Fishmonger Fearmonger

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a person or store that sells fish for food.

Someone who spreads fear, or needlessly raises the alarm.


Selling Fish and Selling Fear


Yes! I’ll have some haddock today, and some Maine lobster tomorrow. Some baked stuffed shrimp would be a real treat. Or how about a bucket of Chesapeake Bay blue crabs with old bay seasoning?


I like mine straight up. Maybe a little Glenn Beck with a dash of Alex Jones. And you can’t beat some good old Honky Racism, a white blood sucker dish with Louis Farrakhan sauce.  And for the more ordinary palette, we can put up a side of Fox Breaking News ALLERT. Now if you feel daring there is also some survivalist hot sauce. Or, how about an appetizer of EMP attack?

Then again… 

Maybe I’ve had enough fish and fear today. Something happier might suit my taste. I know!!!
How about a nice colorful…  

Happy Meal?!!! 😀

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  3. Glenn Beck is an Obama operative.
    What is wrong with Alex Jones? How can you compare either to Rev. Wright?

    • Hi Steven,
      I was criticizing myself, too. As we present these dark stories to the readers, it might be good to stop, and ask the question, “Am I just being a fear monger?” A “Fishmonger” sells fish. A “Fearmonger” sells fear. My next story may be horribly dark. But it’s important to consider the affect on the reader. Some people, including me, can’t take a non-stop stream of bad news.
      I didn’t mention Rev. Wright, but he would fit if I had. Wright and Beck are on very different squares, and I agree more with one than the other. But they both engage in fear mongering. And I found that one thing Glenn Beck and Alex Jones have in common, is that whenever I listen to either of them, I begin to feel a sense of impending doom, and to an almost paralyzing degree. Work I should be doing gets ignored because I feel like I have to keep listening. It’s like a deer caught in the headlights of an approaching truck. Do their stories pass the truth test? Maybe. Should I put aside the important work of everyday life to listen to them? My answer is, no.

      • Bingo! About a dozen years ago in my early NWO-researching days, I was sub’d to the Infowars (AJ) yahoogroup which was strictly copies of their voluminous daily news articles. On my own, after noticing blood pressure & fear rising within, along with heart palpatations while reading through those articles, I finally realized that was not a good “diet” & unsub’d myself. I’m much better now at recognizing fearmongering straightaway.
        Another fearmongering site I noticed a few years ago which every single article was IMMEDIATE DOOM is the SHTFplan site. It had a great comment section, though, with many Christians for awhile, until the trolls took over fighting back & forth.
        Nothing wrong with staying informed. Afterall, Scripture says for us to “Watch & Pray.” But there’s a way to inform without adding adrenaline-pumping fear tactics.

        • traildustfotm

          Thanks TPR,
          The light hearted and inspirational posts by Dr. Eowyn, Steve and the others are what made Fellowship of the Minds stand out to me a couple of years ago. And I know that a lot of what I post can send the blood pressure up. So, this is hopefully some self-adjustment. And I hope a little bit funny. And with all due respect to Glenn Beck and Alex Jones, their predictions of impending doom have yet to be fulfilled. I really didn’t have to lose all that sleep, or wreck all that time that could have been productive. I’m still concerned about lots of the subjects they’ve raised, but will fare better with sleep and a peaceful mind, and above all, the mind of Christ. 😀

          • Very true, a lot of funny stuff around this place! Great for a change of pace.
            And don’t beat yourself up. I never felt your posts even enter the Fearmonger Category at all. MSM is the Queen Fearmonger! 9/11, six full days/nights non-stop 24-hrs of incessantly repeating the towers falling, by the 3 Major Networks, thru the following Sun. night before they went back to regular programming! Talk about a huge fear-inspiring mind game on the public! A Made-for-TV “Disaster Flick” starring “Killer Arabs,” but because they aired it on the “News” vs. the “Monday Night Movie,” we all believed what they said, hook, line, & sinker. It’s funny now to think about how they had me spooked that “Middle Easterners” always known to regularly attend a nearby Uni could have been planting bombs around our apt. complex!
            THIS, EXACTLY > “…Glenn Beck and Alex Jones, their predictions of impending doom have yet to be fulfilled…” — Yes, the Boys Who Cried Wolf a few times too many! In the process they sold a ton of “survival products”! Raiders News is another one I forgot about who also was selling survival books & gear; ditto that SHTFplan site. Fear- mongering is no doubt a Profitable Business Adventure!
            Someday we may face full-blown “war zone” H in this country but until then, like you, I’m getting some great Zzzzz’s (sleep!) 😉
            Proverbs 3:24-26:
            “When you lie down, you will not be afraid; Yes, you will lie down and your sleep will be sweet.
            “Do not be afraid of sudden terror, Nor of trouble from the wicked when it comes;
            “For the Lord will be your confidence,
            And will keep your foot from being caught.”

  4. Speaking of Fishmongering, lol, that’s another area that can scare the beejeebers out of you — the whole Food Supply Disaster > toxic chemical fertizilers, zero-minerals soil, chemtrails raining down on farmed fields, mercury-laden seafood, irradiated produce, DNA-altering GMO, etc. How much is true, & how much is just for the Fear Factor? It can also paralyze your shopping list to the point of hopelessness. On the flip side they demonize “Organic” via ecoli & other “scares” supposedly because Organic was NOT grown with the toxic fertilizers, etc. etc. All such dialectic scenarios remind me of a line in the Protocols (no matter who wrote them) that basically says, “We will parade forth Our Experts with Conflicting Opinions until the people are So Confused Not Knowing Which Way to Turn… that they will beg us to install Our King of the World,” (words to that effect).
    Back to Fish-Fear, Dr. Ted Broer (Christian chiropractor/nutritionist) says Lobsters are the Cockroaches of the Ocean, lol:

    Funny stuff! Of course he is going by Old Testament/Mosaic Dietary Laws. But are we obliged to follow those under Christ? Nope, not required post-Crucifixion, where Paul says: “All food is good IF taken with thanksgiving” (1st Timothy 4:4).

    • traildustfotm

      Ha ha ha,
      Well, I hope to enjoy a couple of those evil lobsters sometime this summer. I have a nephew who is so paralyzed by the food scare stuff online that his family is afraid for his health. My view is: choose as well, and be as well informed as possible, but remember, starvation can kill you quicker. 😀

      • Ha! Good point re starvation! And sorry about your nephew. The “bad food news” is disheartening because it’s such a Big Problem it seems insurmountable for us puny humans to correct it. I have felt gridlocked & overwhelmed by it as well & that’s when I had to remind myself that all we can do is the best we can & rely on God to cover us regarding the rest of it.
        What always cracks me up about Ted Broer is his giant plastic lobster he uses as a prop, lol. So enjoy those “evil” boogers. I need a hot dripping butter animated-.gif for you, to go with them! 🙂

        • Well, I don’t know how we got onto food phobia on this post… but…it’s valid, trail &TPR. I, too, panicked when dogs/cats keeled over dead fr plastic Chinese pet foods…& people died fr/poison meats, apple juice/ cheese/tomatoes/peppers,blah,blah…& then I got mad b/c I felt like a duck in a carnival shooting galary, courtesy of our US gov’t foreign trade policies & domestic politics. AND, THEN, after much thought, realized GOD gave me everything I need to cut the odds…to distance myself fr ‘their game.” I am not a subsistance farmer like my dairy-farming grand- parents …but I am not a helpless dummy. I know how to do this! I’ve passed MANY tests that allowed me to become a CA certificated teacher! This means I’m at least smart enough to buy SEEDS at the hardware store 🙂 W/less effort than it takes me to learn how to run my VCR/iPad/ newest cell phone, (most of which I can barely manage) I can grow food. It’s magic! I am NOT being glib or snarky—I really DID think this to myself & give myself this exact pep talk!
          I posted this missive on another fellowship category some time ago…but again, I encourage others to lessen fears & grow as much food on their own as they can. If you can cut your risk by 1/4 or 1/2, that’s a LOT of risk thrown out the door!!! It’s not so hard! I’ve grown half my “garden” for yrs in containers….even just house-plant-sized things, as well as bigger 12×12 planters (AND even old sturdy fruit cardboard boxes thrown out at the grocery store…AND my defunct wheelbarrow that had holes in the barrow….now growing strawberries–I banished an old bookcase to the garden, took the back off, laid it down, filled w/dirt & now there are TONS of okra happily growing in it). The “big” in-ground garden near the chicken coop is for tomatoes. I don’t water ANYTHING I can’t eat…(except geraniums) so hanging plants on my patio are basil ( eaten in every salad like another green…as well as many-a’ pesto made & frozen w/a layer of olive oil atop to seal it)….cherry tomatoes, parsley, chives, rosemary, oregano, mint, lavendar, arugula Chinese cabbage, romaine, etc.) I dry excess tomatoes in the back window of my parked car (HEY! If it could dry YOU up….to death….it certainly could dry a tomato, nix the fancy electric dryer!) I keep 6 chickens, whom I love dearly b/c they give me eggs/ fertilizer for 10 min. of my labor ea. day. My oldest chicken is 7 & still lays an egg at least once a wk!. My dogs eat their eggs, I eat their eggs…I grow things w/their fertilizer (esp. tomatoes & Swiss Chard) & they eat the cast offs/peelings fr this as well as most of the Swiss Chard (a “super food!”) They also eat all the bugs/grubs/snails & whatever out of the garden. They even kill mice!!! It’s like a big, wonderful cycle! I’m convinced that the FIRST creatures God invented were chickens and rabbits. (rabbits…whole ‘nother discussion)!
          This AM I made balsamic onion/garlic/fig “jam” in a frying pan w/a ton of figs I had to rescue fr my tree b/c of birds….put it on toast w/crumbled bacon & goat cheese, had it w/the hens’ scrambled eggs…mmmmmm! Dogs had the same feast! NOT one single thing I ate for breakfast was from a store…(I routinely plant onions/garlic in the corners of EVERY planter ….every garden spot…etc…..takes up no room, it’s like a “bonus.”) After breakfast, I threw 20 tomatoes into a crockpot w/onions/ peppers/ salt & pepper & 2 Tbsp sugar …all produce fr my planters/garden…to make stewed tomatoes for dinner (pour over baked potatoes like a gravy & serve w/protein….we had steamed whitefish..& a garden salad…my garden 🙂
          I have to stop b/c I could be a bloghog….this is a favorite subject of mine. I went from feeling scared/helpless to empowered b/c I could drive past the grocery store on my way home fr work, knowing that I was so tired, I just could not stand the thought of “shopping,” BUt I had eggs at home…& fresh veggies…so, I could make a veggie/egg pasta dish & drive past the grocery store. It was never about money…It’s always about time, food safety, independence….etc… So, I know I need to stop! I am not one of those “health nuts.” I don’t give them any heed. I think people who “juice” or mix up powders or take pills for weight/health are just the latest kooks….OMG….I am a human being. My owner’s manual tells me exactly what I need to do—& it’s NOT any of THAT!!! I just like feeling as FREE of others…of an “exchange system” that might kill me or my beloved pets b/c I’ve become lax/dependent & can’t take care of myself if “they” make an error—or if ‘they” value profit above my life (My life is at their mercy) or IF “they” are careless about who poops in the tomato crop during harvesting…..EEUWEEE…you get the drift….
          But, if you need growing food-without-angst-advice……just shoot me a question! I am a “lazy” but problem-solving, successful year-round gardener/food grower. 🙂


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