First They Did it to Rats – Creating the Welfare Class

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Available as a pdf document at the National Institute of Health website here.

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0 responses to “First They Did it to Rats – Creating the Welfare Class

  1. Ah, the source of left/liberal economic policy in regard to taxpayers…

  2. A key teaching method of the Outcome-based education movement is “group learning.” A common complaint of high-achieving students is they do all the work and the slackers in the group share the grade they have not earned.

    • Yup. No grade-skipping or ability-grouping (tracked, etc.) education for gifted kids (that’d be elitist, you know). But they can be the “group” in every “cooperative-learning” group and do all the work (which everyone gets the good grade for, whether they worked, learned anything or neither) if they want to get good grades and go to college. Social justice in action. No appropriately tough education to ensure they develop properly, just doing tons of unadvanced work so that everybody else can get a high GPA and go to college (which just having a degree quarantees middle-class lifestyle for everybody, as Democrats and Occupy Whatever types believe).

  3. Stunning scientific testimony to how easily welfare parasitism can be induced, even among rats! Thank you, LTG!

    Many years ago, my husband told me about the baboons of Gibralta who became so accustomed to tourists giving them food that the baboons would throw stones at those humans who refuse to feed them. Sound familiar? 😉

  4. Working in a homeless shelter, I see this 1st-hand w/ human beings. Many leave for jobs each day, others sit around the shelter waiting on a monthly entitlement, while yet others collect checks and/or child support still sitting unmotivated. Well, they do occasionally go get knocked up for a check increase. So many are living off the government tit while a minimal percentage are actually trying to better themselves. And what do they get for their efforts? Taxed to support the ones laying around waiting for the hand-out! Keeping the doors open is nearly impossible in the state of Indiana because there are $0 dollars allotted for homeless issues. I’ve basically been a volunteer for the last 4 years because of this. Yes, of course I’ll have treasures waiting in heaven when I get there, but I’ve had to be a live-in employee since I lost my paying job about 15 months ago.


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