Full FISA Memo released!!!

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About five minutes before 12 noon today, the House Intelligence Committee (HIC) released the notorious FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act ) memo.

Excerpts were posted by some websites before HIC released the FULL memo:

  • The Obama Administration’s FBI and DOJ used the unverified and wholly fictitious Russian dossier to successfully obtain from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court surveillance warrants on Trump and members of his campaign team — which makes the surveillance UNLAWFUL and ILLEGAL.

Note: The Russian dossier, including the wholly fictitious “golden shower” account, was concocted by ex-MI6 spook Christopher Steele, who was hired by “opposition research” company Fusion GPS that, in turn, had been commissioned by the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign.

  • Senior law enforcement officials testified during a closed classified session to the HIC, that without the unsubstantiated and wholly-ficitious “Russian dossier” on then-candidate Donald Trump, they would not have been able to obtain at least one surveillance warrant for a member of the Trump campaign.
  • The Obama Administration used Fusion GPS and Steele as part of an active campaign to brief lie to major media outlets.
  • Steele was no impartial researcher. In September 2016, Steele said to then-Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr that he “was desperate that Donald Trump not get elected and was passionate about him not being president.”

Here’s the full 4-page FISA memo, declassified by order of President Donald Trump, February 2, 2018. (You can also view it for yourself on the House Intelligence Committee website, here):

Update (March 8, 2019):

The embedded links to the FISA memo on the House Intelligence Committee now lead to a blank page, likely because Demonrats now control the House of Representatives and, as a consequence, Republicans no longer control the committee. Instead, the chair of the committee is Demonrat Adam Schiff (CA).

Fortunately, netizens had saved and uploaded the FISA memo to ScribD, and I’ve saved it to FOTM.


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0 responses to “Full FISA Memo released!!!

  1. Drain the swamp!!!

  2. thanks for the head’s up Dr. Eowyn!

  3. Just shared on my twitter

  4. Patrick Cornell

    Whomever put their name to the warrant application gave a false instrument to a Federal Court Judge, felony! Comey??? Lynch??? Who else could it be?

  5. Well we see if Trump is interested in equal justice or just clearing his name. The American people demand justice even if that means putting two of the biggest criminals and domestic enemies of our country…..Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama….in prison. Clearing Trump’s name is not what this should be about.

    • brackenkaren . . . . You just nailed that one! I certainly do agree, clearing President Trump’s name comes in second . . . to the equal administration of Justice in our land. Both Killary and Obummer need to go to prison, so the entire world knows we mean business. If they don’t go to prison, I do believe that we will be a laughing stock before the world . . . and what would we have proven? Absolutely nothing!

  6. From what I understand about Donald J Trump, he suffers from “germ phobia,” which to my mind renders the idea of the “golden shower” to be a slanderous fabrication. How many people who really have a problem with perhaps catching germs from someone else would of their own volition want to come in contact with the urine of a prostitute. I mean really, I’m thinking Hepatitis, Aids, you name it. Someone who has a phobia to germs just does not let down to that degree, that they would willingly be the recipient of “such a gift.” Which means this is all poppycock! Evidently the Russians just did not do their due diligence in scoping out Mr Trump.
    Bring on the real report!

    • My understanding of this was that Trump was supposed to have hired prostitutes to urinate on a bed that Obama had slept in,but even THAT is so far from likely as to be laughable.

  7. Tsk, tsk, tsk, no big deal so far……to be continued……….

    • Ok, no collusion, but, is Muller and company going to continue getting their hefty pay………with my tax money?

      • Now, let’s move on and let PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, continue with his presidential agenda with no obstacles, and let the law handled the culprits to the extent of the law and apply it with the punishment deserved.

      • My greatest concern is that all these criminals will get a slap on the wrist, with a “tsk, tsk, tsk,” and then keep their cushy jobs until their retirement pensions are available. Now is the time to separate the swamp dwellers from the American people.

      • I hope to see Session lead the Muller parade out of the Justice Department, he’s got to GO!

    • No big deal? We have it in writing, in a memo by the House Intelligence Committee of Congress, that the FBI and the DOJ of the Obama Administration ILLEGALLY abused a law of the United States, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, to obtain from a court a warrant to conduct surveillance of American citizens — Donald Trump and members of his team.
      This is no longer the stuff of rumor and hearsay. This is actionable FACT. Those FBI and DOJ officials should be fired. They — and Obama — should be prosecuted, tried, and jailed.

      • Yes Ma’am. If it were me they would already be in custody before I said a thing.

      • Dr Eowyn . . . . Amen and amen to that!
        Isn’t it just funny, when I read the memo, I saw nothing that gave away the “secret workings of how FISA warrants were issued.” That was just so much blowin’ smoke.

      • I’m not going to hold my breath anything will happen. I’m hoping but…nobody from he Obama admin has been held accountable (Lois Lerner for example). The deep state, media and politicians in DC will try and control this.
        I can hope with Trump in charge it might be different. Hoping!

        • There is absolutely NO reason he couldn’t crucify the lot of them. The trick is that he should do it, then tell everyone what he did. Not the other way round.

          • Absolutely NO reason? Did you see the stock market dropped 666 points today, the biggest since 2016, just because a memo was released? Imagine what the Deep State and its NWO Wall St. cronies would do if Trump were to round people up tout de suite. The only government institution that appears to be pro-Trump is the military, but there are Obama-ites even there. How else can one explain why the Pentagon is still admitting trannies and taxpayers have paid for at least one so-called “sex-change” surgery, despite Trump declaring an end to the tranny-in-the-military policy months ago?

            • “666 points?”. Hmmm? Yeah, they’re thumbing their noses at him. I’ll say this once, you can’t allow your military to disrespect you. There would be some early retirements if it were me.

      • I was especially taken by the way Comey arranged the dossier,leaked its existence to Yahoo news,THEN used Yahoo mail’s mention of the existence of the dossier to GET the Warrant from the Court. Cart BEFORE the horse??

  8. Well, as I said before, the “memo” actually says less than even I anticipated it would. There are some facts here that need to come out.
    The DNC paid to have them dummy up a dossier
    They used the inaccurate and unconfirmed dossier to secure a warrant to spy on their opponent’s campaign
    Some RINO’s (think Mc Cain and his swishy little buddy) helped
    All of this nonsense on “Russia (eek!)”, pales to insignificance compared to their owner/love interest Israel. It too is a “foreign country” and poses a much greater threat than Russia
    These items released are but a few from their Inspector General report. That contains the “tarmac” incident, Obongo’s involvement in fraudulently using the security apparatus of the US to help Hillary keep their owners in power, their withholding of information owed under FOIA, and a host of other items, anyone of which would send a normal person to jail.
    Related to this we still have Sessions and his little buddy, Rosenstein. Trump needs to kick Rossenstein through the goal posts. He is Mueller’s buddy. He’s bailed out Mueller before.
    He is sitting in the middle of a coup and either doesn’t see it or he doesn’t care, you decide. He has all the power he needs and they just handed him some perfect ammunition to use. All of the Obongo holdovers need to go, now. They should never have been allowed to stay in the first place.

    • lophatt . . . . Thank you for enumerating the obvious! I would hope that all those who have been a party to collusion will be gone no later than tomorrow.
      I so much agree, “They should never have been allowed to stay in the first place.” I think that President Trump was fighting such an uphill battle, that the criminal Democrats would have raised hell, and gone to court over his discharging veteran members of the DOJ and FBI. He has no doubt had to walk on egg shells ever since before he was inaugurated. Now that it has been proven that when he said he had been spied on, he was 100% right . . . he needs to unleash the fury’s of Hell on those criminal individuals.
      I am more than sure that the majority of us will be glued to news stations just to see who gets arrested first!
      Bring it on!

      • From your mouth to God’s ears. Everything our President has told has proven true. I read comments from all over there are so many that think the memo was Trumps fault or it wasn’t a big deal. What are these people thinking. Rights were taken and abused and they can’t see it,

    • I agree, this memo is a bit of a let down. I was expecting more. I’ve heard more details out of the mouth of Joe Digenova, and Sarah Carter. I have a sick feeling in the pit of stomach that it is just going to be business as usual.
      You mentioned Trump sitting in the middle of a coup and him either not seeing it, or not caring. He has to know. I don’ give Trump as much credit in the intelligence dept. as some do, but he would have to be an outright moron not to see this. Unless he really cleans house and pushes the appropriate people to file charges on these scum criminals then there is only one conclusion one can make IMO; that in all those funny little hand gestures that he flashes like his illuminati pyramid, he has been telling us all along that he is a part of the club, and there is only so far he is willing to go lest he upset his brethren and find his head on pike or clean blown off. Or perhaps he has been warned some of his past indescretions with buddy Jeffrey Epstein will have a way of coming to light.
      Before anyone gets excercised, I am not comparing Trump to Hitler the way the left does, however it is worth noting that Hitler did some absolutely wonderful things for Germany and the German people in the name of nationalism. There was a reason he was loved, at least initially. But as anyone who has apprised themselves of Hitler’s connections, he was a false opposition from the get go put in place to lead Germany to defeat and gut it for good. I hope I am wrong but it would not be the first time it has happpened that a Judah’s goat has been by the used by the bankers fool the people and to lead a nation where they want it to go. Just say’n.

      • None of them are on the run (yet). They are all trying to downplay this and obfuscate the obvious. The ball is in Trump’s court to insist on indictments. They are not going to do that on their own. Whether they claim to be doing it independently or not, Sessions isn’t going to go after his fellow swamp creatures unless his head depends upon it.
        I’m not trying to say he’s “dumb”. I’m saying his ego often gets in the way. He thinks he hit a home run instead of a double. There also appears to be a problem with seeing things as parts of a whole.
        Anyway, their favorite trick is to place something “under investigation”, never to be heard from again. If anybody asks they say; “sorry, its under investigation. I can’t talk about that”. Eventually it just dissipates for lack of attention.
        If they investigate it will take no less than Trump himself to set deadlines and demand that they keep them. If he does that they will look for a sin eater to offer up to protect the head demons.
        I know how they operate. There is a much bigger report that needs to be released. He should be demanding that. He should be cancelling Mueller’s little putsch attempt immediately. He should thank him for his efforts in such a way that we never hear his name again.
        They should already have Lynch and Comey, as well as Jarret and Eric the Swisher all scheduled for depositions. This is the time to DO, then talk about it, not the other way round.
        He is surrounded by enemies inside and out. If he has people he can trust he should surround himself with them. If he is ever going to get control of hat office now is the time to do that.

      • I’m starting to form the opinion that he is messing up their program, but not in a measured and logical way. What I mean by that is that they really DO hate him. That’s fine, but you have to do something with that.
        These guys are not “Good Ol’ Jeff, or Good Ol’ Jared, they are dangerous parasites. You don’t want to take bug repellent to a parasite fight. You need insecticide.
        LBJ (although I couldn’t stand him), knew how to do this. He’d call them up in the middle of the night and say “No Tell Motel, last Thursday, blond”) and hang up. They KNEW what that meant.
        Any sitting president needs his own intelligence operation and a personal guard that is absolutely trustworthy. He needs people who know how to get things done and make obstacle disappear. A president should NEVER publicly argue with anybody. That is beneath the office.
        When a president asks for something it should be considered an order. If he asks and doesn’t get it, it should become immediately clear that there are consequences to refusal. The most he should say about something like that is to offer his condolences.

    • “They used the inaccurate and unconfirmed dossier to secure a warrant to spy on their opponent’s campaign”
      But Comey,having LEAKED the Dossier to Yahoo News,then used Yahoo Mail’s confirmation of the Dossier to secure the Warrant. How can THAT be LEGAL?

  9. To me the memo shows how the FBI made biased mistakes based on knowledge of bogus information in the dossier and with the known media leaks. Still doesn’t prove their narrative of how Trump colluded with Russia, nothing of that at all.

    • I have to ask. What would “collude with Russia” look like? Is it illegal to talk to Russian officials? I’ll answer, no it is not. What, precisely, could they do to help with an election? They are not the ones with the Mexicans who vote illegally.
      The Democraps used to LIKE the Russians. Of course that was when they were Communists so I guess that makes sense. I would truly hope that no one is gullible enough to fall for the “Russia, Russia, eek!” hoax.
      Now, if they collude with Israel and violate the law by sending them weapons and foreign aid in spite of the treaty that says undeclared nuclear states are not to receive those, I suppose that’s ok. Why? Because it’s “Israel”.
      These are the most damnable and obnoxious hypocrites on Earth. They have a whole bought-and-paid-for cast of liars lead by that dyke Madcow, Chris the Screamer and that other one who looks like he’s ready to blow an ovary at any minute. He’s the one who was whining on air about someone “hammering”. Anyway, they’re all nuts.

    • Very true. They said today this was only about 10% to come out. This should get better,
      I have said, it think it would be great if the truth came out that Russia had nothing to do with this at all. Why should Russia do anything to destroy Clinton, when he was getting everything he wanted from her and Obama already? Trump was going to be the hard player, if anything he would shut down Trump.
      What I found more interesting was the left was running to Ryan to get it shut down feigning exposure of people and secrets, when it did neither. I know Schiff is running scared. Now the left wants to come out with their own memo. Talk about manufactured.

  10. A comment from another board on Sessions appearing to praise Rosenstein today:
    “This is the equivalent of Michael Corleone kissing Fredo before ordering his murder …”
    Hope that’s accurate. If not, Sessions needs to go ASAP.

    • That’s precisely one of my points. What is he doing there? Rosenstein should leave (preferably in shackles) dragging Sessions along with him. Oh, did I mention that he has dual citizenship?

  11. Remember when I said in the other post if the Dow drops over $300 it’s a planned distraction?
    Guess what:
    “The latest leg lower in stocks appears to have been triggered by The Fed’s Kaplan who sounded notably hawkish:
    This is the market’s biggest single-day drop since Brexit.
    The Dow is down over 500 points…”
    Here’s the guy who crashed the markets today:
    “Prior to joining Harvard in 2006, Kaplan was vice chairman of The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. with global responsibility for the firm’s Investment Banking and Investment Management Divisions. Previously, he served as global co-head of the Investment Banking Division. He was also a member of the firm’s Management Committee and served as co-chairman of the firm’s Partnership Committee and chairman of the Goldman Sachs Pine Street Leadership Program.”
    “Kaplan previously served on the boards of State Street Corporation, Harvard Management Company, Bed Bath & Beyond and Heidrick & Struggles International, Inc. He was also a trustee of the Ford Foundation, co-founding board chair of the TEAK Fellowship, co-founder and chairman of Indaba Capital Management, LP and chairman of the Investment Advisory Committee at Google, Inc.”
    Ford Foundation & Goggle. Who hates Trump more?

    • Absolutely. It’s a form of blackmail. It is designed to get the eaters mad at the source of their problem. They broke the law and want the eaters to pay for it.

    • I had been waiting for the left to destroy the stock market. This was just a little earlier than I thought. One by one they will damage his accomplishments.
      Ford Foundation, now there is the epitome of scum. I expect Soros to raise his ugly head also.

  12. Good Lord. Sessions response was, “no department is perfect”
    If he had any integrity he would have IMMEDIATELY haltes all the fake investigations, ordered ALL documentation on EVERYTHING preserved, and pulled clearances of EVERYONE involved.

    • I don’t know what could possibly dissuade him from firing this quisling. He’d be gone before Mueller hit the door and Mueller would already be sliding down the hall.

  13. I am not going to believe a word of what is said or written until Adam the Pencil-Necked Bobblehead Schiff provides his information on CNN.😀

  14. I don’t get it. So many of us watched live time as a cheeky LARPer on 4chan wrote the stuff about Russian hookers and golden showers as a joke to try to get liberals to bite.
    Months later somehow that plus some other stuff makes its way into Steele’s “dossier.”
    Why hasn’t that nasty stuff been completely discredited as bad fiction, a 4chan prank that went too far, by now?

    • It is all a lie. But lets play a game. What if it were all true. How would that possibly justify a FISA warrant? Sick as it is, they’ve got kinkier people in government all over the place. Look at Schiff. You don’t get to look like that unless you’ve been powdering your nose with a snow shovel and doing unmentionable things to water fowl.

    • A quick check of passports could have put all this to rest. Not to mention Trumps aversion to germs and disease. Doesn’t anyone have a brain to think for themselves anymore?

  15. Or Steele & FusionGPS planted stories as many places as possible to increase the dossier’s credibility.
    Remember the sum total reason for the requests to the FISA court were the Steele dossier, and media reports (including Yahoo!) which referenced leaks from the same dossier (circular references, which were also not disclosed)
    Don’t think for a minute that the left does not bombard social media 24×7 with disinformation. The leading social media channels also actively suppress conservative views. Project Veritas has videos of social media execs admitting this.
    Does the left spam and disrupt the chans? All the time.

  16. Been reading various boards and comments.
    Here’s one that’s interesting (but verified?)
    “McCain’s buddy Lindsey Graham was the original client for Fusion GPS that was putting together an anti Trump dossier.
    After Graham dropped out of the primaries, McCain was instrumental in handing over what Graham started to the Democrats.”
    Since Senators can (and have) flip their seats at will (a la Arlen Spector), they can’t be tried, essentially.

  17. So as I understand, some Obama holdovers were surveilling a former campaign aid of Trumps up to 8 months after the election. Also, the basis of the FISA warrant was based on documents funded by the DNC. Was Sessions aware that this was going on under his nose. Rosenstein needs to go as well. There is too much of a nexus within the DOJ, FBI top brass, and the DNC. Now, what connection would the dossier have to do with Carter Page and why continue to surveil him after the election?

    • Another question, was Rosenstein authorizing surveillance after he appointed the special counsel, Mueller? 90 days from mid Oct 2016 would put you at mid Jan 17, around the inauguration. 3 more renewals would put you at Sept and Oct of 2017. So, through most of Trumps first year, people within the DOJ and FBI were authorizing surveillance on the Page. What were they hoping to get with this?

      • Impeachment.
        Plus taking the Senate & House at midterms, and the WH in 2020. All about delegitimizing Trump.

      • Was Mueller privy to the information in the FISA? Why haven’t they charged Page yet? Nothing there probably. Notice this FISA came out about the time that the new emails were discovered on Anthony Wiener’s laptop and also just before the election. I believe that the Dems and Hillary were desperate to catch Trump on something just before the election so that he couldn’t respond. Evidently, Hillary was not confident she would win the election. I believe that the investigation is CYA for Hillary, the Dems, the DOJ, and the FBI.

        • My take is that Hillary was SO bad they wanted “insurance”. Obongo illegally used FISA at his owner’s request to create something they could use if Hillary couldn’t even win a rigged election.
          As luck would have it, that’s precisely what happened. So, from Obongo’s little war room in D.C. they got Jarret, Podesta, David Brock and an army of sleaze balls together and started the Russia collusion meme.
          That one is falling flat so they are on the “he’s crazy” meme now. There’s also the “he obstructed justice” meme. They will not stop until they start getting arrested.

        • Why should Carter Page be charged? He was the victim — the Trump advisor against whom the Obama Admin illicitly obtained a FISA surveillance warrant.

          • I agree, I don’t think he did anything. As I said above, the trick is to get the warrant and go fishing. ANYTHING that even resembles something they can lie and spin about is what they’re after.
            I truly don’t have words adequate to the task of conveying how disgusting I find these creatures. It is a cesspit.

    • Chuck, I think its a little deeper than that. There was much talk over Obongo’s “unprecedented” use of FISA warrants agains Republicans at the time. I read several articles about it.
      Now, apparently, their own IG found this out and made mention of it in a report. Since there were a lot of hold overs in this administration they by and large just continued to spy and expand as needed.
      As a little aside, that’s how these work. If I tap your phone, and you talk to me, now I have two people I’m tapping. Pretty soon I’m listening in to every call you or anybody you know makes.
      The whole FISA apparatus is obviously unconstitutional.

  18. OK, Wash Free Beacon is owned by Singer who supports the US Chamber of Commerce lackey Club for Growth (note Wiki falsely claims CFG is tea-party, anything but)
    Singer was also a Rubio fanboi who also supported W. Bush. Yeah, I can see him going D to stop Trump. Simpson of Fusoon GPS was a WSJ hack, another neocon hades. Singer specialized in wrecking foreign countries over unpaid debt. Needed a buyable President to continue rampages unfettered. Most any of the R or D Trump alternatives could easily be bought, er “heavily campaign contributated”

  19. Oooh! Oooh! Senate has a different Steele memo they are seeking to declassify!!!
    Maybe mid-next week? Give the criminals a couple of days to stew after thinking the House memo was it.

    • Yeah, this is the one I was talking about last night. They claim they had THIS one before the current one. This is the old trick of proving your lies by writing another lie that validates it.

    • “Give the criminals a couple of days to stew after thinking the House memo was it.”
      Don’t you mean to erase,re-write,create corroboration and bribe or threaten the proper officials?

  20. This will amount to nothing. I pray now to our Father in Heaven through the Lord Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior that the perpetrators are prosecuted immediately, my faithlessness ignored.
    But I do not believe it. I do not feel comfort. The Spirit of Truth does not feel impressed within me. Perhaps I am blind. Perhaps I am too far gone in a variety of ways. But I am convinced this means nothing.
    I found Trump’s State of the Union speech worthless. The state of the union is one of a parasite that has devoured the corpse and uses its flesh as a mask. The state of the union is one of wickedness and corruption.
    All Trump said was, “A lot of people should be ashamed.” That’s it.
    We are now once again funding terrorists to strike at Syria, which we might as well have already invaded, same with Iran. We are sparring with Russia, and if Putin had even 1/8 American paranoia or arrogance, we would be seeing furious outbursts and likely war. Trump says nothing but that we are supposed to be some kind of light that shines on the world, a clearly satanic phrase, as it is not a Christian one, though it is supported as such by those who should know better.
    If I read only the premise and content, I would assume Trump and Bush were the same person. All remains the same. It is going to get worse. We should pray for guidance in these times about where we should go and what our role is.
    May the Lord Jesus be glorified. May our days not be wasted in vain. It has for too long. This is all our fault, collectively. The time to sow approaches. Woe to us for our indifferent sloth.

  21. Kevin J Lankford

    I think it is worth remembering the origins of the f.b.i.. It was j.edgar hoover who was its first director and credited with its founding. It has long been revealed and accepted that hoover made personal use of the agency to create dossiers, legal or other wise, even using “honey traps” for the purpose of blackmail and power grabbing. He, himself, having little moral character of his own. (might as well say it, he was a disgusting fag)
    For what good the f.b.i. can credit itself with, there is plenty that as much would, even before this travesty, demoralize honest law enforcement. It is no surprise to me considering that for the eight year obama was allowed to contaminate our white house as an insult to our Constitution, not a soul inside any law enforcement agency or branch of government spoke out against this intolerable crime.
    The f.b.i. origin does not give it much claim to honor.

  22. Yesterday, I posted that if the Dow dropped more than $300, it was a planned distraction.
    Final tally? Dow -666
    Not making that up. Tell me that’s not a sign.
    Memo #2 hopefully has some of the rats scurrying.
    My next prediction: if “they” catch wind one of the perps is about to sing, we will see an Arkancide. Maybe in time to be buried by the Super Bowl. Just like ol’ Idi Amin: “they were all killed in a tragic bus accident”
    Ol’ Idi gave the Clintons a run for the money:
    He fled to… Saudi Arabia!
    Somebody start a gofundme for Hillary’s sunscreen

    • Think about that. Does anyone really think that’s a natural occurrence? It’s a threat. I’ll bet if he broke out the long knives and people woke up to 100+ arrests and indictments (for openers) occurred during the night it would be up by thousands.
      Very few really like these creeps and the ones who do don’t own stock, they’re lucky if they have a car to sleep in.

  23. O.k. , so why are those bad actors stkll free?

    • Maybe they’re rattling the cages of the little fish to get to the architects behind this…
      BTW, I’m betting right now ex-MI6 spook Christopher Steele is a bit on edge. His shenanigans have embarrassed and put a lot of very impotent (sic) people at risk. He has nowhere to flee to.

      • None of this is surprising or unknown to them. They were all hoping they wouldn’t have to do anything. They just want Trump gone so they can get back to raiding the Treasury.
        Dr. “E” raised an interesting point. When Trump issued his EO about the Trannies in the military, they basically said “we’re not going to abide by that’. Does anyone realize how serious that is?
        They serve at his discretion. They do not have the right to disobey orders or ignore policy decisions. The only acceptable response would have been instant firings and maybe some UCMJ actions.
        If he does not have absolute control of the military he’s in serious trouble. He cannot remain in office in that situation. Stuff like that concerns me much more than all the twisted panty dances.
        He needs two departments that absolutely obey orders instantly. Those are the DoJ and the DoD. He doesn’t have that. If he has any friends on the inside they are letting him down.

  24. Here’s another:
    This is right up their with Pastor Clinton.
    By the way, they say that FBI agents are petitioning Trump for Wray to stay. I say hang ’em high! I told you the FBI has no honor.

  25. Watch Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch:
    Note that Rat Ryan is making excuses for them. Note with Mr. Fitton says about Wray and why he isn’t making noises about reforming the FBI.

  26. This gets uglier by the minute. Here is what they cited while trying to get their FISA warrant:
    Meanwhile, Rat Ryan is defending them, Pelosi is asking Ryan to fire Nunes, and Madman Mc Cain is calling this Russian collusion.
    I call it NWO does desperation play.

  27. You’ve heard of “Snakes on Planes”? Here’s “Snakes in D.C.”:
    More Obongo dirty business.

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  29. For those of you who don’t watch Infowars, I highly recommend it especially since this is the first day of the great reveal. The Deep State/shadow government are planning blow back. Today he interviewed some great patriots with valuable insights and perspectives……..Roger Stone, William Binney and Doug Hagmann.
    Here are 4 links to almost 3 hrs. of the show today:


    Please call your DC representative and tell them we want the guilty to be indicted, prosecuted and sent to jail. Letting some of them quit or be fired is not justice and will not end the corruption.

  30. For some reason, the 2nd and 4th hours (links) did not post, but you’ll find them from the links above.

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