Finally, MSM turns on Al Gore

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About time!!!

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0 responses to “Finally, MSM turns on Al Gore

  1. In the first place, none of these idiots can pronounce the name of the country right. The Ambassador to the US pronounced it Kuh-TAR’. The accent being on the last syllable.
    Secondly, they defined Gore correctly. He’s nothing but a money grubbing, opportunistic, hypocrite.

  2. It appears Algore has become “An Inconvenient Truth”.

  3. The best way to prevent air pollution would be to super-glue this pompous asses mouth shut . Then , to be on the safe side ; more super-glue and some duct-tape on top of it . I wonder if he’s given up using his G.S.5 …..That must have made one hell-of-a carbon footprint . Or the estate he used to have when married to Tipper in Tenn. ( 28,000 s.f.) Another big foot-print .
    But as the story goes ; it does not matter what his actions are ( in the liberal frame of mind ) it matters only if you say all the right p.c. bullsheist ………….After all HE CARES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. It only took these morons 13 plus years

  5. I still think they’re going too easy on him. He’s a FAT HYPOCRITE LIAR!!

  6. the commie cabal are desperate,please read article on american national militia dot com, on stratospheric aerosol spraying,this is happening in plain sight- everyday. Al Gore knows all about this. Ever wonder why there are so many cases of alzheimers? and so much more. There has been a secret budget uncovered for chemtrails.


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