Florida demorat governor candidate Gillum’s campaign staff member: “Florida is a f**ked up cracker a** state”

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Wow, just wow.

Project Veritas is at it again: Exposing the demorats dirty tricks and willingness to say and do anything to get elected.

Last night James O’Keefe and his team released an undercover video of demorat Florida governor candidate Andrew Gillum (running against republican candidate Ron DeSantis) in which his campaign staff members (specifically, Omar Smith) said the following:

  • You whip ‘em up, the poor, into a frenzy. You have to whip them up into a frenzy in order for them to vote.”
  • “Do the voters know that? That’s not for them to know.
  • “Gillum is a progressive. He’s part of the crazy, crazy, crazies.
  • “You have to appeal to white guilt.”
  • On gun control: “I don’t think he can say it [be]cause he’s trying to get the moderates” … “three day waiting period for everybody,” “small steps” to ban assault rifles.
  • “Alright? This is a f**ked up ass state.”
  • “It’s a cracker state.”
  • In order to get this agenda through, you’re going to need it by force. Is that, am I reading you correctly? Yes.”

#WalkAway Florida, just #WalkAway.


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27 responses to “Florida demorat governor candidate Gillum’s campaign staff member: “Florida is a f**ked up cracker a** state”

  1. If we allow them to have (((their))) way, they will turn the US into SA/Zimbabwe which was once Rhodesia.

    AUDIO INTERVIEW: The Horror of South Africa Today

  2. Yea you can say that about dem Whitey Crackas but substitute any other group in those comments and what do you think would happen to comrade staffer?
    What is anybody gonna do about it? Pay for their own demise with a happy face so that no one has the bad feelz. Feelings Über Alles!

  3. I am a positive person but I don’t like the way this is turning out to be.

  4. Gillum is another Mandela or Obama proxy-puppet who’ll step and fetch it for Soros, Steyer, and the others of their ilk funding this narcissistic psychopath’s posing as a champion of “workers rights” to get elected. And here yet again we see mega-billionaire Jewish “capitalists” funding communist blacks who’ll play along with whatever their handlers want, so long as these black proxy-puppets and their friends and family get to live like kings.

    This is the underlying reality of all black politics in America, going way back. Julian Bond, for example, revealed that no blacks could hold any position at all in the NAACP unless they signed a loyalty oath—to America? no, to the Jews; nor was there a non-Jewish president until something like the 60’s. Cynthia McKinney on the other hand is one brave black woman for revealing that every last member of Congress has signed a loyalty oath—to America? no, to Israel, virtually entailing that everything from that cesspool is blowing smoke in our eyes. Israel Shahak, for example, wrote that most of the rabbis supporting MLK back when were actually anti-black racists who supported him only as a tool. So, what else is new, right?

  5. Kevin J Lankford

    And I thought it was a cuban refugee state…

  6. They filmed this in the state penitentiary, didn’t they?

    If the people of Florida vote to elect komrade Gollum governor, they will get exactly what they deserve.

    -And it pains me to say that, because I have family and friends living there.

  7. Omar Smith is merely going down the list of to-do’s in order to win it for Gillum. Be that as it may, the demographics, they are a’changin’, and neither Smith nor Gillum the Golem know that—yet.
    Yes, they will whip the poor up into a frenzy—why not? LBJ did the same thing over 50 years ago. It worked for him.
    Appeal to white guilt? Again, why not? It’s been a political dietary staple for at least two generations!
    Do the voters know that? Yes, for years, they did NOT “know that,” and, because of the arrogant superiority of the working class, for many years, they didn’t. Thanks to the internet and the “alt-right media,” some of the voters have begun to know that, and this is where the competition has come in.

    We are on the cusp of a SEA CHANGE in the American electorate. Florida is a beautiful state; My parents retired there and are buried there. Yes, like everything else, their own demographics are a’changin’, but I believe that what we’re witnessing in Florida this time around is the bellwether of a coming seismic shift: The arrogant retired Democratic base there knows that their time is drawing to a close and that they are dying off. The Old Guard of Debbie Wasserman-Test Schultz is RUNNING SCARED. Pretty soon, they’ll all be running on FUMES.

    Florida IS NOT “a dumb-ass cracker state.” Florida still has enough red-blooded Americans in it to know that they’ve been had, and won’t be had again. In this regard, they are far ahead of New York State—held hostage by New York City—whose Old Guard just ain’t dead yet. IF the Republicans and Donald Trump are wise, they will do in-depth studies of the demographics of the recent immigration, as well as each state. This is one of the reasons why this year’s midterm elections are CRUCIAL to the survival of America. The thugs will have their “fun,” for sure: In four to eight years, they’ll be GONE.

  8. James O’Keefe drops another one:

    Beto campaign illegally spends money on caravans for Honduran illegal aliens.


  9. “WATCH // Trump Hits ‘New Low’ With Last-minute ‘Racist,’ ‘Fear-mongering’ Campaign Ad”

    Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez told CNN the ad is ‘dog whistle politics’ based on ‘fear-mongering.’ GOP Senator Jeff Flake called it ‘sickening’

    “U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted a new campaign ad on Wednesday, just less than a week before the U.S. midterm elections, which has instantly been dubbed the most racist ad in a generation.

    The ad, which Trump pinned to the top of his Twitter account, opens with the line, “Illegal immigrant, Luis Bracamontes, killed our people!”

    “Democrats let him stay,” the ad then claims.
    skip – 3

    It is outrageous what the Democrats are doing to our Country. Vote Republican now! https://t.co/0pWiwCHGbh pic.twitter.com/2crea9HF7G
    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 31, 2018

    “It is outrageous what the Democrats are doing to our Country. Vote Republican now!” the president tweeted alongside the ad.”


  10. [I just left a comment which goes along with this one, but it had too many links and is in moderation.]

    Another jew censorship paywall article.
    “Can Jewish Grandparents in Florida, Nevada and Arizona Help Flip the Senate?”

    “The races in all three ‘Bubbe & Zayde’ states are all too close to call ahead of Tuesday’s midterm elections, with the Democrats hoping Jewish pensioners can make the difference

    The Great Schlep: That’s what comedian Sarah Silverman dubbed her campaign to convince young Jews to head down to the key swing state of Florida in the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections to convince their…”.


  11. “GROWING SCANDAL: Undercover FBI Agent Paid Thousands Supporting Gillum Fundraiser, Report Says”

    “The corruption scandal surrounding Florida Democratic gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum continued to grow on Friday as newly-released documents show that an undercover FBI agent, who posed as a developer seeking to do business with Gillum’s Tallahassee government, allegedly paid thousands of dollars to support a fundraiser for Gillum’s political action committee, Forward Florida.”


  12. I see this morning where that other moron “Beto” was caught by Veritas sending campaign money to the invaders. I’ll get a link.

      • Lophatt, Here is another article which I hope is true, and which needs our full support if it is. They will need all of the backing and support we can give.

        I’m not giving the full scope about it in this excerpt. Find out the details for yourself (at the link given below) and prepare to fully support and defend as much as is humanly possible. As quietly as possible, and without making a bigger splash than necessary, let’s pass it on to sympathetic others in order to have a somewhat unified front prepared for assistance to them – in case there is truth behind it, which I fully suspect there may be.

        I also have my suspicions that all of the jewish activities, supposedly concerned with Pittsburg may actually be a diversionary tactic in order to be able to guide, assist and reinforce their forces [which some dummies call the deep state] in making sure that the caravan invasions play according their “chosen” tune by providing a rear assault from within country and by their media.

        “”The estimated number of the “caravan” is approximately 10,000. It is being forecasted that the number will be 20,000 by the time it reaches the USA. In addition to that, according to aerial reconnaissance and intel by the US military, there are approximately 40,000 Mexicans who are massing or planning to join the immigrants near the border where the caravan is headed. There will be approximately 60,000 people who will rush our nation’s border at the same time.”


  13. Just another note. It looks like Alec Baldwin is now in custody. Someday that ego of his is gonna cost him:


  14. 1) Here’s a rundown on Florida posted in series:
    Ron Rewald was a CIA Patsy. Hollywood-based tribe, which operates a business empire that began with the sale of tax-free cigarettes in the 1970s and expanded to include hotels, citrus groves, tourist attractions and Seminole Hard Rock casinos throughout South Florida  The Seminole Tribal Council : James Edward Billie (born March 20, 1944), known as Chief Jim Billie, is a politician who chaired the Seminole Tribe of Florida from 1979 to 2001, and again from 2011 to 2016. Billie’s first tenure was the longest “of any elected leader in the Western Hemisphere, other than Fidel Castro,” at 22 years. CESAR was on a soccer team. Sayoc graduated from North Miami Beach High School in 1980 and previously attended Sabal Palm Elementary and John F. Kennedy Junior High, all in North Miami Beach,  Kissimmee, Florida sheriff is his cousin  Debra Gureghian, the general manager of New River Pizza and Fresh Kitchen in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.,  She said Sayoc quit in January and told her he had trained to be a truck driver hauling hazardous materials, with a “top secret” clearance.  Ronald Lowy, an attorney representing Sayoc’s family members, said he believed Sayoc was mentally ill and lived out of his vehicle for over a decade.  Daniel Lurvey, a lawyer who represented Sayoc in the past.  attended Brevard College in North Carolina, where he was a member of the soccer team, according to a school yearbook. He also was listed as a member of the Canterbury Club, a religious organization. A yearbook photo showed him posing behind someone in a bishop’s robe.  His cousin said Sayoc’s father is Filipino and his mother is Italian.  In 2002, police in Miami charged Sayoc with calling Florida Power & Light and threatening to blow up the electric utility  Discussing an arrest for a bomb threat in a later deposition, Sayoc said he was “joking around,” but that the bomb squad had showed up at his dry-cleaning store.  Sayoc had worked in recent years as a pizza delivery driver. He claimed in a 2014 deposition that he had been a manager at a strip club called “Stir Crazy,” owner of a dry-cleaning store, a pro wrestler, a Chippendales dancer, a professional soccer player in Milan, and an arena football player in Arizona.  Lawyer David McDonald, who questioned Sayoc for the deposition  Another cousin, Lenny Altieri, 67, said Sayoc had worked for years at various adult entertainment clubs in South Florida.  Florida property records show he lost his home in 2009 and may have been a victim of IndyMac/OneWest’s robo-signing scandal, where the banks allegedly signed off on thousands of documents without checking for accuracy, causing people to lose their homes without proper procedures. Court records show Sayoc filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2012.  mail processing and distribution center in Opa-locka, Florida  was arrested in Plantation, Florida,  According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Sayoc’s first arrest came in 1991, when he was arrested by the Broward Sheriff’s Office and charged with grand theft, a third-degree felony

    • 2)
      While researching the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting I connected some Dots. Broward Sheriff Scott J. Israel, BSO Detective John Curcio, BSO Sgt. Chris Reyka, Shawn LaBeet, Rockefeller Virgin Islands Fountain Valley Massacre, Ismail Muslim ALI, (Formerly Ishmael S. LaBeet), and Cuba. Now Sayoc is connected in this Shit Storm as well. Since his capture he has maintained that he was a target of the FBI campaign to eliminate him, and framed in the Fountain Valley case because he was a known revolutionary leader. Many organizations in the US have supported the Fountain Valley political prisoners. [Assata Shakur Freedom Now Network]. While being transferred to another Federal penitentiary LaBeet hijacked American Airlines Flight 626 to Cuba where authorities met Labeet on the tarmac. LaBeet’s aunt was reportedly a close friend of Fidel Castro and had connections in New York. Born Ronald Jean LaBeet in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands in 1947. Ali and four co-defendants had been convicted of the 1972 murder of eight people on a golf course owned by the Rockefellers, the so-called Fountain Valley Massacre, a crime for which he has steadfastly maintained his innocence. Ali became politically active in the 1960’s. While studying in the US he joined the Black panthers Party. When he returned to the Virgin Islands he became a member of the United Caribbean association and later became one of the founding members of the military wing of the organization, group known as the “Young bloods”, a group dedicated to achieving the independence of the VI, to fighting against US imperialism through the use of armed struggle. After 9/11, Joseph said he heard Osama Bin Laden say that only three of the 19 involved in the bombings actually knew what was planned. It resonated with him, and he concluded it was possible that only one of the “Fountain Valley Five” knew what was planned that day.

      • 3)
        According to his friend, LaBeet hates America. He has told Chester that he spent time in Leavenworth prison and compares it unfavorably to his time in a Cuban prison. He has told Chester that he was part of a re-entry program when he got out of the Cuban prison. And there it was I found another “target of the FBI” in Miami-Dade FL. Police gunned down an alleged suspect in a burglary after said suspect reportedly shot at police injuring several and killing one officer. This probably would have ended there, had it not been for the identity of the young Black man that was gunned down. What happened next was anything but routine: one Miami-Dade officer shot dead; three wounded; a massive manhunt across South Florida; a dangerous killer, on the run for hours, caught and shot dead. The alleged burglar was 25 year old Shawn Sherwin Labeet, half brother of Ishmael Labeet. Labeet was a former honor student. His father Stanley was a medic stationed in Puerto Rico during World War II. And over the course of many decades, he had at least 19 children with several much younger women. Ishmael was the oldest son; Shawn the youngest. Shawn grew up in the same house as his oldest brother Ishmael. Shawn LaBeet followed his older siblings to South Florida sometime in the mid-’90s. His mother, Elizabeth, found a job at a Publix warehouse in Deerfield Beach. Shawn spent his days at Northeast high school in Oakland Park. At Northeast, Shawn met a sallow Italian-American girl named Renee D’Angelo. The two began to date. “He was great in school,” says his sister Lesley Johnson. She says her youngest brother attended private academies on the islands and spent hours reading old encyclopedias. His life in South Florida was no different. Shawn graduated from Northeast when he was just 16 with a 4.0 GPA, Johnson says. But his mother would later tell detectives that Shawn’s intelligence hid a dark side. He had been “a problem child,” she said, “and had anger issues his entire life.”ob HUMMM? WHAT ARE THE ODDS? DO YOU BELIEVE IN COINCIDENCES? Grand Theft AUTO, DRUG RUNNING AND GUN SMUGGLING. https://www.miaminewtimes.com/news/shawn-labeet-cop-killer-redux-6394805

        • 4)
          These people think we are really stupid. There is a pattern here and 3 times equals a pattern and “they” can not hide it any longer. The Rockefellers, PizzaGate, Ports/Harbors , citrus groves, drugs, guns, North Carolina, Arizona, Florida, New York, Milan, Broward County Sheriff Scott J. Israel, Islam, racism, nightclubs, casinos, Fidel Castro/Cuba, shootings, federal prisons, and “PATSY targeted AGENTS of the FBI/CIA” who are used to cover the asses of these Deep State operations. I’m calling GAME OVER! They overplayed their hand with Sayoc. [For the record I am not suicidal.]

          B.I.N.G.O. U.S. mail sorting facility near the Opa-locka airport took center stage Thursday when federal investigators discovered that at least one of the bomb-filled packages WAS passed through this facility. IT JUST SO HAPPENS THAT MAIL IN BALLOTS WERE PROCESSED THERE TOO. WE HAVE A SMOKING GUN FOLKS!

          YESTERDAY I WROTE: Why am I not surprised that in Broward County the county hasn’t correctly counted all the ballots. About 24,000 ballots in Broward County registered a vote in the governor’s race but not for the Senate race. Democratic election lawyer Marc Elias told the Sun Sentinel that he thinks the undervotes were due to voting machines not detecting genuine votes. “I am pretty confident what you are going to see are markings that were not picked up by the machines or a calibration issue that was not registering that part of the ballot,” he said. On Tuesday’s election night, seven Broward precincts had problems with modems and couldn’t submit polling results electronically. Instead, the precincts had to drive the electronic results to the voting equipment center in Lauderhill for tabulation.

          • 5)
            what are the odds that their voting machines are not detecting genuine votes and there modems went down? Hey I have an idea, let’s use BLOCKCHAIN as a new way to process VOTES. Was Cesar used by the Attorney General for a sting operation to gain access or to cover for warrants in the places were the bombs were found? Or did the AG need to get into the processing and delivery of the U.S. mail sorting facility near the Opa-locka airport? Or was it a Deep State operation of Homeland Security to steal the election. Broward County Supervisor of Elections Dr. Brenda Snipes telling South Florida media that “we have a great partnership with the Postal Service.” On Tuesday, October 9, Broward Department of Elections held a media event that attracted print and television reporters. South Florida District sent two 18-wheel trucks to pick up the first major drop of absentee ballots (114,000 ballots in 56 GPCs) for delivery to USPS for processing and delivery.

            ))Will the FBI or other investigators take the time to investigate all of that?((


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