Fess up Obama, You're a Damn Fraud!

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The dead infant and the birth-certificate mystery


Researcher who suspects forgery finds possible reason for Obama registration number

Posted: May 17, 2011
8:28 pm Eastern
By Jerome R. Corsi
© 2011 WorldNetDaily



Sunahara grave marker at Miliani Memorial Gardens in Waipahu, Hawaii
Amid questions about the authenticity of Obama’s posted birth records raised by the registration number, a researcher has discovered a possible explanation.

The Post and Email blog, which has focused on the Obama eligibility controversy, features a report by an unnamed researcher who discovered the record of a girl born the same day as the president who died a day later that could have been the source of Obama’s birth certificate.
The find is significant because of questions about the plausibility of the registration number indicated on the images of short-form and long-form birth certificates for the president posted on the Internet.
As WND reported, the numbers on the published Hawaii birth certificates of twins Susan and Gretchen Nordyke are lower than the number given Obama, even though the president’s birth certificate was accepted by the registrar general and stamped with a certificate number three days earlier. Further, as WND reported yesterday, an article by the man who was Hawaii’s registrar general at the time Obama was born confirmed birth certificates were numbered immediately upon acceptance by the registrar general.
The researcher found documentation for Virginia Sunahara’s birth on the morning of Aug. 4, 1961, at Wahiawa General Hospital in Wahiawa, Oahu. She was the daughter of Hawaii-born Tomio Sunahara, a postal clerk of Japanese ancestry who fought for the U.S. in World War II, and his wife, Clara.
The infant developed complications and most likely was transferred to Kapi’olani Women and Children’s Medical Center in Honolulu, although the hospital could have been Queens Medical Center. She died on Aug. 5, 1961.
WND contacted Virginia’s mother Clara, 83, who is living in Wahiawa on Oahu.
Clara told WND by telephone she did not have Virginia’s birth certificate and she was not interested in applying to the Hawaii Department of Health to see what birth records might be on file regarding her daughter.
The researchers reported that newly born Virginia Sunahara was transferred to a Honolulu hospital from Wahiawa General Hospital because she was having trouble breathing. The Honolulu hospitals were considered to have better equipment to deal with neonatal birth complications.
Virginia Sunahara’s vital records have been located in the Hawaii birth and death records, as shown here:

Hawaii Department of Health Birth Index, Honolulu, Hawaii

And here:

Hawaii Department of Health Death Index, Honolulu, Hawaii

No birth announcement appeared for Virginia Sunahara in either Honolulu newspaper.
A death announcement for the girl, under the name of her father, Tomio Sunahara, appeared in the Honolulu Star Advertiser on Aug. 8, 1961, and in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin on Aug. 14, 1961.
The researchers who discovered Virginia Sunahara’s birth record speculated that at the time of her death, her parents had not yet selected her name.
The timing of the newspaper death notice may have resulted from the fact that Hawaii law requires the registration of a death within three days and the registration of a birth within seven days.
The researchers further speculated that by the time the birth certificate was submitted by the hospital to the local registrar at the Hawaii Department of Health, Clara and Tomio had decided on the name Virginia, and the Department of Health updated its records accordingly.
This would explain why the newspaper death announcements listed the name as Tomiyo Sunahara, while the official Hawaii death records list the child’s name as Virginia.
With an Aug. 4, 1961, birthdate, it’s possible Virginia Sunahara’s birth registration was filed as late as Aug. 11, 1961 – the same day the Nordyke twins’ birth certificates were filed by Kapi’olani hospital with the Hawaii Department of Health local registrar and registrar general.
Susan Nordyke, the twin born first, received birth certificate number 10637; Gretchen Nordyke, the second, received number 10638.
Barack Obama’s birth certificate was issued the number 10641, even though it was registered three days before the Nordykes’ certificates.
However, if the birth certificate number 10641 was first assigned to Virginia Sunahara, the apparent conflict could be explained.
Is it possible that if Obama’s birth records were forged, the perpetrator used Virginia Sunahara’s birth certificate number, knowing the girl was long dead and the family was unlikely to know or complain?
Virginia Sunahara was initially buried Sept. 28, 1961, at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, also known as the Punchbowl, at 2177 Puowaina Drive in Honolulu, in Section U Site 966-F.
Her father died March 26, 1968, and Virginia was disinterred and re-buried alongside her father’s cremated remains at Mililani Memorial Park in Waipahu in October 1968.
I can understand that Obama or Soetero or whatever his real name is, parents wanted him to be an American citizen, and I also realize that they could not foresee him one day being president. But here we are almost fifty years later and he IS president, but the questions linger about his birthplace and I don’t blame his parents, they probably only wanted the best for him. But the fact remains, if he was not born in this country, he cannot be our president and by covering up and forging documents he is committing a crime and must be removed from office.
Posted by Tom in NC

Read more: The dead infant and the birth-certificate mystery https://www.wnd.com/?pageId=300201#ixzz1MhmGLquH

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  1. Well if it is a forgery the baby’s mom will probably die suddenly like other “potential problem people” have in BO’s life and career. I think this a plausible theory however. Time will tell.

  2. from what I have gathered in the last few days,Terrorist Bill Ayers,wrote a book,bragging on his ability to do identity theft. He helped barry with his documentation.{Neither one of them should be roaming this earth as free men} The United States of America,and the world has been duped. There is a long list of people that need to be brought under oath and tried. This makes Watergate look very small.

  3. “If a ruler harken to lies, ALL his servants are wicked” Proverbs 29:12

  4. Follow the money.
    Hospitals don’t ‘give’ services away, when they have to they note to whom the services were rendered.
    Plus Obama’s mother Stanley Dunham (possibly her parents) if she was on the island would have been purchaseing baby supplies and nursery items. Is there a regester at the department stores? A trail of checks? A photograph ?

  5. No, the only one that should fess up is you. You’re a damn racist!

    • explain yourself there Mooreliars-

    • So now that you have thrown out the well-worn race card, we palefaces are supposed to just dive under the nearest rock and never be heard from again, right?
      That is, after all, what you hope happens, as you have nothing intelligent remaining to defend this failure of a former community pisser-offer turned POTUS, do you?
      I mean, is that the best your shallow little narrow mind can produce?
      It is government-educated ignoramuses like you that are the reason the “racist” charge no-longer means anything to anyone who made it beyond the 10th grade.

  6. Most definitely,obama committed yet another crime telling the American people this latest comic release of a bc,was his long form. Gotcha right there you muslim POS> Also,Jerome Corsi says,he was definitely born in Kenya,he has documented proof. His mother followed Obama Sr toKenya,trying to nail the pregnancy on him,his family wanted no part of her. She had him there,and later brought him back here. Obama Sr.and his mother were NEVER married. He is not sure who fathered Skippy. Meanwhile back at the ranch, Ayers was living it up making Skippy a legal alien.{by fraud yet again}

  7. the director of Hawaii health dept-Loretta Fuddy,has just recieved a subpoena!!!!!!!!!!!! see at orlytaitzesq.com


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