First Caption Contest of 2015!

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This is the 90th world-famous FOTM Caption Contest!

Here’s the pic:
Tiara Obama
The pic above of the POS with a group of Girl Scouts from Tulsa, Oklahoma, had been taken in May of last year but was belatedly released 7 months later by chief White House photographer Pete Souza on Christmas Day — an interesting timing. (Source: ABC News)
You know the drill:

  • Enter the contest by submitting your caption as a comment on this thread (scroll down until you see the “LEAVE A REPLY” box), not via email or on Facebook.
  • The winner of the Caption Contest will get a gorgeous Award Certificate of Excellence and a year’s free subscription to FOTM! :D
  • FOTM writers will vote for the winner.
  • Any captions proffered by FOTM writers, no matter how brilliant (ha ha), will not be considered. :(

To get the contest going, here’s my caption:

“There is only one queen. Eat your hearts out, little princesses!”

This contest will be closed in a week, at the end of next Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2014.
For the winner of our last Caption Contest, click here!
UPDATE (Jan. 20):
For the winner of this Caption Contest, click here!

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0 responses to “First Caption Contest of 2015!

  1. Wait-we can’t use THIS picture! We don’t have a kid here that’s BLACK! I’ll look like a RACIST! Or a pedophile.

  2. ” I”m a ‘Brownie ” !

  3. Finally! I’m the Princess of all I see!

  4. Not where Prez-Sodom in Da-Bottom usually goes ‘Brownie Hunting’

  5. Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who is the Biggest Queen of All !

  6. Having cut a deal with Brownie troop 223 to place the remaining GITMO prisoners with in their group, President Obama poses for a picture in triumph of his usurped acomplishment.

  7. For just one second, President Obama pretended to have White Privilege.

  8. Barry ‘I’m The Prez and you’re not’ and his Cookie Cabinet.

  9. traildustfotm

    Oh brother, this contest is going to be good. 😀

  10. phantom commenter


  11. Enough of this princess game, let’s go easy bake the dog.

  12. How pedophiles get brownie points from milk carton kids in 3 easy steps..

  13. if i was a white girl badida deeda dey, (sung like if i was a rich man)

  14. kristen dunbar

    I feel pretty, oh, so pretty!!!!

  15. Northerngirl

    The princesses and the Pee on.

  16. Proof that even being President can’t beat being a rich white girl in America.

  17. Reggie, this smile is for you!

  18. I sure hope Michelle doesn’t get jealous.

  19. (Fictional) Poll reveals that one out of six Americans are struggling to get in touch with their hidden “Inner Gender”.
    The same poll states that American men are attracted to “women in uniform”….. and shiny objects.

  20. You know what the difference is between you and me? I make this look GOOD.

  21. Patty Buchheit

    They made me a President but my inner princess is coming out!

  22. I’m not pretending!

  23. Queen for a day.

  24. Pretty maids all in a row.

  25. A Swine among Pearls…….

  26. Say cheese cause that’s the closest you will ever get to a piece if Michelle has her way.

  27. I was a Girl Scout too…

  28. Edward Keiser

    I would like 2 boxes of white guilt cookies. 1 box of destruction of the Constitution sugar cookies. And for Manchelle and my adopted kids 4000 boxes of mint cookies delivered to Hawaii please. Also could you bill this to the taxpayer because I know you are good brainwashed citizens.

  29. Latest POTUS Snafu — Obama appears in photo op last week with alleged victims of Sandy Hook.

  30. Look at me! Look at me! I finally get to wear crown!!

  31. Princess Barry in his favorite environment.

  32. Denise Scott

    Together with all his new advisors, a gleeful Obama proclaims, “Finally, I am surrounded by people who understand me!”

  33. “I feel pretty, oh so pretty…”

  34. Kevin J Lankford

    Alright!! Alright!! Y’all can have all the Barbies, but that Ken doll is mine!

  35. michelle usually makes me wear a bra and panties with my tiara….this is a relief.

  36. Some day my prince will come.

  37. K.
    I’ll vote when the contest ends, but otherwise, I ain’t going near this one.

  38. Son of the Rabbit People

    Who wants to be the Fairy Queen?!!!

  39. Oh the memories; I remember when I was a Brownie and Girl Scout in my young years in Nigeria.

  40. 5 Brownies 1 Fairy…and he’s still a Twinky

  41. Maybe these girls will believe me…

  42. QUEEN Obama with his merry maidens….

  43. Once a fairy princess…always a fairy princess!!!

  44. “She’s a killa……Queen!!!! ‘Let them eat cake’ she says,
    Just like Marie Antoinette….She’s out to get you……”.
    ..(My regards to Queen..

  45. This ain’t “Little St James”

  46. Hey Bill! Eat your heart out…

  47. Toddler and Tiaras

  48. Darrell Ross Calhoun

    Yet another reason that satan has decided to hurl himself into the Lake of Fire, rather than fully possess the antichrist.

  49. Five Brownies one Shit!

  50. “Lets all put our crowns on and see who is the prettiest”

  51. Oh, look! I’m Cinderella! I will issue an Executive Order making Bibbitty, Bobbitty Boo the new National Anthem!