First Lady POS crowned queen

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Two days ago, a sickening sycophant of a rabbi in Israel, Ovadia Yosef, called the POS a king.
Now comes news that the Brits, conditioned by centuries of monarchial rule, have fashioned the First Lady of Snot into a queen.
Buzzfeed reports that FLPOS topped the UK’s Sunday Times’ Style magazine’s 50 best-dressed people in the world list. The fawning magazine then “immortalized” the FLPOS on her very own British first class postage stamp design — a space traditionally reserved only for their Queen.
Mooch as queen
Pass me the barf bag! barfbag
Some queen. If you haven’t seen this video of snot dribbling out of the queen’s nose, you simply must.
On February 28, 2011, the First Lady of Snot gave a speech at the National Governors Association Meeting in the White House. Here’s the video, provided by the White House (fast forward to the end of the video where you’ll see the imprimatur).
Go ahead and verify the following for yourselves:
At the 10:47 mark: M.O. wipes her nose with a finger.
At the 11:16 mark: The sniffles begin.
At the 12:50 mark: Visible shiny mucus secretion from her nose.
Beginning at the 14:20 mark: A drop of mucus comes out of her left nostril.
Beginning at the 16:10 mark: The droplet of mucus is clearly visible.
At the 16:55 mark: M.O. wipes nose with right hand.
At the 17:02 mark: M.O. wipes nose with left hand. Right after that, I do believe I saw her tongue flicking up to lick the moisture.

H/t ConservativeByte and FOTM’s Miss May

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0 responses to “First Lady POS crowned queen

  1. You can’t buy class. And apparently, even if you are sucking out of the trough we provide her, her taste is atrocious. She has no idea of propriety or etiquette, and I believe this is a strong, not-so-subliminal message. After all, yesterday we found a rabbi who said Obama is a kind of king.
    Look it up.

  2. just another photo op,their cutting back pensions and health care.

  3. Today a teaching assistant called Rush Limbaugh. She said that there had been a meeting in her district. They were all informed that if they work 30 hours, that they are being cut back to 28 hours, so that the district won’t have to insure them. She and others were told they can’t even continue their volunteer activities because it would be seen as working more hours than they are supposed to. Makes no sense does it? (She works with the kids who do the yearbook). District officials also told them at this meeting what to expect when Obamacare goes into effect. They were quite frank with these educators, and told them that they, because of the mandate would have to seek health insurance, and that the premiums were going to be huge, but that if they do not get insurance they will be fined by the government.
    Not only will these people be 4 hours wages poorer, but they will be forced to buy some kind of insurance have a large fine levied.
    CATCH 22~!

  4. Hello, if you have attended any churches that are predominantly African American in the congregation you can spot a lot of Moochelles. They are all extremely well dressed, beautifully coiffed and usually have fashionable shoes and purses and sometimes hats that all match. They have a very polished manner in the pulpit when they are talking about a women’s ministry or whatever function they are interested in having you to attend, and they are all under a First Lady in the church who is the kind of leader. They have an entourage of “ladies in waiting” who take care of their needs, in the old days the top lady in waiting would be known as the Armor Bearer. This kind of admiration is a normal part of the hierarchy in the African American church society. Don’t be alarmed. There is nothing sinister or odd about this phenomenen. People who haven’t attended the type of church I”m talking about, may find this to be strange, but because so many of the rest of American Society doesn’t really dress up much for church, and really don’t go overboard at all with the shoes, the hair, the nails and the “bling” it isn’t familiar and therefore is a subject of either fascination, admiration or horror. Take you pick. Underneath the veneer there are really sincere Christian women, evangelists and altar workers who perform important dutues in the way the church functions, and then there are those who just like the importance of being the one in the biggest most flambuoyant hat and they are sometimes very critical of others, and their tongues are peculiarly cutting. Much like all other women but especially exagerated because of the attention made to decor and the type of car you drive etc etc which some of the rest of the citizenry isn’t able to compete with.
    IE some people drive old beat up cars, as do some African American Christians, but there is another culture that goes with all this too, the food, the form of verbal expression and the sense of humor which is really special, think Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop, the BAP movie, Black American Princess for short, which was hilarious. Try to get a copy of Malibu’s Most Wanted and you may get a glimpse into the whole behind the scenes scenario in an intense form, undiluted and perhaps you may have a meeting of the minds, a revelation, a new insight and then some.
    The Preachers Wife is another good movie to watch if you can get a little more insight. If you already are fully aware of all of this and you still don’t get it, then watch the celebrations held at the WH videos when David Cameron and his wife visited with the Obamas. Amen.

  5. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this amazing post. What is wrong with the Britts! What they have done is to be disrespectful to their own queen. Unbelievable!

  6. Does it ever stop?

  7. It’s because of the color of her skin, certainly not the content of her character!

  8. K.
    I hereby dub her Queen Lardassia the 1st.
    Let’s all hope their won’t be a 2nd.

  9. I want to know her “peculiar” obsession w/ her naked, sleeveless flabby arms my MOTHER would have been ashamed of, and the TOTALLY inappropriate places she demands that she’s allowed to flap them turkey wings! To meet the Queen w/ bare arms, how unutterably rude, lewd, crude and socially unacceptable as we used to say in school. SOOOOOOO “no way”. And YECH! besides. How could it EVEN cross her mind?? The QUEEN no less! /

  10. LOVE that barf bag, am keeping it handy for future upsets when I read about the wonders of Chieftess Bangs…. (Ohoh, did I just go over the PC line?!)


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