Fighting words: China disses U.S. soldiers as worthless

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0 responses to “Fighting words: China disses U.S. soldiers as worthless

  1. Isn’t there an old saying : That empty cans make the most no

    This is the problem when you enter into ” defense treaties ” with other nations . You get sucked into their piss-ant squabbles . Then U.S. soldiers die for what ? Keeping the country in debt to the military / industrial complex and the international banksters . What a croc !

    And guess who pays for all this b.s. ?………………………………….

  2. Oh, so U.S. soldiers are “worthless,” eh? Tell it to the dead Nazis and their dead Leader! Tell it to the Ruskies whom Patton was chomping at the bit to beat!
    I’m more than familiar with bragadoccio and hyperbole, but please, Dr. Fu Man Chu, STUFF IT!
    I can hardly wait for a good ASS-WHUPPIN’ here!


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