Flight attendants forced to wipe obese man’s butt

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Once considered a glamorous job, being an airline stewardess is now a nightmare if the flight attendants of EVA Air, a Taiwanese international airline, are an indication.

Chris Dyer reports for the Daily Mail that on Saturday, January 19, 2019, during  a flight from Los Angeles to Taiwan’s Taoyuan airport, a 440-lb. male passenger, believed to be an American, forced flight attendants to assist him to poop by stripping him and wiping his butt as he “moaned with pleasure”.

A flight attendant, known only by her last name Kuo, who was also Chief Purser on the flight, said in a press conference that the passenger, whom she estimates to weigh 440 lbs, boarded the plane in a wheelchair and requested three adjoining seats in economy class due to his size. As the flight was not full, he was granted his request.

But the passenger soon escalated his demands.

He asked to use the plane’s business-class toilet because he would not fit in the economy cubical. Then he claimed that an injury to his right hand prevented him from fully undressing himself in order to use the toilet. He asked the cabin crew to pull down his pants in order for him to relieve himself. Kuo said:

“I told him we couldn’t help him, but he started yelling. He told me to go in there immediately and threatened to relieve himself on the floor. As the passenger’s genitals were now exposed, one of my colleagues brought a blanket, which I used to cover his modesty. But he very angrily slapped my hand away, saying he didn’t want it and only wanted me to remove his underwear so he could use the toilet.”

The flight attendants acceded to the man’s demands, only to be called into the toilet to wipe the man’s butt. The passenger then humiliated the flight attendants when he began moaning in pleasure as the chief attendant, wearing three pairs of latex gloves, wiped his butt. Kuo, who was holding the passenger to keep him steady, recalled that the man moaned, “Oh, mmm, deeper, deeper,” and then accused the chief attendant of not properly cleaning his backside, and demanded that she do it again.

The chief attendant wiped the man’s butt three times, at which point the passenger said: “You can pull my pants back up now.”

The press conference was held by the Taoyuan Flight Attendants Union, which is representing Kuo and her colleagues. The union argues that the problem is systemic, stemming from a service industry culture that frowns upon those who do not meet the customer’s every demand. According to Focus Taiwan, the union calls the incident a clear case of sexual harassment and asks that:

  • EVA, which only has female flight attendants, hire male cabin crew.
  • EVA sue the passenger, who had defecated in his underwear during a previous flight in May 2018, but was not blacklisted.
  • EVA establish standard operation procedures, including making sure that disabled passengers are accompanied by a caretaker.
  • Flight attendants have the final say when asked to do something that makes them uncomfortable or they consider unreasonable.

On Monday, EVA Air issued a press statement saying that:

  • Flight staff are perfectly entitled to refuse passenger’s requests they consider inappropriate, even passengers requiring special assistance.
  • The male cruise captain had also helped the passenger in question during the flight.
  • The company backs the flight staff completely and are prepared to offer assistance, if needed, to sue the passenger.

Daily Mail asks anyone who was on the flight or who knows the identity of the obese passenger to email the reporter at chris.dyer@mailonline.co.uk.


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31 responses to “Flight attendants forced to wipe obese man’s butt

  1. That poor woman. I would have refused his request. Nasty!

  2. I would have put on my parachute and jumped first.

  3. I would have told the fat ba$tard to wipe his own arse.

  4. Of course, all the flight attendants could think to themselves was, “what an a$$ hole!”

  5. Mutiny! Exactly what I would be screaming, have the captain detain me for insubordination, and divert the flight all caused by a dirty fat ass that should have not be flying unless on a cargo plane. Phooey! Sue the airline.

  6. I hope that the airlines are able to identify the name of this person . . . then he needs to be black listed, before they proceed to drag his sorry A$$ to court. I just cannot imagine being in that position. There is no way that flight attendants should be put upon to perform duties of that sort.

  7. They should have wiped him with a Jalapeno pepper… That would light up the fat bastard

  8. What a wonderful example of America this fat pig is! I hope he is blacklisted and can only travel by ox cart from now on.

  9. I think the breaking point was when he started moaning in pleasure. At THAT point,they should have told him, “Our job is to assist you,NOT pleasure you-you’ll have to do THAT yourself.” and left him there.

  10. This FA has definitely gone above and beyond the call of duty. I hope the company would at least recognize her effort. I hope EVA will blacklist that fat bastard and ban him for life on future EVA flights.

  11. Dreadful! My condolences to the flight attendants. I feel for nearby passengers, too, as the guy was probably stinky with poo and heaven knows what else. Adds another dimension to those old cliches about the “Ugly American” abroad.

  12. Okay, so this disgusting a-hole has a history of vile behavior?
    Why is he repeatedly going to Taiwan? If he gets off on being wiped off, is he visiting this country for some sick sex with kids perhaps??

    • Children as early as 4 years old are sold in Taiwan for sex, it is so revolting, you see, unscrupulous bastards, as there are many VIPs and government officials in the US travel there for “business” none other than having sex with little children.

      • You are correct Alma. This is the first thing that went through my mind. That disgusting turd of a Jabba the hut surely wasn’t going there to do business.
        The poor stewardess! What a beautiful girl she is. I am sure she is going to have some genuine level of lasting stress from this incident- it truly was bordering on sexual assault- not just harassment.
        The guy should have been barred from any flight after the last incident. If it were me I would have let him yell and leave it to the pilots to land at the nearest airport and throw his obese ass off the airplane. Where in the devil was their in flight security?

    • He looks amazingly like Confederate Civil War Gen. Albert Pike in Pike’s later years when Pike reportedly engaged in ritual sexual depravity, while in his Masonic treatise “Morals and Dogma” Pike linked Masonry to Kabbalah and ritualized buggery among initiates. With all the recent iconoclastic destruction of Confederate statues it’s more than strange the the huge statue of avowed Luciferian Pike, Freemason, NWO prophet, and sexual deviate by his own account, stands in the middle of DC’s courts, untouched as if he were the real Founder and his writings the real inspiration of post-Civil War deep state America.

      As far as that passenger goes, it seems impossible he was traveling on business or that family or friends would be inviting a pervert who dumps in his pants for the pleasure of it, so you’re probably on the right track about traveling for something akin to snuff sex with little boys.

    • My first thought, too. He’s going for the pre-pubescent girls in Taiwan, or some other SE Asian country.

      Hopefully one of those countries detains him indefinitely, make a BBQ pork out of him, then hang him upside down by his feet as a warning to others.

    • Christy . . . I think you have hit on a very pertinent question. Why does he repeatedly fly to Taiwan? The idea that he may be traveling for the purposes of sexually exploiting children makes me just ill.

  13. I should not have read the story.

    I’m gonna have visions that will haunt me for many years.

    The fat bastard should have been jettisoned.

  14. Well, so now, this poor flight attendant, Kuo, and the others, were sort of “forced” into this wretched act in an unanticipated situation/moment in order to keep the peace on flight…but it’s not all over yet IF she & the others have any kind of “rights” in Taiwan. Can she and those others can file for PTSD/hostile work environment/workman’s comp? AND FOR SURE, no matter WHAT their “rights are or are not,” I’d be asking for a complete PAID FOR health work up/testing for: AIDS, any of myriad kind of liver ailments/ cytomegalovirus/ viral/intestinal/bacterial/ pest/ parasite. And then, I’d demand/try to get weekly counseling until I could “get over” dealing with this affrontive public hazard/nuisance and the looming nightmares of his fat-a#$ /genitalia staring me and my passengers literally in the face. NIGHTMARES!

  15. What a disgusting pig of a man, if you want to call him a man. I sometimes wonder if Ba$turds like this will ever get their just rewards. In the next life, there will be NO excuses when he stands in judgment before God.

  16. It is a great Honor for a woman to service a man in many Asian countries. She may have enjoyed it as long as his stool wasn’t too stinky.

    You are a self-righteous hypocrite. You mention about GOD and then you continue to insult and degrade this man with slanderous terms. Obviously, you will have NO EXCUSES either before the judgment of GOD for your self-righteous hypocrisy!!

    • @YMD, you are the same “David Morris” who wrote a comment on this thread, asserting that the EVA flight attendants actually “enjoyed” wiping the butt of the obese man. All of which leads to this logical conclusion: You must be the revolting, morbidly-obese passenger himself. I hope EVA Air or the flight attendant labor union sue your butt off.

    • @YMD.
      Maybe if you were on the plane, YOU could have wiped that guys butt, and spared the poor girl the embarrassment. I’m sure you could have wiped deeper than her.

    HE BELONGS IN AN INSANE ASYLUM, BUT NONE WILL TAKE HIM, NO ONE WANTS HIM. He used to live in a Motel 6 room, and the room was totally trashed with shite everywhere. This was in the Anaheim CA area. The room was so bad, the motel owners had to gut the entire room & rebuild it before they could rent it out. It was condemned by the city.

  19. The Daily Mail, should check around Anaheim CA, at the Motel 6 businesses. They had to have the Fire Department haul him out on a giant steel wheeled cart, he was drunk. That man has a LONG history of insane behavior. Anaheim CA is the key to who he is.
    Probably cannot get his hospital records due to privacy act HIPAA. Have them go to identify the man at the Police Departments there around Anaheim CA.

  20. Had Orson Wells, a planet of a man, ever done this, we would have heard of it. I myself am obese at some 23o pounds, and I see to it that I’m never in a situation like this. (I suppose if I live long enough to be feeble, then hopefully I will be in a nursing home where I’d belong, where this sort of thing is expected).

    This is the age we’re living in. It’s a gross-out contest, and, ultimately, it preaches that one man’s pleasure is another person’s responsibility. I hope Fatso is banned from the airline forever! And I hope that Miss Kuo has earned a plenary indulgence for her sins with this situation. (I am also glad I will never have to fly again, too!)


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