Florida middle school girls plotted to kill students, drink their blood

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These middle school girls are 11 and 12.

At age 11 or 12, all I was plotting to do after school was: Baseball, Barbies or Brady Bunch reruns.


From Fox News: Two middle school students in Florida were arrested Tuesday after they concocted an alleged “plot to kill students” via a variety of weapons, including a pizza cutter, police said.

The girls — aged 11 and 12 years old“wanted to kill at least 15 people,” Bartown Police Chief Joe Hall said at a news conference Wednesday. The two “were waiting in the bathroom for (an) opportunity to find smaller kids that they could overpower to be their victims.”

Both girls were searched in a Bartow Middle School office, where a butcher knife was located on one of the students. Knives, scissors and a pizza cutter were also found, according to Fox 13.

The girls admitted to investigators that they were “Satan-worshippers.” The girls, Hall claimed, said “they were willing to drink blood, and possibly eat flesh.”

“As I sat there last night [and] watched these interviews, I do not believe this was a joke,” Hall said.

After the girls were taken into custody, authorities reportedly searched their houses and discovered more additional attack plans. A hand-drawn map of the school was allegedly discovered with the words, “Go to kill in bathroom,” written on top of it.

One of the text messages exchanged in a conversation found by authorities reportedly read: “We will leave body parts at the entrance and then we will kill ourselves.”

In a statement posted to Facebook, Hall said no one was harmed in the incident, and thanked school staff for “thwarting this plot from becoming a tragedy.”

The police chief said that all safety protocols put in place worked on Tuesday, and reiterated the key law enforcement phrase: “If you see something, say something.”

“It worked in this incident,” he said.

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31 responses to “Florida middle school girls plotted to kill students, drink their blood

  1. All those who hate God love death.

  2. Sounds like a meeting of the “Young Demonrats”.

  3. These girls call to mind an image of evil girl scouts we have seen portrayed in movie comedies, except the these girls are actually evil.

  4. God help us!

    To call Bartow Middle School students under-performers is an under-statement: Only 31% and 25% of its students are “proficient” in English & Math, respectively.

    47% of its students are white; 48% non-white (26% Hispanic, 22% Black).

    • Egads, what would constitutes “…..receiving the help they need to succeed”? A brain transplant? Wouldn’t you love to teach there?

  5. According to police, the girls planned to drink their victims’ blood out of the goblet they were found with. They also discussed eating their victims’ flesh and leaving body parts at the school’s entrance before killing themselves. “Killing all of these students was in hopes it would make them worse sinners ensuring that after they committed suicide … (they) would go to hell so they could be with Satan,” the arrest affidavit reads.


    • Who says the Demonrats don’t have replacements waiting in the wings? Once they teach ’em to drink from skulls they’ll be ready for leadership.

    • Everybody needs a goal, I suppose. I think somebody needs a trip to “mental health”. Girls can get pretty weird at that age, but not usually homicidally weird.

  6. Eleven- and twelve-year-old girls? I’d get them help and start hanging those behind the TV shows, music videos, and Hollywood movies who are inculcating such stupefying evil in the minds of our precious little boys and girls. And anyone anywhere claiming such evil is First Amendment-protected free speech ought to be thrown in jail.

    The Dems make no secret of worshipping evil, while the Republicans almost always insidiously consent to meeting evil halfway by doing nothing or blaming leftist courts they can now override at will. How about their FULLY funding Planned Parenthood and thinking they could do it behind our backs?

    I’ve been a lifelong Republican, but now see their betrayal as worse than the Dems’, who at least are open in their hatred of what’s left of white Christian America.

  7. Where are their parents?
    Kids just don’t wake up one morning, pack a butcher knife with their lunch and go off to school to kill their classmates. This “Satan worship” would have been accompanied by paraphernalia in their rooms, a certain way of dressing like black clothing and weird jewelry choices, and internet viewing that would have given them away. This is what happens with no supervision at home.

  8. The girls are a reflection of the cultural Marxist democrat TV programming, run by White & Christian hating Bolsheviks/DemocRats. Rosemary’s Baby was one of the cornerstone movies to launch “Satanism” amongst the hippie/liberal movement which we know was not organic but a FrankfurtSchool/military intelligence psyhc-op

  9. It’s going to be interesting to see how Florida laws and the court deals with these minor children. I’m sure they will be expelled from their school and will be required to have psychological testing and counseling. Will they be removed from their homes? Like “My Brain Hurts” said, “Where are their parents”? They should be charged with neglect. Will these girls end up in a group home for disturbed children? They are a danger to others and themselves.

  10. This is really a big concern that two young girls are so motivated to commit such hideous act. What and who has fed these girls with so much evil, what are they watching or what video games are they playing? I’m sure these girls have some mental problems too, and what type of parents do they have? It sure is scary.

  11. Off-topic?
    There is another set of Satanists who have a similar type of objective which is directed toward our entire society.

    “When she joined NBC in 2017, she was given a $US20 million-a-year ($A28 million) contract.”

    But, no amount of groveling will make the jew Marxist continue support when you violate the jew-determined Political Correctness laws. The jews don’t take that – even from their favored Shiskas.

    “Megyn Kelly out of Today Show and NBC over blackface comments”

    “The Jews of NBC refused to comment.”

    They’ve already made their point. They consider it money well-spent on Marxist social training for the masses.


    • @Flanders,
      I believe it was Megyn Kelly who did a cover-up of the satanic pedo PizzaGate by meeting with sodomite Democrat James Alefantis owner of “Comet Ping Pong’ (with the Babylonian symbology) and claimed there was no basement at the “restaurant”. Diners,Drive-Ins, and Dives had done an earlier segment showing the basement, and I believe Yelp reviewers had also talked about the basement, that Megyn Kelly & Fox covered up for the pedo’s

      • Why yes, it was one and the same! She all but performed sex on Alefantis. She probably would have but he doesn’t swing that way.

  12. Among other things these girls need a good old school priest who isn’t squeamish about demons and hell. How much love and holding did they receive as babies and toddlers? Family breakdown of some sort seems evident here.

  13. I remember when I was 11. The age of 11 is an age of anomie—an absence of clear and coherent moral resolve, when one does not understand or even know what he believes, or why he believes it.

    I do not believe anything in this department, or on this score, has changed at all. So: What is going on?

    This is what I think is going on: When children get the vibration that they don’t matter, they lash out. But something else—unknown to us—must be going on, also. We just don’t know what it is.
    We cannot knee-jerk react and say that “it’s the parents,” because, truth be told, it just might not be the parents at all—or not entirely: When I was young, the elders blamed television. To some extent, they were right. Now we have video games.

    Whatever it is, I believe, using my own life’s besetting malaise or sin, is another matter: I believe that these 11- and 12-year old girls had another problem. And that problem is called ACEDIA (pronounced a-SEED-e-ya or a-SHADE-e-ya.) Acedia is best defined as a spiritual torpor one has whose best symptom is an all-encompassing boredom, caused, driven or motivated, by a lack of pure intention or singular resolve.
    In other words, these girls were bored (at the age of 11 or 12, that could be excused as normal, for the most part). So they dreamed this up as a form of excitement or entertainment.
    This is no excuse, of course. But they kept this up to the point where they got caught, because they wished to be delivered from whatever it was that was bogging them down.

    This DOES NOT excuse them, obviously. But they are young, and many young kids are JERKS. Always have been, always will be. The real problem is, this acedia will endure until it is attacked effectively by a real spiritual program. That program must counter Satan’s program of establishing a toe-hold, and then a foot-hold, and then a strong-hold.


    And make no mistake: Millions of people—life myself—have this acedia, and have absolutely no intention of harming anyone.

    I scored a Victory recently, in the current imbroglio I myself have informed FOTM of what I have been enduring. I went to Confession, and then I went to Mass, and I received—worthily, in my opinion. This provided immediate relief from my own INTERIOR position. (It has not given me a LEGAL remedy I so desperately need, obviously). But it is from this INTERIOR POSITION from which one proceeds: There is no other starting point.

    It is this SPECTACULAR INABILITY to identify this interior position, as the starting point, that is leading Civilization itself, down the drain. It is this spectacular inability, or unreadiness, or inability, to catch oneself in the act that leads to this problem, as viewed from the outside. Look at it from the other way around: With acedia, one must first catch himself and identify the OUTWARD SYMPTOM, and THEN work inward—BUT FIRST UPWARD TOWARD GOD—that leads to a way out, a light at the end of the tunnel.

    These girls can turn out to be all right and DETEST their sin for the rest of their lives IF they can recognize this. (And no adult lecturing them will penetrate this armor, which is, recognizing one’s own interior position).
    This problem is so complex, our reactionary—and Godless—society cannot recognize this.
    God Help these girls.
    God Help ME.

    The Devil is, at heart, a VAMPIRE.

  14. Welcome to my world. I teach middle school. I continually profess that I will be blessed like Elijah for this lifetime duty, and NOT have to die—I will be JUST TAKEN UP into Heaven….LIVE….to meet my God……

    or so, I believe….. 🙂 I tell this to everyone who asks me what I do for a living and when I tell them….”Teach Middle School,” they visibly slump and say…”I’m so sorry for you…..”
    Maybe…just maybe….there is a Biblical “reward” for me and people like me who do this duty……I’d like to think so 🙂

    • I’ve praised you before. That sounds like what I tell people when I say I’ve given up almost all my vices. “Don’t stand too close, there’s going to be a blinding flash and….., poof, I’ll be “raptured” right outta here”. If I master that sex thing I’ll be right out of here.

      Anyway, I can’t imagine teaching a room full. Two of my daughters were a study in angst. Everybody’s fine now, but I had my doubts.

    • While my comment is in reply to you, CalGirl, it is equally addressed to those FotMs regulars on either side of you Steven and Lophatt.

      I think all of you know that I hold you three in high regard, so please understand I am both saddened and impressed by your comments here, as I share many of your sentiments.

      I’ve spent enough time as a teacher/instructor in BC high schools and colleges that I can both empathise with you and send my condolences for the negative experiences you three related. I’ve not spent year after year in the trenches as you have, but I am sorry that you had to go through it. And yes, I know the extremes that you bear, of knowing Elation when your students do well, and deep sadness when they are failing because of their inner natures.

      But, as all three of us are over 50, let me be brutally honest and say that we’ve had to endure being tasked with what may well be the worst of the worst and the best of the best, equally and at the same time. The times in which we lived were extraordinarily difficult for those of a conservative, old school way of living and thinking.

      As much as we four –having grown of age during the 60s– came to feel we are people who had seen it all and therefore had an unusually good understanding of what we encountered later in life, the fact is that matters became far more bizarre than we could possibly imagine they’d ever would be, and in time would come to overwhelm us.

      I’m NOT saying that we were weak and unable to bear up or withstand what was thrown at us, but rather that it was without precedent in our previous lives and understanding of what would come to pass.

      So here we are, sadder and likely not much wiser than we ever were as how to face down and deal with the situation we find ourselves. Albeit, in loco parentis, we are expected to do all, be all, and fix all, these are far more than what any one human can deal with, no matter how great a teacher or spiritual worker they may be. Please, God, let us be merely human, and not be condemned for it!

      I hope my overly-long comment comes across the way it is intended, and that you three understand that I deeply share all that you’ve had to –and likely still are– enduring.

      Our era’s lack of spiritual understanding has led it into a profound crisis comprable to the conditions that led to World War II.

      • Nicely said, Joseph. Thank you. Yes, I know I’m tired. Nothing has changed, however, we are all required to live in accordance with our beliefs. It is understood that some have differing beliefs, or none at all.

        I have mentioned (briefly) my run ins in high school with some people who “experimented” with witchcraft and Satanism. Because I was raised as I was, even though I thought I was pretty “cool”, I was frightened and got away from them.

        All my life I have had an “internal alarm” that goes off when I’m in spiritual danger. I attribute that to the workings of The Holy Spirit.

        As far as teaching goes, I admire those who are willing to do that. It takes a special type of love. I don’t know how they succeed in this day and age. One has to be parent as well as teacher to try to supply what the parents no longer teach at home. In doing so they are often faced with angry parents who have been brainwashed by the Devil we all recognize in daily life.

        We are indeed in a crisis. I don’t think it is “unprecedented”, but it may be new to us. It certainly appears that we are headed to a showdown.

  15. LO…you gave me a big belly laugh. I won’t state publicly about what. 🙂 But, I think I’m going to have a good Friday just b/c of FOTM and mostly your posts 🙂 Going to bed with a happy aura. Who could ask for more?

  16. This is so far out of the realm of female behavior it’s hard to believe.

    My mom use to tell me, Just remember, in time like these, there have always been time like these. May she RIP she would not like the apparent realities of today.

  17. One wonders what caused them to do this, what did they look at online, and what movies were they exposed to etc.? I note that pop society has been being “gnosticized/satanified” so to speak for the past few years, and even in some small towns I see neo-satanists popping up with much apologetics about their garbage, and nobody seems to know where they came from, etc. It seems like they’re recruiting, but where and how? I know they were aiming for kids over the past two decades with garbage like “night magick” and the “joy of satan” cult fronts, but these days, how is this stuff getting to the kids? (even the “home alone” kid himself is getting in on it as FOTM has reported on before.)

    11 and 12 is extremely young to be that corrupt and evil, typically children that age aren’t nearly that bad… so one wonders what the vector was for the corruption? (Assuming of course that this story isn’t something cooked up by the satanists to pretend that their reach is further than it actually is, in order to demoralize Christians and make them lose hope, which is also in the realm of possibility.) Many questions.

    My thoughts are that youtube could be one vector, (Many cults have taken to using it for propaganda apparently, the black hebrew israelite racist cult being one of them, but the gnostics already had a big foothold there.) the goth movement, which used to threw a fit over any associations with satanism, and the witchcraft/wicca movements similarly so, now seem to have been overrun with neo-satanist types and actively pushing the garbage, even stores like “hot topic” now have satanism-focused sections with baphomet inverted pentagrams plastered on shirts, purses, dresses, etc on them and other satanism paraphenalia, in the open no less, and easily accessible. Video games and Movies have both become considerably more nasty. (other readers here probably already know about “the witch” movie with that association with the satanic temple, they may not know about things like “dark souls”, “bloodborne”, and “bendy and the ink machine” as far as video games go)

    I note in recent years there was “pop” clothing with much “illuminati” type symbolism plastered on them as if it was a joke, (perhaps this was also a statement of intent, on top of being promotional propaganda?) and now that seems to have been replaced by and large with openly satanic stuff, it seems that this was intentional.

    Something else crosses my mind, is the noise generated by politics, etc. being used as cover, while the satanists propagate their malarkey, and indoctrinate the youth, with the adults being too distracted to take notice? (This theme has been used in movies before, hasn’t it? Distract the adults and then go for the children.)

    • Just thought I’d toss another comment on here and ask if anyone has found any leads as to what caused this mess?

      • There’s been several shows lately promoting satanism such as Pretty Little Liars and the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

        As for the specific motive of these two kids: “Detectives said the two students, close friends, devised the plot while watching “scary” movies at one of their houses over the weekend.”


        • Thanks DCG, its rather annoying they seem to refuse to get more specific as to what “scary movies” were involved here, if that is what the real factor was, no? Personally I question the detective’s assertion this was some brief decision made over a single weekend’s time (I suspect they’re trying to hide something, but hey.) since plenty of preteens have seen scary movies, often without parental consent, and for a good deal longer than a single weekend, and not decided to cut up their classmates, that kind of extreme action seems to indicate something considerably more nasty going on for a considerably longer (than a single weekend at least) time.

          Relatedly I have also heard recently (via an article my Wife ran across) that the satanic temple garbage is trying to drum up more attention via what I suspect is a faux litigation against netflix for the “sabrina” series in question, the show allegedly using the satanic temple’s retooled baphomet model, no less. (see here: https://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/national/article220883775.html ) Now, to me this effectively shrieks endorsement, and promotion, of the satanist garbage, by the makers of this mockery of a show, specifically for the satanic temple, and the close match to their redesign strikes me as proof of collusion for promotional/corruptive ends.

          What do you think?

          • I think Netflix is as evil as the satanic church. Sabrina also uses the pentagram in their promotional material.

            The Obamas must be so proud….


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