Florida Governor Wants Probe of FAU 'Jesus Stomping' Incident

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Apparently a concept not applicable to Christians

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Via wptv.com:

Florida Atlantic University ‘Jesus stomping’ case: Student Ryan Rotelas upset, Rick Scott comments

Posted: 5:20 AM

BOCA RATON, Fla. — State education officials will be taking a closer look at Florida Atlantic University today after Gov. Rick Scott responded to a controversial classroom exercise.
A class, taught by Vice Chairman of the Palm Beach County Democratic Party Deandre Poole, was reportedly following an exercise in the instructor’s manual that had students write the name “Jesus” in large letters on a piece of paper, put the paper on the floor, face up, and after a brief period, tell them to step on the paper.
The exercise was part of a chapter dealing with the power of certain words. One student, a junior named Ryan Rotelas, said he refused to participate.
While the university said Rotelas was never punished for his refusal, the student’s lawyer said school officials told Rotelas he would be suspended.
FAU officials have apologized and said the student will not be punished. They also stated the exercise will not be assigned again.
Gov. Rick Scott wants a detailed report from state university system Chancellor Frank Brogan regarding the incident.
“Whether the student was reprimanded or whether an apology was given is in many ways (inconsequential) to the larger issue of a professor’s poor judgment,” Scott stated in a letter to Brogan. “The professor’s lesson was offensive, and even intolerant, to Christians and those of all faiths who deserve to be respected as Americans entitled to religious freedom.”
Meanwhile, the controversy has prompted the Church of All Nations in Boca Raton to plan a march in response, according to Reverend Mark Boykin.
Reverend Boykin is still fuming over what the FAU student was asked to do in class.
“To write the name of Jesus on a piece of paper, and then to stop and contemplate what they were doing. And then to stomp on it,” says Rev. Boykin.  “We find this to be unconscionable, unprofessional and completely unacceptable.”
This comes despite repeated apologies from FAU leaders.
“We don’t plan to use this exercise again, we apologize to everyone who felt it was too sensitive we recognize that,” says Dr. Charles Brown, Senior Vice President of Student Affairs at FAU.
Dr. Brown says Rotelas was never up for punishment for refusing to step on a piece of paper with Jesus’ names on it. A lawyer for Rotelas says otherwise.
“He met with the school officials about it and was informed of his suspension,” says Hiram Sasser, with the Liberty Institute.
That’s when Sasser says FAU did an about face.
“Their first mistake was backing the professor and the assignment. But then they found out most of America didn’t agree with them,” says Sasser.
Rotelas is back in class, but with a different instructor. He claimed “victory” Tuesday on his Facebook page once the university decided he wouldn’t be punished.
Marissa Bagg WPTV contributed to this report

The only things missing are the horns

From where I am sitting, it is immaterial how profusely FAU apologizes to Mr. Rotelas at this point, as any apology from the school would ring hollow now.
It is the mentality of the instructor involved, the offensive nature of the assignment in question, and the willingness of those in a position of authority to initially rush to its defense that I find troubling.
I cannot say whether Gov. Scott’s actions are merely political theater, or that he genuinely plans to get to the bottom of the heinous actions on the part of the FAU faculty.
Personally, I hope these people are made examples of, because this sort of thing is becoming far too common on the campuses of American colleges and universities.
To me, this incident rises above mere anti-Christian bigotry, and is very close to meeting what I would define as persecution.
We are not yet one lifetime beyond seeing what religious persecution left unchallenged can ultimately lead to, and Christians would do well to heed that lesson, as three million of them died right along with the Jews in the Hitlerite death camps.
And please spare me the “That could never happen here in ‘civilized’ America” nonsense.
After all, Germany was a civilized nation, too.
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0 responses to “Florida Governor Wants Probe of FAU 'Jesus Stomping' Incident

  1. It’s only due to the backlash of public opinion that they, FAU, are snivelling about it now.
    There’s no authority that defends the Christian viewpoint either. There is no equivalent, as far as I can tell, to the ADL for Christians. Perhaps in the light of increasing attacks there needs to be a solid defence. As I see it, there is too much disunity in the ranks to be effective. Churches have been co-opted into the state machinery through the tax exemption laws which define churches as corporations. It’s then difficult to serve two masters.
    The FAU dipped their toe in the water and found it was too hot this time. That doesn’t mean they won’t try it again when all the fuss has died down.

  2. Fire this professor!

    • Since Deandre Poole is an Instructor, not a professor, that means his appointment is a year-by-year appointment, which in turn means getting rid of him is very easy. All FAU has to do is not rehire him next year.

      • What I want to see is if the Palm Beach County Democratic Party boots him out of his vice chairmanship.
        LOL – I ain’t gonna be holding my breath.

        • He’ll probably be promoted …

          • They might even run him for congress.

            • Yep, Dave, he’s got the right credentials – Jesus-hating SOB and the right color, too – wow, can’t beat that for telling the rest of us what to do with our lives. Sorry, it’s very early in the morning and I’m getting too old for all this idiocy anymore. What I wouldn’t give for a normal, God-loving, Ten-Commandments world again where folks respected each other and lived to make this a better, not bitter, world. There I go again, dreaming….

      • This would be called a hate crime if it was done to Islam or any other religion. He needs to be fired!

        • Sad to say that the professor in question is a graduate of FAU as well. I am sure that he has many advocates within the school as he is one of their own. I lived close by the school in Florida. It has a very large Jewish population that are very liberal. That county was pro-Obama all the way. I doubt that any other religion would be bashed within the FAU walls. FAU has been in the local news a lot lately for various things. Wonder if the rolls are going up due to it.
          The professor grew up in a Christian church, his words, but I think he has major issues with his childhood association with the church. Maybe he has some deep resentments against the church and Jesus. Who knows? I would be very surprised if this teacher was not rehired again next year when all this has died down and no one is looking.

  3. This is a satanic crack at how we “stand on the word” and it’s pathetic. Someone who thinks that they can get away with mocking God. Also the concept of the effect of certain words is so puerile, JESUS IS THE WORD, who was with God and who was God in the beginning. However many times people stomp on the Name above all other names it doesn’t alter anything, in fact it is them inviting Holy Ghost fire to enter into their darkness and expose the demon oppressing or possessing the person stomping. Only Jesus can deliver that person from this problem, and we can rely on him to do just that. The stomper has to make the decision to go get help from a church where deliverance is taking place. Or simply turn on Emmanuel TV and pray with Prophet TB Joshue and the Wisemen to start the process right away. Distance is not a barrier.

  4. Suppose they require the students to write the word “Muhammad” on a piece of paper and then stomp on it. I wonder how that’d go over…

    • JoeBob Gonzales

      Lee, you know, I had the same thought. let see how the Shiites handle some idiot stomping on the Koran. my guess is not well.
      I have tolerance for others point of view. no problem, you re welcome to your beliefs and God bless you. and I will keep mine as well, thank you very much.
      but when they kick me in the stomach, I feel that an appropriate response is in order to prevent future kicks.

    • I wondered how the President of FAU would feel if they wrote his name, or his children’s name, on a piece of paper and stomp on it? Maybe that would hit closer to home with the admin. Heck, write the professor’s name and stomp on it. That would be considered racist though and I am sure the teacher would report it to the police. He would consider it a direct threat yet he fails to connect that to other names. Go figure.
      Amazing to see the lack of connections here but I am seeing Americans become totally disconnected to reality over the years. Scary to watch. Everyone is becoming a one way street in their thinking in the USA.

  5. Why do the Christians of America not protest? Of what use is your ‘liberalism’ and ‘tolerance’ when it cannot protest evil? The Muslims have a great respect for their own religion, they also respect Jesus Christ as a great prophet born of a virgin. Can’t we take a leaf from the people [ Muslims] this particular website detests so much? What would Jesus Christ have done in the face of so much evil? He took a whip to the money changers in the temple ….

    • “Why do the Christians of America not protest?”
      Actually, Christians did and we on this blog, FOTM, did our share by posting about this and supplying our readers with the contact info on Florida Atlantic University so that they can call and email the university administrators to protest.

    • if by protest you mean riot in the streets and kill some innocent bystanders… its just not our way.

    • Don’t worry…God keeps good notes and He will dish out rewards and punishments according to His Holiness. We Christians can’t even come close to what God will do to those that desecrate His name when they stand before Him. All the other gods need humans to fight for them. Our God is perfectly capable of taking care of Himself in perfect righteousness at the end of this game. Anyone that thinks they are getting away with something is in for one BIG surprise!!! Don’t let God’s long suffering of us humans fool ya.

  6. I graduated from FAU about 13 years ago and I also lived in and around the Boca Raton area till about 14 years ago. (I am in my 50’s now.) This is why this story has interested me so much and I have followed it, even though I live in India now.
    One professor from FAU has written about this on his blog, MEMORY HOLE. First let me say that I am a Christian and find this whole activity offensive. The professor on MEMORY HOLE has written that the student said to Poole, the teacher, that he was so upset that he felt like hitting the teacher, to his face. Poole then called campus police and filed a complaint against the student, this is why he was taken out of class. Poole has also stated that he was raised in the church and is a Christian himself, which I find odd, so understands how “powerful” the name of Jesus is. Since Poole is an African American there are hints that all this is racial in nature and that Poole is on leave because he has received death threats, something that can’t be confirmed at this point.
    Since he is African American I serious doubt FAU will be able to get rid of this teacher without a battle. Poole is also a graduate of Florida Atlantic University so hence why all the teachers/admin are on his side since they are the ones that taught/nutured him. I believer Poole got his PHD from Howard University though.
    I am really glad that this is getting a lot of attention to be honest. Here in India this would not be allowed in the classroom. They have laws about denigrating another person’s religion that is needed in order to have harmony within the billion plus citizens. There is totally freedom to worship and dialog about religion but putting down another person’s beliefs is against the law here. Course I can say also that schools here are more concerned with teaching the three R’s and have little time for other such stuff. Could be why they are putting out more engineers, doctors, nurses and other much needed professionals while American schools are consumed with this nonsense. Just my opinion!!

    • Thank you, Fran, for the info. I certainly agree that schools in India are doing a better job graduating people with real skills because unlike US public schools, India’s schools actually teach reading, writing, math, and science, instead of the left’s ideological indoctrination!

    • Obama claims he is a Christian too. So does that Reverend Wright, Obama’s Chicago church mentor and pastor, now this guy is claiming he is one. That it how the “deceiver” works. “And the light shineth in the darkness, but the darkness comprehended it NOT.”

  7. They will be known by their fruits….and they are baring them everywhere, every day. God, righteousness and goodness has now been turned into intolerable radicalistic evil. You will be persecuted and hated for my name sake. This is spiritual warfare. The line has been drawn in the sand. Double mindedness is being called on the carpet.by good and evil. Our war has already been won, but the lost and blinded ones will be battling for their own souls.


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