Firebombing of church comes to America

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Two days ago, I posted about pro-abort feminists throwing fire bombs at a church in Trelew, Argentina last Sunday night.

It’s not just Argentina.

Firebombing of church has come to America.

Q13 Fox reports that just after 8 p.m. last night, Oct. 18, someone threw Molotov cocktails at the Iglesia ni Cristo Church at 7100 42nd Avenue South, Seattle, Washington.

About fifty people were worshiping inside the church. Fortunately, no one was injured.

Witnesses called 911 to report a fire outside the church. By the time the Seattle Fire Department arrived, the fire had already been extinguished.

Witnesses said a person had thrown lit bottles of an unknown liquid at the building. Seattle Fire spokesman Kristin Tinsley said the fire was started by several Molotov cocktail devices, which caused minor damage to the exterior of the church and some vehicles outside.

Below is a video from a surveillance camera across the street from the church, showing several Molotov cocktails exploding against the front of the church.

Seattle Police Arson/Bomb Squad detectives have taken over the investigation and are working with witnesses to develop a suspect description.

Q13 Fox reporter John Hopperstadt tweeted that church members said they had “confronted” a group of men outside the church a few days before the arson.

Iglesia Ni Cristo is an independent nontrinitarian Christian religious organization that originated in the Philippines. It claims to be the one true church and the restoration of the original church founded by Jesus, and that all other Christian churches are apostates.

According to the 2010 census, 2.45% of the population in the Philippines are affiliated with the Iglesia ni Cristo, making it that country’s third largest religion, after Islam at 5.57% and Roman Catholicism at 80.58%.

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31 responses to “Firebombing of church comes to America

  1. I’m about halfway between the terrorists of Seattle/Portland and the kooks and freaks of ‘Francisco and recently a couple of ex-felons were picked up, (close to my neighborhood), for possession of a pipe bomb and other felony charges.
    I don’t know if I should start carrying more guns or bigger guns.

    • Just carry more clips.

    • I would also suggest getting a blade of some sort in addition, and learn how to wield it, a gun is relegated to being a clumsy billy club once you’re out of ammo, after all. (unless you know how to forge ammo, and make the powder necessary to prepare a bullet, or repair some existing shells to be usable again, both of which are a difficult task) and it is best to have other options when the lead runs dry. I would also suggest getting some martial arts knowledge of some sort as well, Wing Chun (hong kong street fighting, which Bruce Lee was versed in) Eskrima (a technique of fighting that is rather brutal and teaches how to break things on people with one’s bare hands or with short sticks.) and of course Jeet Kun Do (developed by Lee) are all good candidates, (But I should stress, they are not the only candidates, even rinky dink washed out/neutered karate or overly showy artsy, but practically not very useful, kung fu things can have a few useful scraps.) but you’ll also want something that covers the weaknesses and plays to the strengths of your particular body (someone who is short and stalky might have different abilities than someone long and lanky.) and mind (quick thinking vs slower and methodical, etc.) Avoid anyone promising “secret techniques” or “dim mak”/death touch” stuff, and anything having to do with “chi/ki/qi/prana” or “energy”/”internal training” as well as “meditation”, or try to strip those out of what you learn, if you can’t find someone who doesn’t excise that garbage from their systems themselves, the “chi” stuff is spiritually dangerous, and compromises the arts they are part of.

      Be sure to evaluate the integrity, and honor, of any teacher of these you would find, as well.

  2. Get ready this is just the beginning it will get increasingly worse before it gets better. It will take them doing something so bad it makes the whole country stand up against it, but there will be many causalities before it happens. We will be the ones standing in the gap when the time comes, thanks Doc for this post people need to know.
    Seems the spiritual world is stirring up more of a fight to stifle the truth than ever before.

    • An important point to remember, how many and what states have Republican Governors as they get to call out the National Guard.

  3. Maybe someone was trying to kill a child molester lol.

  4. I keep telling you fools over and over that war and vigilante justice is the ONLY way to save Christian civilization from the 99% that is already destroyed by the filth Antichrist atheist/Islamic/leftist invasion and agendas. Mark my word you pathetic pacifists, it is YOU who are the cause of all of this because of your vile sickening turn the other cheek, love your enemy, feed him bullshit. Now you get what you deserve since you will never lift of finger of violence to protect anything or anyone from the evil onslaught of satan and his tools as your forefathers had the guts to do, you have none, pussified homosexuals in mind.

    • No one here on FOTM ever advocated “turn the other cheek” masochism, which is a distortion of Christianity.
      I don’t appreciate you using this forum to rant and verbally abuse us.

      • Easy Sparky. Jesus said ‘blessed are the meek…”, not “blessed are the wimpy”. People here know the difference. The truth is that God is a lot more powerful than us. I doubt very much if God has appointed any of us here to fill in for Him.

        We will defend ourselves and our loved ones. The “battle” between good and evil is not a physical altercation between nitwits in the street. I’ll pray for their conversion (and yours) and let God work through this in whatever way He chooses.

      • I meant for that to attach to “Pff”, above (sorry).

    • Are you one of the alt- righters that blames Christianity for our present predicament here in the West, or are you some government troll trying to stir up violence?

    • I believe you are one of those instigator-agitators that won’t get caught because you push from behind, go ahead and be the first to show that you got the guts to fight the enemy, maybe fools will follow you and the rest will laugh at you for being the pussified fool.

    • You are one messed up puppy you sinned so many times in your rant. You say save the Christian civilization why do you seem to want this you do not seem to believe in what Christ said we should do, so what are you. I think you’re so lost you don’t know what you are. And how do you know what everyone here has done in their lives to off set what satan is doing to the people of the world or can you read minds and hearts now. You really need to get help and back on the right track if you think you’re a Christian. Sorry you must blame everyone else for your fear of what is to come.

    • Pff, on what planet did you pick up your definition of a christian?

  5. Hope they catch the bastards.

  6. Leftists:

  7. CogitoErgoSumantra

    I looked into the INC church about a decade ago… I’d met a girl, all that.
    IIRC, the founder was an atheist who’d decided to investigate which of the world’s religions basically “had it right”. He decided they ALL had it wrong.
    Like Mohammad, he decided HE was to be the true Messiah/Prophet and started his own church, running it much like the Muslims. When he retired, his son took over, and then HIS son after that, just as if they were a royal family, but anointed from above. This is NOT a Godly religion or church. They have very strict rules, yes, but so does Sharia law, and so did the Pharisees.
    As far as I’m concerned, we’d be better off were the INC not in the USA…

  8. This horrendous attack may not be Soros-financed or Soros-sponsored, but it is, even from an indirect level, Soros-inspired: The violence of ANTIFA has been spawning spinoff violence.
    Honestly: WHAT, precisely, will George Soros—indicted and/or convicted in France and other countries for financial crimes—have to do in order to be STOPPED? WHAT?!?! Does he get a free pass for life? (If that’s the case, we’re stuck with him for another dozen years, at least!)


    • It is impossible for me to believe that they can’t put Soros away. He is seditious and an insurrectionist. A few countries have warrants out for his arrest.

      The same applies to David Brock and his little buddy, Obongo. These maneuvers go well beyond “politics”. They are attempts to overthrow the government.

      It has the feel of a film about it. There he is, causing coups the world over and nobody can do anything about it. Why? Because he’s allegedly a billionaire.

      I think its safe to say that he has the Rothschild assets at his disposal. I think he’s sort of a “scapegoat”. All of the politicians that are bought-and-paid-for can point and say “what can we do?”.

      It’s all in “The Plan” page 52.

  9. I’m asking this here because of the other article mentioned in this one, i.e. Pro-aborts firebombing a church in Argentina. Have y’all seen the reports of large numbers of dead babies being found in funeral homes in Detroit? Are they running abortion mills from funeral homes now? Selling organs maybe? It’s the stuff of nightmares!

    • I saw a piece on it but I’m not sure I know what’s going on with that. It’s creepy though. I was reading about how many missing kids they found with just a couple of these trafficking rings.

      Just think how many similar things we don’t know about. All we know is what we’re told.

    • I saw a little more today but it isn’t clear. It sounds like more than one funeral home in the Detroit area has infant bodies in their attics. This has to do with a scam to charge “Medicare” (?) a fee for burials that did not occur.

      Beyond that, I haven’t seen anything else about it. I’m guessing this is some sort of indigent thing.

  10. blueberry muffin mix

    Is it fair to call a “non-trinitarian” group “Christian”?

    I don’t think so.

    • CogitoErgoSumantra

      They also have their own “Bible”… written by their founder.
      Sound like other cult religions, much?

    • NO! It is not. While I’m sure “they” would disagree, it is not possible to be a Christian “church” and be non-trinitarian. It is a foundational part of the Christian faith.

  11. Are we sure that cult didn’t molotov itself? I have read some very unpleasant things about the cult in question, and I think there was some wikileaks related leaks about the organization as well. (See here: here: They’ve also bought up a “ghost town” in conneticut, formerly called johnsonville village, which reminds one of the rajneesh cult’s activities in oregon.)

    If I were to venture a guess they may well be an intelligence agency asset or front, and this action may be intended to provoke Christian knee-jerk reaction (They could never prove the “hutaree” people guilty of anything but illegal weapons ownership, and so they may be attempting to force people to take militant action in order to make their implying of Christianity being a “terrorist organization” stick, something they’ve been doing for a very long time, ala waco, jonestown, etc. the fact that these cases often involve cults that are not truly Christian tends to be ignored, of course.)

    • Additionally, take a look at their logo: (apologies, this was the biggest one I found on short notice.) Now, there is really no reason for their being a compass there, and the torch is in a peculiar location, as is the triangle, which is pointed downwards, which would make for an abstract suggestion of a “square” tool, thus overall the symbol appears to be highly freemasonic, (red and green are also opposing colors, like black & white.) and could be construed as a “tell”. The layout, design, and symbolism, don’t suggest Christianity to me at all. (A sheep stuck in the middle where typically a “g”, sun, star, or other symbol is usually placed in freemasonic depictions of the square and compass doesn’t really mask anything.)

  12. I voted for and supported President Trump but now I’m beginning to think he’s illuminati. Don’t scoff. I researched his hand signals and they’re of the evil one – look online to see Obomination, Clintons, Bushes, and the Pope all doing the same. I was devastated. I placed such faith in Trump, now he looks like he’s part of it.

    Remember that “if possible, the very elect will be deceived.” How many Christians believe Trump is now their savior? I saw that all he ever did was TALKED about the wall. He would get his supporters worked into a frenzy and then…no wall. “By their FRUITS ye shall know them, NOT by their WORDS ye shall know them.”

    Instead of putting the military at the border to stop the caravan, he puts the toothless National Guard. Now another caravan is coming and he’ll let them in too – and blame Democrats. It all looks like a lie. I hope I’m wrong but I don’t think so. My gift is discernment. I have been wrong at times – I don’t think I am this time.

    We’re in a terrible police state. As a chronic pain patient, I’ve been denied pain relief. Many people who were denied – even vets – have committed suicide, unable to tolerate the pain. The complicit media are fomenting the government’s lie that doctors and patients are behind the drug epidemic. They’re not. The 72,000 deaths from drugs last year was from drugs coming in through the open border. I believe it’s a form of depopulation – just like in Nazi Germany. Hitler wanted to get rid of the weak and sick.


  13. “Non-trinitarian” and “Christian” are mutually exclusive. INC is, quite simply, Satan worship.


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