Fifth-grade student punished for calling student “ma’am” after she asked him not to

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Good grief. I live in Oklahoma and get called “ma’am” everyday. Clerks also call me “hon” and “sweetie.”

Some people have too much butthurt in their lives.

From Daily Mail: A fifth-grade boy has been punished for calling his teacher ‘ma’am’ after she asked him not to use the term of respect.

Student Tamarion Wilson, 10, was made to write out the word ‘ma’am’ repeatedly during class on Tuesday at North East Carolina Preparatory School in Tarboro, North Carolina.

His mother Teretha Wilson was shocked when he returned home from the public charter school with the sheet of paper, for her to sign in order to complete the punishment.

‘I asked him what happened. He said he got in trouble for saying “yes ma’am”,’ the mother told ABC 11.

The teacher had apparently warned the class not to call her ‘ma’am’, although the reason for the prohibition is not entirely clear.

While the term of respect is sometimes reserved for married women, or those presumed old enough to have children, in many parts of the South it is used for women of all ages.

Tamarion was hospitalized last month for a seizure illness that included hallucinations and memory loss, although the teacher was not aware of his condition, Wilson said.

When the boy called the teacher ‘ma’am’ after she had prohibited it, the teacher said that if she had something to throw, she would have thrown it at the boy, according to Wilson.

The teacher, who has several years of experience, admitted in a parent conference to saying she would like to throw something, but said it was a joke, Wilson said.

Wilson and Tamarion’s father, McArthur Bryant, said that they had raised their children to address their elders as ‘sir’ and ‘ma’am’.

‘As a father, to feel kind of responsible for that…knowing that I have been raising him and doing the best that I can, it’s not acceptable,’ Bryant told the ABC affiliate.

Wilson met with the teacher and the principal on Wednesday, and requested that Tamarion be placed in a different classroom. The principal granted the request, Wilson said.

The school released a brief statement, saying: ‘This is a personnel matter which has been handled appropriately by the K-7 principal.’

North East Carolina Preparatory School is a public charter school with grades kindergarten through 12. Enrollment was 960 at the beginning of the school year.


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15 responses to “Fifth-grade student punished for calling student “ma’am” after she asked him not to

  1. The school’s website has expunged its page containing the names of the faculty. According to a Facebook post (, the teacher’s name is Mrs. Williams, who teaches 5th grade.

    Website of North East Carolina Preparatory School says the principal is Cindy Dawes. Contact info:

    Address: 274 Husky Trail, Tarboro, NC 27886
    Phone: (252) 641-0464
    Fax: (252) 641-1816

  2. I was reminded of the Senator, Barbara Boxer, who jumped on the General for calling her Ma’am, because she had worked so hard to get the title. Like the General had been resting and coasting for his entire career. I bet he never got his panties in a wad if someone called him Sir.

  3. Yeah, I read this the other day. Wow. If you think that’s bad, have a look at this:

  4. Boy some people ( lefties) are so touchy, and for all the spiritually superior illusions they have about themselves, they have some of the biggest ( and most fragile) egos I have ever seen. I can’t count the number of monikers I have been called that I don’t particularly care for- every time I went into an Italian deli I was called bella, and when the same age, called mam too- and it seemed like they were addressing me as an old lady, but really? you are going to make a stink? To do this to a kid is disgusting.

    • My mother was a southern lady. She insisted that I call all adults either ma’am or sir. I was never to call an adult by their first name unless specifically asked. My mom valued her manners and I think that’s wonderful.

      In our house it was a given that our manners reflected our “up bringing”. Bad manners were an insult to your whole family. This lady, from reading her story, was raised the same.

      Every once in a great while I run across a polite young person and it makes my day. If their parents are around I make it a point to compliment them on how well they’ve raised their kids.

      • I get it, and I agree – manners count. The only point I was making here is we all have our preferences, but to make a stink about any of it is ridiculous. Having grown in in California where the term ” mam” is not used too much, when you are 25 or 30 and someone calls you mam, it feels like you are suddenly being seen as an old lady- I never felt like a ” mam”. I never took offense though because I realized the person didn’t mean it disrespectfully – on the contrary it was something they thought was polite, but it just felt a bit weird, esp when I was younger. On the other hand being called bella felt a bit invasive – but I understand that is what Italians do- esp East Coast Italians. And please don’t’ think I am one of these women that takes upset at a compliment, but these Italian men thought it was their right to comment on everything about my appearance- from how I had styled my hair, to whether or not I had a smile on my face or not. So that was the context of ” bella”. But I never said a word. I guess these days a feminist would threaten to throttle them like the teacher in the article.

  5. What does the teacher have against good manners in a child? Parents start from birth teaching their children to show respect to their elders. It would seem she is not teacher material.

  6. This so called teacher is a bully. Throw her out before she ruins all the children she is instructing.

  7. If she doesn’t want to be called ma’am, she should go teach up north. I guarantee she still won’t like what she’s called in Cleveland though.

  8. Margie Williams. Fifth Grade

    Can’t find any pix

  9. First, I would like to know what the teacher wants to be called, is it a HE/SHE/IT , teacher, professor, educator? and the word should be prefer instead of PROHIBIT, is the principal of the school approving the prohibition? Second, should I am the parent of that child, if there is something to throw it would be his/her/its ASS in jail for committing an act of violence against my child, any child, and I would make sure that teacher is prohibited from teaching in my district.

  10. LOL – If I was that kid, next time I’d give that idiot “teacher” a choice.

    Would she prefer ma’am, or bitch?

    But then, I was Bart Simpson before Matt Groening was even born. 😉

  11. If it were my child, I’d tell him (or her) to call her “madam(n)” from now on.


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