Fighting back

Don’t mess with Barbara! / Photo courtesy KGW

Employee with Knife Runs off Would-be Robber

Via KGW: An employee of a Chinese restaurant in Southeast Portland fended off a would-be robber with a butcher knife late Thursday night.  Portland police said the man came into the China Garden just before midnight and told Barbara Lane to “move back” from the cash register.Lane armed herself with the knife and replied, “No, you move back,” according to police.  The suspect then tried to grab the register, but Lane struck him and he ran off.  “I smacked him across the wrist with the knife when he couldn’t get away from the cash register,” she said. “The knife was dull, so it probably didn’t hurt him much.”The suspect got away empty-handed.  “I just did what … it’s just me, my personality,” Lane said. “I get mad when someone tries to take something from me.
He was described as white, in his 30’s, around 150 lbs., with brown hair. He was wearing a gray sweatshirt, blue jeans, white tennis shoes, a white-and-black bandanna that covered his face and a red and black cap.
Lane said the restaurant was open at the time and one customer was still inside.
Good thing the robber didn’t bring a gun to the fight!  Kudos to this lady for trying to protect herself and her employer.
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Dr. Eowyn

I want to grow up to be Barbara!


Good for her!
I’m just surprised, given that this is Portland, that the police didn’t promptly arrest Barbara, haul her off to jail in handcuffs, and charge her with assault with a deadly weapon.


Somewhere out there, a sensitive caring left/liberal is getting all worked-up and ranting about how we need knife control now.


Had she been in (not so) jolly old England, she would have been arrested and incarcerated serving a fairly long jail term. Just as Dave stated, had she been a bit younger or a male she would have certainly been arrested, Altough Oregon is a “Shall Issue” State when it comes to CCW. I personally believe that an armed society, is a polite society. The government probably would never allow it but, Liberty is when the government fears it’s people. TYRANNY is when the people fear the government. {as you all know this is a Thomas Jefferson quote} NOW which… Read more »


I am glad there are seniors like Barbara with courage.
Let’s wait and see if Portland will make an “example” of her.