SSN registry and look anybody up. They’ll tell you what they died of if its listed.
          We know these are fakes. How long have we been dying? There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Everybody does it. Could it be that its harder to get some authorized people to sign off than we suspect? Could it be that its a crime to falsify such records?
          Believe me, whoever that school district uses for legal counsel would be all over that making darn sure that every “t” was crossed and every “I” was dotted.

          • Yes, that whole thing was outrageous. I mean those characters would sprint any time they saw a microphone and, all of a sudden, they “vant to be alone”?
            The whole state was turned into a giant psychological experiment. All of these weirdos from everywhere descended on it and started organizing the scene.
            Then you had that slimy governor, in bed with Eric Holder…..yech! I feel for you. I remember some of the videos that locals made early on. They were instructive but they didn’t stay up long.

          • Are you sure it is deaths not being public records or rather autopsy reports?

            • That’s a good question. I remember the controversy, I don’t remember the outcome. The simple registering a death shouldn’t be private. But “Stovepipe” should know, he lives there.
              The State’s arguments were ridiculous.

        • Re: State of Florida Death Certificates
          Here’s the official State site for ordering Death Certificates:
          Florida Dept. of Health
          Bureau of Vital Statistics

          “Death | Florida Department of Health”: https://www.floridahealth.gov/certificates/certificates/death/index.html
          I was going to copy the pertinent info but it’s a bit drawn out with various Do’s & Don’ts & who is entitled to what info, etc., plus the difference between official State Death Certificates & copies from third party internet vendors, etc.

        • You’re correct: the entire 100% is comprised only of the two categories. When everything else has been eliminated, we must return to the original question. Perhaps we can merge the two: they are frightened sheep who have become paid advocates. You decide.

    • Take Note (((who))) owns that Funeral Home & published that notice for Alyssa Alhadeff:
      (((Star of David))) Memorial Gardens Cemetery and Funeral Chapel
      North Lauderdale, FL
      The service was 2/16/18. I wonder if they published the notice at their site before the service date or thereafter(?)

  20. traildustfotm

    Wow! And the Fake News completely gaslights anyone who dares to speak out about this.

  21. Put a name of the alleged people who dies and then use the search term obituary Florida. Many things pop up including obituaries and news stories. I think the author of this article checked one online site and did a search only on that site. Try the whole internet. I recommend anyone reading this article to search through firefox or google yourself using name Florida and obituary and see what you find. Very easy to do. I am expressing no opinion on whether these deaths actually occurred. I hope the author of this post responds to these points.

  22. The timing of the restrictions to public records is indeed interesting. But, is it legal? From the beginning, people were given access to such records. What does one do if they are trying to locate an elderly family member?
    Sounds more like a cover up to me.
    I suspect they purposely chose a school with 1000 students in each class to pull this off. With that many, no one would think anything of it by not actually knowing one victim. And most wouldn’t question that fact. They would assume someone else would know one of them. Kids just assume they are being told the truth, then enters Hogg someone completely off the rails to stir things up. I bet he can’t name one student killed. Heck, the day after he was already out rallying without attending funerals.

    • Yes, exactly. I said that here the other day. I went to a high school like that. There were about 5,000 students. Nobody knew everybody. Things happened there that many didn’t know about. It was like a small city.
      We had a kid a couple of years behind me that turned out to be a serial killer. Those of us who knew him weren’t surprised a bit. He used to leap on people and try to bite them in the neck (for real). That’s what they finally arrested him for a couple of years after he graduated. He was as weird as a wooden watch.

    • Well Piglet is a zealot. His counterpart, Kansky is some sort of gay, Gaia-worshipping pagan. Piglet claims to be an atheist. Now, if he turns out to be queer, Jewish and a cannibal he may have a shot at the mid-term elections.

    • Glenn, just as a postscript, in my high school occasionally someone would die. They would post a notice. Most of the time we didn’t know them. This is common.
      You could easily have 17 students reported dead and people would just shrug. Even the “mass ceremonies” would have to be staged. The students would never do that. They might get a few together.
      It may be different in a small town, I don’t know. I grew up in a city. School was somewhere we went. I had no personal attachment to it. I had a circle of friends but the majority were outside of that.
      I think our Hogg is planted for the express purpose of “stirring things up”.

      • I think you are correct. It smells to high heaven and those involved will have to pay in the end.
        I came from a school with only 140 in my class, where of course everyone knew everyone and their parents and brothers and sisters. You did something wrong, your parents knew about it before you got home. Behind in your farming, no problem, the community was there to help. House burns, no worries, it will be rebuilt. It was a place where you went to the same school for 12 years.
        Sadly, these kids know nothing of a life like that. Death means little to so many of them. Death to us was numbing. The are harden against anything that doesn’t put them into the center.

  23. That’s because no one died in all of these contrived mass shootings as the media hasn’t figured out a way to create an emotional response to false flag shootings yet, while counting on the gullible people to help continue to perpetrate this pusillanimous fraud

    • I rather think that’s right. I always try it both ways or in a “combination”. That’s because I don’t think they care about anyone, it is just a matter of logistics.
      To me, people seem to have trouble seeing the distortion that occurs when something is “packaged” and presented. The “news” footage “appears” normal. It isn’t. It is tightly controlled and manipulated.
      Pieces are spliced together and reassembled differently from their original contexts. All the while there is a “narrator” who’s job it is to hypnotize people into accepting their account.
      Even when someone breaks the spell, people get angry because at some level they feel foolish for having allowed themselves to be bamboozled. they are, quite literally, creating “realities” for the eaters to live in.

  24. Video coverage of the Parkland victims funeral services is readily available with a google search. There are also brief written obits with the news/video footage of the funerals as well. I’m not a super sleuth and these were easy to find in one search.

  25. Newspaper obit pages just publish what people send them. There are no obit ‘investigative reporters’.

  26. Checking VitalChek.com several days ago, the site referred to by FL Health Dept. for records, it was odd that Parkland was not, and still is not, on their very long list of FL cities to chose as part of their procedure for obtaining records, including death certificates. Finally I received a reply to my inquiry:
    Discussion Thread
    Response Via Email(Ashley A.) – 03/22/2018 05:06 AM
    Dear Customer,
    You would need to call in to place the order and we would enter it manually. You can call (877) 550-7330 to place the order.
    VitalChek Online Support

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  28. All of them are on Legacy.com

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  30. Barbara Creech

    I understand students were paid 300each for protesting.

  31. The family of the deceased has to give permission to the funeral home to submit an obituary…maybe the families didn’t want it in the newspapers

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  33. Go look at legacy.com. The obituaries are there.

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  35. Illuminati Is Real,” Waffle House Shooter Sparks Mind Control Theories
    2016, complains to law enforcement in Illinois that Taylor Swift is stalking him. July, 2017, he was arrested and released for being in a prohibited area near the White House. In August, after federal investigation, they took away his right to own guns in Illinois. One of the guns in question was apparently the AR-15 Travis Reinking used in the fatal shooting at a Waffle House in Antioch, a suburb of Nashville, Tennessee.


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