Fired Bronx teacher keeps her teaching certificate after admitting sex act on student

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Who is going to hire a registered sex offender?

From Daily Mail: A New York social studies teacher has been sentenced to 10 years of probation after pleading guilty to performing oral sex on a 14-year-old boy. 

Dori Myers, 29, will not spend a day behind bars and will retain her teaching license after taking a plea deal last month.

Myers taught at The New School of Leadership and The Arts in The Bronx, and while prosecutors argued she should spend two years in jail, her defense attorney successfully argued she should be able to teach again, The New York Post reported.

‘There is a possibility that she could teach adults now or in the future and we want to preserve that possibility,’ Andrew Stoll told the court last month.

‘She still is a talented teacher and has those skills, and I don’t see any reason to destroy her ability to make a living and to contribute to society in a positive way.’

The former high school teacher has been fired by the New York Department of Education, and will not be eligible to teach at city schools again.

As part of her punishment, she must also register as a level one sex offender.

Myers wore a spotted, sleeveless dress and flat white shoes to court on Wednesday, and appeared unimpressed as she sat down to be sentenced.

Surrounded by police officers, she was seen staring at the judge with a straight face. Her husband, a Rockland County Sheriff’s deputy, was absent at Wednesday’s sentencing, despite being a figure of support at her previous court hearings.

Myers was arrested on January 19 after a friend of the victim, who is believed to have been in her class, told school administrators, who called the police.

At the time, she pleaded not guilty.  

A co-worker also claimed to have seen her massaging the alleged victim.

The criminal complaint claims the assault took place somewhere in Upper Manhattan on November 1, 2017.


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14 responses to “Fired Bronx teacher keeps her teaching certificate after admitting sex act on student

  1. She’ll move on and her contribution to society will be rewarded, no doubt about, this pedophile can put her skills and talents making porno movies. No cure for sex offenders and pedophile.

  2. Some message this sends – oral sex will now be considered an “art” – or will it be “leadership”? I can’t believe horny 13-14 year old kids won’t be beating down the doors to get admitted, much less horned-up pedophile teachers who have a thing for teens under the age of consent.

  3. These Satanic Spirit Cooking Kalergists want to legalize pedophilia.

  4. There are lots of schools that would hire her. Just like with bad cops. They just move down the road.

    “Hawkmoon” is correct. They very much DO want to legalize (and model) pedophilia. They have been chipping away at Western Civilization and they are now down to this.

  5. A male teacher having contact with a 14 y/o girl would have gotten jail time (and rightly so)

    This mess starter with that nut LeTourneau who wound up marrying her student and having kids after numerous “no-contact” orders.

  6. At least NYC’s system has banned her from future employment; The State system is a different legal entity.
    This still remains a disgrace, however, and what I cannot understand is the relatively large number of female offenders in the past few years. Surely The Pill, in and of itself, cannot explain this.

    • My theory is that lack of discipline breeds more of the same. It shouldn’t make any difference if these teachers, male or female, have a proclivity for minors. They should know that the minors are off limits and act accordingly.

      When they see their mentors destroying all that’s holy right before their eyes they can’t resist jumping into the fray. I can only guess that with some women, they see this a statement of how “brave” they are. Hey, Cher gets away with it, why not Ms. Dumphy, the math teacher?

  7. I am afraid that Bill Clinton may have set the standard concerning fellatio. Eatin’ ain’t cheatin’ or some such.
    Whilst Monica was not a child, she was a subordinate and as such should never have had the access that she did to the then President.
    Even though we have established that our civil society has been crumbling for 50 or more years, the slow slide became much steeper in the 90s.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  8. And they used to teach children how to make ethical decisions. They are not hired based on thier moral views , its all based on how faithful they are to the left’s agenda.

  9. What about the student’s parent(s). Are there no comments from them? Or maybe the “teacher” chose this particular student because there was little parental support and he would be more willing to engage with her. This is still a travesty of justice. She should have been incarcerated for at least 5 years.

  10. She still is a talented teacher…


    • Oh yeah, and we know what her talents are….

    • CogitoErgoSumantra

      …and, she “has those skills”.

      I agree with Steven; I don’t know exactly what happened to turn more female teachers into sexual predators in the past couple of decades, or maybe it’s just that it’s being reported more often now. It used to be that it was a male teacher who got caught with his pants down, but look what “women’s lib” got us.

      Now, ultra-feminism teaches that it’s “empowerment” to prey on men, including for some (obviously) the under-aged in classrooms. And to enjoy sexual freedom and alpha-male-like dominance. As if emulating porn.

      I think that’s also part of the reason so many women are posting photos and videos of themselves online now, showing and doing things that 20 years ago would get them slut-shamed… and not on private sites, but on public sites available to all. And of course, on cable (and occasionally even network) TV…


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