Flashback: Trump, Americans Called ‘Racist’ for Protecting Selves Against Coronavirus

Remember: These media hacks care NOTHING about protecting American citizens. It’s all a political weapon to be used against us and President Trump.

In case YouTube pulls the video, watch it here or here.


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5 months ago

Amazing they can’t see themselves the way they look to most of us.

5 months ago

Did these people go to High School—let alone college? If so, what did they NOT learn: In the words of the timeless Bard of Avon—“a rose by any other name is still a rose:” You can call the lethal virus that emanated out of China anything—but it still will possibly KILL YOU or yours regardless of what you NAME it, or–race, sex, age, religion, politics, etc. whether you are politically correct, or not. It was just such egalitarianship of the great plague of the Middle Ages that destroyed the Feudal gov’t of the Middle Ages. “It” had no preference for… Read more »

Steven Broiles
5 months ago

These voices crying racism at every twist and turn are really demanding our destruction. They are the children of the Devil, and the voice of the Devil speaks through them!