Firemen Let Home Burn, Owner Did Not Pay Fee

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The Associated Press reports on October 5, 2010 that firefighters in South Fulton, Tennessee, let a mobile home burn to the ground because the owner had not paid an annual $75 fire protection fee.
South Fulton City Manager Jeff Vowell told the Union City Daily Messenger that the city fire department let Gene Cranick’s trailer home near the Kentucky border burn last week because he didn’t pay the subscription common in many rural areas. Cranick’s doublewide home is outside city limits, but South Fulton offers fire protection to nearby residents for a fee — a policy in place since 1990.
When the fire threatened to spread, fire fighters did protect a neighboring house that had paid.
Cranick’s son, Timothy, was so angry he later went to the fire house and punched the chief, police said. The younger Cranick was charged with aggravated assault and is free on bond.
South Fulton Mayor David Crocker told the newspaper that if the city allowed people to pay after the fact there would be no incentive to subscribe. As an analogy, he said an insurer won’t pay for an auto accident if insurance lapses.

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0 responses to “Firemen Let Home Burn, Owner Did Not Pay Fee

  1. So why the extra fee in the first place? That should be a basic requirement. Instead the govt wastes money on funding pensions, “art” projects, and countless other wasteful ways. Then they turn around and hose you for extra monies and special levees to provide the most basic protections. Absoluely disgraceful…

    • If he didn’t pay the fee, they should’ve just fought the fire and billed him the lousy $75. Period. Not the “extortion” route, making an example out of him, like they did.

  2. Why does this make me think of healthcare reform?

    • Because we’ll all be going down in flames when that kicks in – both financially and medically (is that a word)?Ha, you know what mean!

  3. Wanna bet he’s a Demo-rat?

    • As a full-time, union firefighter, I am extremely offended by #1, this whole situation where the whole backwoods mentality is stating that the value of a human life is $75.00. I think this is total BS. As a career firefighter/paramedic I have been in many structure fires and the first thought that comes into my mind when responding has never been even remotely close to: I wonder if these people can afford to pay for me to put this fire out or have they paid their taxes so that I make sure I get paid for this. As a firefighter who is totally dedicated to their job, whether paid or volunteer, the last thing that should enter the situation is whether someone has “paid their dues”. If it was against the local laws for them to put it out, then I would be the one who got arrested as a firefighter there rather than the homeowners son for punching the Chief – matter of fact, I probably would have beat the son to punching the Chief. For the firemen to stand by and watch this happen is so totally wrong – you don’t get into this profession for money – you provide a service to the people around you.
      The second thing that makes me angry is the comment that this must be a union fire department. Union rules don’t dictate what fires you fight and don’t fight. That is dictated by the Administration that you work under. My bet would be that this is a volunteer fire department that has no tax funded budget to rely on. If the people haven’t paid their $75.00 fee, put the fire out and save as much of their stuff as you can and worry about fine them after the fact because they didn’t pay ahead of time.
      This is an extreme dis-service.

      • Hey, I hear you… Our beef is with the bureau-tard mentality that let this happen (which left/liberals seem to think is good for running everyone elses’ lives, another beef) and most of our experiences with public employee unions run about like the DMV/IRS + SEIU (granted we’re usually too well-behaved and cops/firefighters are usually too busy doing actual stuff otherwise). That this baby falls right in the lap of the town admin makes more sense.

  4. Joseph E Fasciani

    If we have knowledge of history past we find many questions are answered by revisiting those days. When Rome was Western civilisation’s grandest social structure, say circa 100 AD, they’d evolved many of the answers to problems common to their era and ours. Fire-fighting was one of these concerns.
    Rome had timber-framed tenement structures to six floors high, allowed for apartments, etc. When Caesar Augustus came on the scene, he promoted marble veneers over these structures, so he could say when dying that he “found Rome a city of wood, but I made it a city of marble!” This half-truth was also a fire-protective measure, of course, apart from self-aggrandisement.
    All fire-fighting measures back then were privately owned & operated, NOT State institutions, as we are accustomed to having. When a fire broke out, word was quickly carried to these operators of horse-drawn wheeled pumpers, and soon two or three fire companies were at the scene.
    What then followed was logical, but it became the curse of capitalism and free markets. Judge for yourself!
    A fierce bidding war began between the companies at the scene, as each lowered his price in a ‘Dutch-auction’ style of getting a ‘winning’ bid to the homeowner. You, the homeowner, could stand by and wait to get the ‘best price’ for saving your house/property, but all the while there was less and less to save! So, what in this situation would be the ‘best free-market’ price for services? Ain’t easy, is it?
    We now find ourselves world-wide in a similar predicament: what to do with the constantly failing assets of the global markets, apart from gold & silver and a few others. I do not let re-inflation deceive me as to value, price, and cost! Do we stand aside and “let Mr Market decide”?
    How many understand that the completely corrupt Obamamama caved in to banksters who financed his rise, when ALL the so-called ‘failed mortgages’ and bad assets could have been purchased by far fewer printed pieces of paper, at less cost, as we don’t need to pay interest on Constitutionally-derived currency? But then TPTB would send the usual assassin, and we’d be stuck w/Billary or the next puppet. So it goes.
    At 67, I’m waiting for the miracle….
    All best, J

  5. These alleged “fireman” should all be fired, and their “chief” put behind bars.
    This is inexcusable on any level one might choose.

    • At this point Dave they weren’t firemen but merely pawns for the local govt. If any one of them had a heart they would have said “screw you” to the chief and put the fire out. Don’t know the politics down there but I’d be hiring an attorney so fast…or maybe the insurance co will go after them.

      • Hey, for them, it’s become just another civil service job– collecting pay and “bennies” in a responsibility, anything else is incidental when they have time or feel like it (especially if they might get fired).

  6. I love the comments section here … first the lamebrain going on about ‘Unions’ and union firefighters. Uhhh it’s a rural community with a volunteer fire department! South Fulton ain’t a hotbed of liberal government run amok quite the contrary. For all the ‘con’servative banter going on in these comments and discussions this is exactly the kind of government you are going to get when you get the ‘take back your country’ mentality managing your city and public works. This has nothing to do with Big Gubbbmint, Obama da debbil or any of that other non-think trash talk but likely does have something to do with local personal grudges or other parts of the story yet to emerge. You all may now resume seeing a liberal behind every bush.

    • Were you raised by trolls under a bridge? Are you always this rude? While I agree with you that this incident in South Fulton, TN, has little to do with the liberal-conservative divide, you could have made your point without your sneering insolent superiority.
      Now you may resume to crawl back to that dank place in Kansas you call home.

    • Yo, Frankie… I don’t know what political flavor the mayor might be but (being as it’s Gore country) he might be a left/liberal “machine” good ol’ boy on the order of Robert Byrd and (politics aside) bureaucracy and personal control over stuff without oversight tends to lead to problems anyway (as our founders understood). Too many of our civil servants feel their job objective’s to secure as much pay, benefits and coffee breaks as possible (and that’s without public employee unions). Letting someone’s house burn down because such civil servants didn’t feel like just billing him later and not having inspiration for others to pay (and that no one manned-up, saved the house anyway and said “Go ahead, fire me, I dare you!” to ’em) is appalling.

  7. This is rotten to the core. Homeowner taxes pay for these services. If this fire department did do this, as alleged, then they should pay for a new house . Shame on them.

  8. Comwad Fwankie,
    Shouldn’t you and your fellow government “educated” (yeah, right) Obama-licking trolls be busy preparing yourselves for the severe ass kicking you and your freedom-hating, fellow traveling commie friends are headed for come November 2nd?
    I mean, it’s not too late to get an iron plate fused to your behind to blunt the blow we all know is coming. 🙂

  9. I am behind in my reading. I was a civil servant. I wonder what people would have thought about a doctor, or someone like me (a Respiratory Therapist) not doing CPR or anything else to save a life because they had no insurance.
    Granted, the home was material and a life is a life, but it is the same principle. When you are in a certain field to do a certain thing, that is what you do…YOUR JOB! This article has absolutely dumbfounded me. Totally uncalled for and that chief deserved what he got from the son.
    Maybe, if blessed, God will see to justice if left to Him. If they had homeowners insurance, the insurance will pay for it then go after the city and sue them for their money back. But that doesn’t replace the irreplaceables. Many don’t think of the vengeance of the Lord.
    I can only think of 3 times in my life where I took out some sort of vengeance on someone. It was in a small scale of justice, but, there was no excuse for me to do what I did. All other times in all other cases I have left the vengeance to the Lord.


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