Finally, an American Society for Rednecks

Once upon a time, America was called a melting pot. It was the ideal as well as the norm for racial and ethnic groups to assimilate into the mainstream culture. In fact, many children of immigrant parents wanted so much to be American that they refused to learn and speak their parents’ native language.
Then came the Left’s campaign and marketing of “multi-culturalism,” “diversity” and “identity politics,” urging “people of color” to emphasize their ethnic differences and make those group-based differences their primary identity. And so “America, the melting pot” became “America, the tossed salad,” and soon the United States of America became the DisUnited States of America.
In the DisUnited States of America, every racial-ethnic-gender-sexual-identity group has their lobbying and civil rights organization:

  • Blacks (oops, African-Americans) have the NAACP;
  • Jews have the Anti-Defamation League;
  • Muslims have CAIR and the American Islamic Congress, Inc.;
  • Indians (oops, Indigenous Americans) have Amercans for Indian Opportunity;
  • Asians have the Asian American Justice Center;
  • Homosexuals have the LGBT Centers and the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice, among many many others;
  • Pedophiles have the NAMBLA;
  • Leftwing women have NOW;
  • Leftwing old people have the Gray Panthers Project Fund;
  • The blind (oops, vision-impaired) have the Blind Federation of America;
  • The deaf (oops, hearing-impaired) have the American Association of the Deaf;
  • Deaf (oops, hearing-impaired) blacks (oops, African-Americans) have the National Black Deaf Advocates;

and on and on and on….
But there’s no organization for white straight people.
At long last, a society has been formed to advocate for the most marginalized of all white straight people — the American redneck!
Yee-haw! Rednecks of the world unite!

American Redneck Society formed to advocate for rural Americans
By: David Sherfinski – Washington Examiner – Dec 16, 2010
You might be a redneck if…you create a dues-paying society and a scholarship fund?
And that’s what a Virginia man did last week, launching the “American Redneck Society.”
“I really felt that American Rednecks are an under-served, but large population that could benefit from a formal membership organization structure,” said American Redneck Society Executive Director Rob Clayton.
A $20 membership fee will get you access to retail discounts across the country, and a portion of the funds are set aside for an educational fund for “rural youth.”
“What does it mean to be a Redneck?” the group’s website asks.
Well, with apologies to comedian Jeff Foxworthy, apparently, you might be a redneck if…
You’re a fan of Nascar.
You’re a gun owner.
You like country music.
You can fix just about anything with duct tape.
You think “duct” tape should actually be “duck” tape.

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Canadian Chick
Canadian Chick

Hey y’all, aahm bein’ discriminated against ’cause aahm Canayjun. Gotta start mah own support group, eh?


Hmmm… yep, like NASCAR. Go Carl!
Wish I owned a gun, and give the appropriate admiration when sibs show off their newest acquisitions.
Some country music, not all, I confess.
I’m not much of a fix-it type, but whenever I’m asked about how to fix almost anything, one of my first thoughts is duct tape!
Nice to know that all those years I thought it was duck tape are all right.
My parents will have a fit to learn I’m a redneck, but my younger brother will love it; between us, we’ve got it all covered.


I ran across this several days ago, and am thinking seriously about joining.
After all, being from Georgia, I almost think they had me in mind when they thought it up. 🙂