Feral Black Teens Attack Strangers in Philadelphia

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The word “wilding” was coined in 1989, as a result of the brutal assault and rape of a white female, whom the media called the Central Park Jogger, in New York City’s Central Park. “Wilding” refers to gangs of teenagers assaulting strangers for fun.
The media won’t use the word “wilding” for the rising incidence of random attacks of strangers by gangs of feral teens who do it for fun, not profit, as the victims’ personal belongings are not taken. The media also will not say that the attackers are black and the victims white. But you can see for yourself in the video below.
The video presents three incidents of attack in the city of Philadelphia:

  • In May 2011, outside Philadelphia’s City Hall and in broad daylight, four black female teens attacked a white woman, kicking and throwing her to the ground while laughing, screaming, and singing.
  • On July 29, 2011, 6 black male teens “jumped” a man on the street. The teens were students at Mastery Charter School.
  • On July 31, 2011, a white man named Christopher Dean was dragged off his bicycle by another teen gang, and attacked so brutally that his skull was fractured. Like the other two attacks, this also was not a robbery. The “wilding” teens were doing it just for fun.

Reminds you of the 1971 Stanley Kubrick movie, A Clockwork Orange, doesn’t it?

The city of Philadelphia has been plagued by teen mob violence and recently instituted a curfew in an attempt to curb the attacks. FoxNews says “Police have been contacted and are investigating the attack” on the white woman.

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0 responses to “Feral Black Teens Attack Strangers in Philadelphia

  1. this is exactly what obama wants.

    • tina,
      I agree.
      President K.A.O.S. is bringing about the very America he wants.
      It’s going to take decades to undo what he has done.

  2. Situational awareness…..the times are dangerous and the cities are concrete jungles.

  3. And, as the rioting in Britain showed, Stanley Kubrick was only ahead of his time by 40 years… sad to say.

  4. Clifton Lee West

    I bet if you break a few legs of these punks and word gets around that this behavior won’t be tolerated, period, they might wake up. It would help if Obama had a pair and would jump in and condemn it himself, but he won’t because he probably used to be one of them and, besides, he lives in a different world than the rest of us, ours is real!

    • Oh no, don’t you know? The city police will “act stupidly”, even BEFORE His Oneness knows a single detail. If that didn’t prove O’Bummer’s true underlying hatred of police that’s bred into these street kids, I don’t know what does. I can’t even go outside my front door after dark w/o my husband – my NEIGHBORS threatened me, and they meant it! For just “talking to the cops”! I “should have more street smarts than to talk to the police!” Hey, I’m sorry guys, I wasn’t raised to view the police as my enemy and I’m not about to start now! They ask me a question, I answer it! But I got violently threatened for answering a simple question from a cop. They get to fighting out there now, I just let em go. I’m not calling the cops! Kill each other off, maybe tomorrow I can walk out my front door safely again, ya think? And this is a one horse town for God’s sake! About 10,000 folks, thereabouts. And I gotta put up w/ punk crap now? Here? *shaking head* It’s only gonna get worse…

  5. obama had the beer summit when a white policeman arrested a black friend of obama’s and the media just sucked up the bullshit. now we have racist mobs of blacks attacking white people and obvious hate crime and the silence from holder and obama is deafening . end the crap vote obama out in 2012 lets give him a permanent vacation . and at the same time lets end affirmative racism (action).

  6. I’m 66, and not strong enough to handle something like this. I keep my eyes open constantly, and I am aware of who and how many are around me at all times. I carry legally and the bitches better not mess with me, because I won’t hesitate to protect myself. But don’t you think it is a shame that any of us have to wrorry about that kind of thing, and that we have to resort to carrying to try to protect ourselves? All I can say is hold tight to your purse. Put a rock or something heavy in it, keep your eyes open, do not become complacent, don’t let your mind wander, and be aware of how many and who are around you at all times.

  7. My take on all this is that it is being purposely stirred up by some people looking, for whatever reason, to increase racial tensions in this country.
    People generally don’t behave this way on their own.
    Somebody or some organization is influencing them.

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