First Lady Melania Trump booed while speaking at youth summit in Baltimore

I watched a couple videos of First Lady Melania Trump in Baltimore and while the media has been spinning her visit as mostly negative, I heard a lot of cheers for her.

The kids who booed probably did so because President Trump called their city a “rodent-infested mess.”

TRUTH HURTS precious snowflakes.

From Daily Caller: “In September 2018, Baltimore Sun article quoted then-Mayor Catherine Pugh as saying that the problem was so extensive that “you can smell the rats.”

Yet I would expect nothing less from the “youths” of Baltimore.

After all, Baltimore politicians have offered great examples of leadership, pride and respect.

Yeah, not so much:

Catherine Pugh Pleads Guilty To Tax Evasion, Conspiracy To Defraud The U.S. In ‘Healthy Holly’ Scandal”
“Elijah Cummings And Wife Embroiled In Scandal”
“Baltimore: Black Mayor’s “Squeegee Boys” Out of Control, Need “Guards”
“Baltimore Mayor: ‘Gave Those Who Wished to Destroy Space to Do That

Go ahead and boo the First Lady who had absolutely nothing to do with Baltimore becoming a sh*thole.

As long as it makes them feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel good.


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Dr. Eowyn
8 months ago

What utterly miserable creatures are those who booed the First Lady. Their lives are their punishment.

8 months ago

What do you expect from a crowd that expects everything be given to them? When you do not work for something you appreciate nothing.

8 months ago

Well, it’s Baltimore, an open sewer after decades of demonrat mismanagement. And they’ll keep re-electing them till the end of days. About what we should expect from a city that tore down its statue of R E Lee, the embodiment of honorable manhood, and proposed replacing it with one of Divine, the 70’s drag queen “movie star”. Melania is the classiest First Lady in a very long time, maybe ever. She had nothing to do with creating the blighted cesspit that is Baltimore. These creatures are orders of magnitude lower than poop-slinging simians in my estimation

8 months ago

The FOTUS has more class in her little finger than all of the rabble rousers in Baltimore.

8 months ago

No doubt, she is a lady, and the First Lady; unlike “others” that their mere presence is rough, lacks manners and is manly looking.