First Lady Melania Trump booed while speaking at youth summit in Baltimore

I watched a couple videos of First Lady Melania Trump in Baltimore and while the media has been spinning her visit as mostly negative, I heard a lot of cheers for her.

The kids who booed probably did so because President Trump called their city a “rodent-infested mess.”

TRUTH HURTS precious snowflakes.

From Daily Caller: “In September 2018, Baltimore Sun article quoted then-Mayor Catherine Pugh as saying that the problem was so extensive that “you can smell the rats.”

Yet I would expect nothing less from the “youths” of Baltimore.

After all, Baltimore politicians have offered great examples of leadership, pride and respect.

Yeah, not so much:

Catherine Pugh Pleads Guilty To Tax Evasion, Conspiracy To Defraud The U.S. In ‘Healthy Holly’ Scandal”
“Elijah Cummings And Wife Embroiled In Scandal”
“Baltimore: Black Mayor’s “Squeegee Boys” Out of Control, Need “Guards”
“Baltimore Mayor: ‘Gave Those Who Wished to Destroy Space to Do That

Go ahead and boo the First Lady who had absolutely nothing to do with Baltimore becoming a sh*thole.

As long as it makes them feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel good.


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Dr. Eowyn

What utterly miserable creatures are those who booed the First Lady. Their lives are their punishment.


What do you expect from a crowd that expects everything be given to them? When you do not work for something you appreciate nothing.


Well, it’s Baltimore, an open sewer after decades of demonrat mismanagement. And they’ll keep re-electing them till the end of days. About what we should expect from a city that tore down its statue of R E Lee, the embodiment of honorable manhood, and proposed replacing it with one of Divine, the 70’s drag queen “movie star”. Melania is the classiest First Lady in a very long time, maybe ever. She had nothing to do with creating the blighted cesspit that is Baltimore. These creatures are orders of magnitude lower than poop-slinging simians in my estimation


The FOTUS has more class in her little finger than all of the rabble rousers in Baltimore.


No doubt, she is a lady, and the First Lady; unlike “others” that their mere presence is rough, lacks manners and is manly looking.