Florida city council summons Satan

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The city of Lake Worth in Palm Beach County, Florida, has gone to the Devil.
On December 2, 2014, before the Lake Worth City Commission’s meeting, a self-described “anti-theist” named Preston Smith gave an invocation to Satan, among other pagan deities.
The dictionary says “invocation” is “the summoning of a deity or the supernatural.” That means, Smith summoned Satan to Lake Worth.
Before Smith summoned Satan, the city’s mayor Pam Triolo and three of the five city commissioners left the room, but returned later for the Pledge of Allegiance. The remaining five people — 3 men and 2 women, including a stenographer — stood respectfully, with hands clasped, as Smith made his invocation (see below).
Lake Worth city commission meeting
Preston began by extolling atheism, claiming that atheism would lead to a “better community without religious divisions.”

Smith is woefully ignorant about modern history. In the 20th century, officially atheistic communist regimes killed an estimated 94 million people. See Black Book of Communism.

Beginning at the 1:03 mark in the video below, Smith said:

“May we pray together. Father Earth, we gather together in your redeeming and glorious presence to invoke your eternal guidance in the Universe — the original creator of all things. May the efforts of this council blend the righteousness of the law with the all-knowing wisdom of Satan. May Zeus, the great god of justice, grant us strength tonight. Jesus might forgive us our shortcomings, while Buddha enlightens us through his divine perfection.”

Smith then invoked Krishna, Thor, and science, and commended “agnostics, atheists, and humanists.” Blah, blah, blah.

Although Mayor Triolo, along with three commissioners, absented themselves from Smith’s demonic invocation, Triolo said she didn’t leave because of the invocation but because she objected to a tweet by Smith which mocked Scripture.

Mayor Pam Triolo

Mayor Pam Triolo

As reported by WPTV, Triolo explained: “I didn’t leave because Mr. Smith is an atheist, I left because of his alleged tweet. Free speech works both ways. You can say what you want and I can choose to leave. There’s just a place where I personally draw a line, and I have to be who I am.”
Smith whined that the mayor and the three commissioners walking out was an act of pure discrimination against his beliefs.
Christopher McVoy

Christopher McAvoy

Commissioner Christopher McVoy, who stayed during the invocation because “If we choose to have an invocation, we have a responsibility to respectfully listen,” is critical of the mayor and three commissioners leaving. McVoy said if there was an issue it should have been handled in advance, and that walking out was “very un-American, and a slap in the face to the principles people fought very hard to make sure we had those rights.”
McVoy calls himself “A world-renowned Ecohydrologist, Everglades expert, author, elected official and empiricist trained in systems analysis and simulation modeling.”
Here’s contact info from Lake Worth City Commission’s website:

Pam Triolo, Mayor

Christopher McVoy, Ph.D
District 2


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0 responses to “Florida city council summons Satan

  1. More confirmation to me of our Bizarro New World Order that has taken so many under its sick influence / influenza! Sleepers may as well stay asleep at this point, as it’s too late for most of these ‘lost souls’ as I put it.

    • I have tried here as gently as possible to raise awareness of how evil summoning Satan is. SO they have any idea of what they are opening themselves to.
      In every case after my being laughed to scorn quieted down, the reply is always something along the line of “well satan is no worse then your beloved sky fairy”
      Other replies from the IntelleKKKuals I get are
      “Lucifer is a god of light and love. he liberates mankind”
      “Satan, Jesus and all those other fairy tales are make believe”
      “You white Christian haters should all be lined up and shot”
      Many times I am having a hard time getting my head around how deeply and thoroughly the young and even older are being brainwashed

  2. This is truly sad and frightening. I live in Lake Worth, and have met Pam Triolo.

  3. This is beyond anything I have ever thought might happen inside America.

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  5. As I’ve said before, I was a teacher here in New York. At the last school I taught in, there were a few teachers who actually were into the New Age and Satanism. And they shared their beliefs and practices with some students, on a voluntary basis. Then there is the town of Newtown or Sandy Hook. Believe it or not, this is more common than I ever imagined. There are a number of people in the board room and politics who are Satanists. It has grown in popularity over the years. Read Henry Makow—he documents quite a bit of it.

    • Hey Steven,
      I’m writing an article on Satanism across the US, PIZZA GATE,
      would love to hear more about your experiences, most people are clueless about this!

  6. Jesus told us of these days, but it is still hard to accept. When we finish Matthew 24, it has ended in God’s victory.

  7. What is the difference between atheists and satanists? This action by the anti-theist tries to blur those lines, if any lines there were. Needless to say he knows not what he has done, and doesn’t comprehend his actions, the Good Christian locals will have to de-invoke that, and combat it with prayer… not to mention give the city officials an earful. Who let smith in, and why was he permitted to do such a thing?
    Unfortunately more of this might show up as next year in the chinese zodiac is the year of the fire sheep/ram, or “flame goat” (IE the inverted pentagram goat and hellfire) in corrupted esoteric terms, and the devil worshipers who believe such claptrap are likely to act accordingly to push satanic propaganda in vain attempt to make it look like the zodiac nonsense was “prophetic” (some of them might even believe it themselves, even though zodiac nonsense is, and always will be, complete and utter hogwash & deception, cooked up by devils and men). Be on your guard folks, keep watch on your local town’s meeting minutes etc., pray for God/Christ’s guidance and against these things, and take actions to prevent them where you can (Such as if you’re at such a meeting and some pseudo-intellectual thinks they’re going to be clever and copycat this malarkey, speak up against it.) If Christ/God be willing then these vile plots will not come to fruition.

  8. As Christians, we should be alarmed when evil of this magnitude takes place. Are Christians becoming so complacent that they just sit back and do nothing about this madness? I would have rebuked the Satanist and his hellish prayer. Those who walked out were cowards and irresponsible. We have a government that needs to be criticized and chastised, We are commanded to fight the good fight. We are commanded to stand up against evil doers (Psalm 94:16). We should never ignore the evil that is prevalent in our government. Leeann

    • Many fellow Christians I have talked to (and most do not consider me a fellow Christian) told me not to worry that there is noting we can do, we are under God’s wrath but God’s chosen will be swept up in the rapture
      So they just bury their heads and ignore all the evil because it’s meant for the sinner and not them

      • Art, I have a number of Christian friends who remain blissfully disconnected from the disasters surrounding them. I don’t know how to wake them up. How can they see the things that are going on, and remain apathetic? Read the book of Nehemiah. He rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem. His people did the construction work with their weapons at the ready.

        • Traildust, thank you for your reference to Nehemiah. I would like to add that Art should correct the fellow Christians who say that we are under God’s wrath by telling them that God’s wrath has not yet fallen. We are under Satan’s wrath, and, although our sins are great, God is till waiting for us to call on Him and repent. Revelation/Apocalypse 12 and Matthew 24 tell us about it.
          (Joke) I hope that when your Christian friends see you in heaven, they don’t ask what you are doing there.

  9. Where’s the tar and feathers when you need them?

  10. This is the grass roots communist movement at work.

  11. How absolutely insidious!

  12. kakabwisit kayong mga satanista amp!

  13. satanism was declared a religion by some court and the military was made to hire satanic priests for satanisc rites for soldiers as such it is a violation of the constitution amenment of separation of church and state

  14. it’s a jewish retirement town

  15. Preston Smith – you didn’t like it that three members wanted nothing to do with your spiritual ignorance and love of evil! Who cares if you were offended and feel discriminated against. That’s just manipulation and forcing people to engage in your distorted life. Buzz off bozo!

    • For the critics of those disapproving of the walkout, at least a public stand was taken, and it was taken for the right side. Methods of expression take different forms and have different results with different people.

      • I think the whole Board is F* up, this isn’t the whole story-any official with a shred of dignity, whether they were Christian or not would have raised total hell over this or walked out-PERIOD, this story is not right, we are not getting all the facts

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  18. “May the efforts of this council blend the righteousness of the law with the all-knowing wisdom of Satan. ”
    I listened several times and I think he said “righteousness of allah (he dragged the word out making it sound like “alaaw”). Either way he is one disturbed bastard.


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