First Lady of Bling

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In diplomatic circles, it is de rigeur for visitor(s) from a foreign country to return a dinner/banquet. So it is with U.S. presidents.
Two evenings ago, Queen Elizabeth II threw a state dinner in honor of the visiting Obamas. Last night, Obama co-hosted a dinner in honour of the Queen.
Michelle wore an all-white gown (see pic on left) at the Brit-hosted dinner, and an all-black gown at last night’s dinner. Hm, is that symbolic? LOL
Below is a pic of Michelle in the black gown:

No, she wasn’t wearing a humongous wig or some bizarre feather head-dress.

It was the camera angle. LOL
Daily Mail’s sycophantic writer swooned over Michelle’s “toned arms” and calls her “the First Lady of Bling”:
“The First Lady scored a final fashion bulls-eye in a stunning black off-the-shoulder dress by all-American designer Ralph Lauren at the black-tie dinner. The president’s wife showed off a selection of costume jewellery including a cuff and necklace by Irish designer Tom Binns. A similar necklace sells on his website for $875.”
Would you pay $875 for this jumble of a necklace?

Yikes. Get a load of those eyelashes. [Click pic to enlarge]
Looks to me she’s more a First Lady of Humongous False Eyelashes….
H/t beloved fellow Tina!

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0 responses to “First Lady of Bling

  1. I’ll bet the queen cannot wait until the whitehouse party crashers are gone.

  2. Hmmm… I could have that look for free… it’s quite reminiscent of the lump in my jewelry box…

  3. I have the same advice for her.
    I don’t care if she has toned arms. It simply does not matter. The Queen has long had her preference not to see women’s arms at dinner. It is the Queen’s preferred custom. Therefore, as a matter of courtesy, one does not make any guest uncomfortable by wearing something, or not wearing something, that is known to impose even the least scintilla of discomfort. It is called courtesy.
    I actually have that necklace.
    The funny thing is that I got it when a toddler got into the costume jewelry drawer of my dresser, muddled everything up, along with a couple of scarves, a bracelet and five rings. It took me six hours to turn the necklace into the original pieces that were quite lovely, although are now a bit scratched up from the mistreatment.
    Lashes? The woman does have some objects hanging about face that look oddly like dueling wooly-bear caterpillars. From the look of things, it could be a cold winter. Probably colder for those that can’t afford oil, or sleeves, with the way Brent sweet crude is going, but that’s another story.
    Unless the oil is Scottish. Then, more power to them and may independence reign over heather and loch. Now, where are my bagpipes anyway?

  4. lowtechgrannie

    From my vast storehouse of useless knowledge, I am reminded of a famous 19th Century Courtesan. Because it was considered bad taste to wear too many jewels at one time, she went to the opera dressed simply and wearing not a bauble, but took along her maid who was decked out like a christmas tree to show off every precious item of her mistress’ collection. All the men who had “known” the lady must have been uncomfortable to see their gifts worn by her maid, paraded around the opera house.
    To make a long story short, Michelle sort of reminds me of the maid!

  5. Who ARE you people? I LOVE that necklace! I actually ended up at this site when I was trying to find out more about it and see a close-up. It’s fashionable and modern and totally suited both her and the dress. I don’t see the point in being so needlessly bitchy about it. Grow up!

    • Who are we? Guess you shoulda clicked on the “About” link. Who are you – Jesse Lee?
      Well, fashion is based upon personal taste. A First Lady should have “class”…ala Jackie Kennedy or Laura Bush.
      Needlessly bitchy? Yeah, that’s exactly the opposite of how the SRM treated Bush and his wife for 8 years. Payback is a bit*h…

    • “Needlessly bitchy”? ” Grow up”? What’s wrong with asking readers if they’d pay almost $1,000 for a piece of trashy-looking costume jewelry? What’s wrong with pointing out that a First Lady of the United States wore humongous false eyelashes to a state banquet, like some cheap starlet?
      I’m curious: Did you tell leftwing MSNBC Ed Shultz, who called conservative commentator Laura Ingraham a “right wing slut,” to “grow up” and that he’s “needlessly bitchy”?

    • lowtechgrannie

      Ponomea, don’t you grasp the exquisite tackiness of wearing such a conglomeration of costume jewelry to a state dinner at Buckingham Palace? I’ll bet she was the only woman in the room sporting junk jewelry. What next, a tiara?
      If you want to see class and good taste, look at the Queen and the Duchess of Cornwall.

      • LTG,
        I am 100% certain that Tiffany’s or Harry Winston would be more than happy and honored to loan Michelle real jewels for the state dinner!

  6. it sort of looks like thrift store jewelry.

  7. i just had a thought why not get a bunch of beer can pull tabs and run some string through them and call it recyclable necklace. after all both obama’s are more third world peasants then they are fashion setting leaders.


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