Finally made it to Oklahoma!

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I finally made it to Oklahoma this past Saturday! I originally planned to leave on Sunday the 16th yet was not able to get over the pass – too much snow!


The pass had 4 feet of snow in a couple days!

It stayed this way for a couple days so I had to re-route south to Portland then drive across Oregon to Boise. This resulted in an extra day added on to my route.


I had my wipers on high practically the whole trip from Seattle to Oregon!

It rained the whole time I was in the Northwest! But after that it was sunny and clear the whole trip.

hole in rock

A sign on a rock in Utah, and yes, there was a big hole in the rock.

My trip was five days, four nights total. My cats and I survived and one of the first things I did in Oklahoma was this:


My favorite Orange Fanta Float from Sonic (no Sonics in the Northwest)!

I’m happy to be here with my military guy and my furniture is expected to arrive on Tuesday. Will post more pictures once I get settled.



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0 responses to “Finally made it to Oklahoma!

  1. DCG, glad ya finally made it. Yea!!

  2. DCG,

    I am so relieved your odyssey is over, and so happy you’re with your lieutenant colonel! 😀

  3. So happy for both of you!!! May you both have a wonderful future together.

  4. dancingbanana Carrot Chilli Muffin PurpleBanana Pineapple Strawberry

  5. Where in Oklahoma??

  6. Welcome home Oklahoma Girl, I am your friendly neighbor across the river south in Texas. Love my Okie neighbors. 🙂

  7. Welcome Aboard!!! Ya the DMV is as bad here as elsewhere… sigh. Sonic is cool except they quit selling the Frito Chile Pie, I love their ice tea… If you and your hubby plan a trip to Oklahoma City, OKC, let me know I can give ya some pointers.

  8. I grew up with Sonic. They quit selling my favorite, the hickory burger. I still love their cherry limeades. They are branching out East now. You are now in the best state in the union. Good people, good food, awesome values!

  9. Congratulations DCG! Now you are in a state wherein one of the entryways on the federal highway posts the Ten Commandments! How wonderful! I have been praying for your safe journey and am so glad that you made it through such difficult times! My love to you!

  10. hoping all the best for you DCG. Thankyou for letting us know you are there. So happy everything went well. Oklahoma has gained a True Patriot.

  11. Halleluhua! !


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