Finally, A Shovel Ready Job From The Obama Administration

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OccupyWallSt’s ‘Liberty Plaza’ Needs a Scrubbing

by Publius
From the Associated Press:

Protesters will have to clear out of the private Manhattan park where they’ve been camped out for nearly a month so the owners can clean it, but they’ll be allowed to return afterward, city officials said.
Deputy Mayor Cas Holloway said in a statement Wednesday that the protest has “created unsanitary conditions and considerable wear and tear on the park.” He said Brookfield Properties asked for police help to clear Zuccotti Park so it can be cleaned.
Holloway said the cleaning will be done in stages Friday. Protesters will have to leave but can return. Mayor Michael Bloomberg visited the protesters Wednesday to offer assurances.
More pictures of the pigs

Hard to see the flowers for the tarps

Would this amount to animal cruelty?

Polluting the earth AND the air.

Ahh,  sleep after a hard day of doing….nothing 

 How many trees died in the production of these signs?
Tom in NC
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0 responses to “Finally, A Shovel Ready Job From The Obama Administration

  1. Good grief…bunch of stinky pigs!

  2. This is like when you have a kid that has such a messy room that you just give in and clean it up yourself knowing that it will be a pigpen again in a matter of a day or two. I will bet you that these pigs are those same children that had their parent(s) clean their room when they refused to do it themselves! Any takers? This protest looks more like summer camp without the showers. Pigs, pigs, pigs.

  3. Where are these camping protestors getting money for their meals ? Are they mooching off their wealthy parents ? Are parents paying for their food, their cell phone bills, their lap taps, and cigarrettes, as well ?? Hey, perhaps the parents are happy to just have these kids out of the house for awhile ; but no doubt that their liberal hippy generation parents are probably even darned proud of their kids for being a part of this looney-tunes fiasco !!

  4. Better send in a HazMat team.

    • Dave,
      You beat me to it. I see people in white suits and chemicals sprayed in the area where they protested.

      • The white Tyvek isn’t all that scary.
        It’s when you see the yellow suits combined with Scott SCBA’s (Google the show Emergency!) that should concern you.
        I worked in the environmental engineering field back in the early ’90s and had to go through OHSA’s 40 hour field training.
        In Gainesville, Fla.
        In the Summer, too.

  5. these are the people that best not get in the way when “True American Patriots” clean this United States of America of the mess it is in. What they and their Communist Idols have done.

  6. What a brood of filthy vipers, chanting their venomous rhetoric, and desecrating the face of the earth. And all in the name of ‘what’? They are all walking contradictions, and have created enmity between themselves and the core structure of this nation… nevermind between themselves and God; Whom they have seemingly turned away from, and the Only One who has more mercy in His little finger than I do anymore…. grrr


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