First [No]Lady Michelle Obama

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When it comes to America’s First Lady, pantyline isn’t what comes naturally to mind….

Spew Alert!

And what’s with those blue shoes? Is she also color blind?
Maybe the shoes go with the panty?
A big h/t to my friend Barbara. 😉

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0 responses to “First [No]Lady Michelle Obama

  1. Ugh my eyes!!! Definitely a Glamour “don’t”…

  2. “Such Eloquence”

  3. Does the White House not have a 3-way mirror so MOO can check out how she looks from all views????? That butt with a thong showing is disgusting! Can you imagine Hillary or Laura going out like that. Also, the pants are too short. I do not care for the shoes, but it is supposed to be fashionable to put wildly different colored shoes with outfits. My girls do it, but somehow they pull it off–maybe it’s because they are young and MOO is NOT.

  4. One harpoon or two for that ass fattened by us taxpayers?

  5. Check out Obama checking out that butt. He can’t believe it himself. “Is that the thong I bought her for our anniversary?”

  6. what a pig!! this outfit must be from her crack whore collection..

  7. Thank you, Steve.
    Chimpelle’s cellulite ridden butt is not remotely swimsuit worthy.
    That is why the Secret Service cleared the beach during her trip to Spain.
    Imagine the number of lawsuits that could have been filed for mental cruelty…
    Lesson: Ghetto Goblins and glamour are not a good recipe.

  8. I remember an old joke, if someone yelled “haul ass”…she would have to make two trips.

  9. thank you steve i think maybe you have. anyway what is your email i have some guys only pics someone sent me for buddys day and no there are no pics of michelle oblobo among them… and no they’re not the pics that are getting the boys at the pentagon in trouble with.

  10. Alexander Pope said, “The mark of an intelligent man is one who knows his limitations.” That is why I don’t wear tight pants, strange panties and other eye-catching maladies!

  11. This explains why Barack goes to gay clubs?

  12. Maybe Walmart was out of the green shoes that match the pants. Or maybe because of (George Bushes economy) LOL she can’t afford a designer to dress her or a personal trainer.

    • Highly unlikely. Whereas during the 2008 prez campaign, Michelle wore J. Crew, after they got to the White House, she is spending like it’s pre-Depression 1920s.
      She now wears super-expensive haute couture designer wear, like that one-shoulder black-&-white top by Jean Paul Gaultier which she wore for shopping in Marbella, Spain. The vacation in Spain cost $500,000. Those grey sneakers with the shiny-pink cap toes she wore to “volunteer” at the Food Bank in April 2009 were $540 Lanvins.

      • Eowyn–just goes to show that money cannot buy taste! Many look much better than MO, and they buy their clothes at discount stores. On second thought, some who shop at flea-markets look better.


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