First children are off limits: Unless you have an extreme case of TDS

My headline is for this post is subtle…and polite and kind.

Because what I really want to tell this “Constitutional Scholar” who made a joke at the expense of 13-year-old Barron Trump yesterday would be really, really inappropriate.

At the impeachment inquiry hearings the demorats had no evidence so they paraded a bunch of their cherry-picked “Constitutional Scholars” to educate us dumb-folk on what is grounds for impeaching President Trump.

The demorats thought it’d be a good idea to trot out the Ivy League Marxist lawyer Pamela Karlan.

About Professor Karlan, from Wikipedia: “…a professor of law at Stanford Law School. A leading legal scholar on voting rights and political process, she served as U.S. Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Voting Rights in the United States Department of Justice Civil Division from 2014 to 2015.”

What is not mentioned in Wikipedia’s page is that Professor Karlan is a biased, liberal womyn and partisan hack willing to take a shot at a 13-year-old boy because #OrangeManBad.

Watch her make a joke about President Trump’s son instead of addressing any ACTUAL crime our president may have committed:

Remember the good ‘ol days when “criticizing the ‘first children’ was off-limits. Yeah, good times.

You demorats are SUCH HYPOCRITES.

While this “scholarly” womyn attacks a 13-year-old boy (and her momma-bear First Lady Melania Trump who tries to protect her son) you demorats VICIOUSLY attack Melania.

This is to be expected from the “oh, so tolerant” left.

What petty, petty HYPOCRITES you are.


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Karlan is a total nut job.

But then, what commie-lib isn’t?


I’ve read that she has never been successful at passing the bar exam. Go figure!


As always TD you are always so kind in your wording. Certainly she is a hypocrite as are all the Libs, but you can add viscous malcontent demon to it as well. If you’ve seen that speech she did a few years ago that Tucker has played in the last day or so you can see it on full display. The seething hatred for ” White men” was under no disguise. Why not just call her what she is- a Luciferian Lesbian Jew who who is full of hate herself and if she had her way would turn the world… Read more »

Dr. Eowyn

This is beyond the pale. (((Pamela Kaplan))) is a bully, making a 13-year-old boy the butt of her so-called “joke”. Shame on her — and shame on Stanford University for keeping her as a professor.

Here’s her email address:
Email address of the Dean of Stanford Law School, Jenny S. Martinez:

Mitchell Hyde
Mitchell Hyde

My choice for TWAT OF THE YEAR!


Where does the left dig up these people? For that matter, why? Oh yeah. TDS. They don’t just hate you. They hate themselves.

Kevin Lankford
Kevin Lankford

“Constitutional experts”??….. I have yet to hear any one of them, or any Constitutional lawyer, or even any supreme court judge, declare the true definition of “Natural Born Citizen”.


In her red scowling face I could see her as a little girl telling her parents “NO I WONT” to anything they demanded.
Then probably soils herself just to show em.
At age 12.


How do they EVER expect to be taken seriously or get anything even RESEMBLING respect when they act like a bunch of spoiled rotten 6 year old children? Their antics would be very good entertainment,if it wasn’t for the very real possibility the could END the US.