Five million Brits to be offered free personalized DNA reports

First of all, anything coming from the government is NOT free.

Secondly, why in the world would you voluntarily turn over your DNA to the government?

From the Telegraph: Five million Britons will be offered free gene tests on the NHS, helping to predict their risk of major diseases. Under the plans, individuals will be able to volunteer to receive personalised reports, setting out analysis based on their DNA.

Ministers said the anonymised data will be used to develop a new generation of personalised treatments.

Experts said this would allow individuals to make lifestyle changes, or ensuring they are targeted with the right medications.

But plans to give healthy people the option of paying to have their DNA analysed by the NHS are understood to have been scrapped.

Health officials said a £79m Government investment, backed by £160 million from charities and businesses, would be used to support research on early diagnosis, prevention and treatment of disease including dementia and cancer.

Health Minister Nicola Blackwood said: “Prioritising life-saving research and innovation means we can unlock solutions to deadly conditions like cancer, dementia and heart disease – saving lives and securing the health of the next generation.

“To achieve this we must harness the power of technology, so I am delighted with today’s investment from businesses and charities – a huge boost for healthcare innovation which will help patients lead longer, happier lives.”

Earlier this year the Health Secretary revealed that he is at heightened risk of developing prostate cancer as he urges the NHS to roll out gene testing more widely. Matt Hancock said tests found he has a 15 per cent chance of suffering prostate cancer by the age of 75 – a risk about 1.5 times greater than the average man.

The Health Secretary, 40, said the news had left him worried, saying he would be seeking a blood test from his GP, and ensuring he did not miss any screening appointments.

But critics accused him of “astonishing ignorance” saying his score would not be considered high risk, and could come down to a “margin of error.”

The NHS normally only provides PSA blood tests – which can show an increased risk of prostate cancer – from the age of 50, if requested. There is no NHS screening programme for prostate cancer.


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It’s most likely to determine who has blood types that the elites need


Like FREE CHEESE on a mouse trap.

Dr. Eowyn

So the NHS can’t afford screening for prostate cancer, but they’re spending a total of £239 million ($296 million) — £79m from the government + £160 million from charities and businesses — on free “personalized” DNA analyses.

What is wrong with this picture?

Jackie Puppet

I’d hate to find out what the DNA tests of mooslimes in the UK turn up!

33% goat or camel?


My beloved Mama and Papa made sure we knew all about their ancestors, their parents (they didn’t live to be very old) and their families, their traits, their characters, their peculiarities, some we have inherited. When we go to a new doctor they asked questions about our parents, deceases, health problems and so forth to associate with our ailment, if any, that’s good, that’s my DNA. The government knows enough about me, so they don’t need to know the rest.