Feminists are insufferable: Declare "Man Cave" is Sexist

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The Man Cave: A passive dig at femininity, or something like that...

The Man Cave: A passive dig at femininity, or something like that…

Over at the Golden Gate Xpress, San Francisco State University’s official student newspaper, student Kalani Ruidas wrote a piece entitled, Man caves perpetuate patriarchy.”
She’s grossed out by the smells and sights encountered in her boyfriend’s house: stale food, a floor covered with wrappers, clothes that reek, and a brown-stained mattress. But what really gets her goat? “…the gendered language around “man cave” is pretty gross. It takes a passive dig at femininity. It’s as if women are such burden that they’re restricted from that zone, while still expected to readily share all other spaces.”
And her opinion of why men have a man cave? Those dastardly guys need “…an emotional sanctuary for men to escape their responsibilities without the interruption of women or children. It’s as if these men are victimizing themselves and require refuge to revel in their false sense of masculinity.”
Of course Kalani has to also blame capitalism as a culprit, too: “Sports-related paraphernalia and wall hangings that deify cheap beer are not badges of manhood or some sort of homage to a working-class collective consciousness. They’re the makings of a shrine to big business that has man-cavers nostalgic for a time when they were happy, or actually just drunk, in front of a screen cheering on their favorite billion-dollar sports team with their once single and similarly childless friends.”
Men supporting evil capitalism...

Men supporting evil capitalism…

And Kalani is an expert as to what really happens in the man cave (and it’s sexist, too): “The sewing room or craft room, to which a woman might retreat, is identified by the action that takes place there. By that token, a man cave is a place where a man devolves into a grunting subhuman that leaves sexist and racist comments on message boards, then furiously masturbates to free porn.”
The student offers the progressive solution for every man who feels the need to escape their responsibilities: “…allowing everyone to have his or her own space. In a household where that isn’t possible, the ever-so encumbered married man could actually leave his house. He could be free of his cave and take a walk, go to the gym, take a fishing trip, relieve his stress through meditation on a misty mountaintop in China. Man-cavers can be better than ruminating within their disgusting patriarchal myth.”
feminist sandwich
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0 responses to “Feminists are insufferable: Declare "Man Cave" is Sexist

  1. Great story, Babe, now go make me a sandwich before I send you to your room and beat you with a stick, Koran, chapter 4.
    Kalani and others, feminists or not, read “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus” by John Gray.

  2. if she dislikes man caves so much maybe she shouldn’t enter them….they are called “man cave” for a reason
    these feminists won’t let up on anything male…..a much better story for this “feminist” to write about would be islam and its horrendous treatment of women. I’ve yet to find one “feminist” who will stand up for women who are forced to be in islam.

  3. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:
    Feminists, stand strong before patriarchal Islam alone! (Good luck with that.)

  4. omgosh, Kalani needs get a life, Pathetic elitist liberal.

  5. Would it still be “sexist” if it’s renamed the People Cave? /sarc

  6. She wonders why men may wish to retreat to a male dominated space–rather than be bothered by a wife and children. She has only to look at herself–feminists have denigrated men, made them to feel their are only a source of sperm donations, bringing in money–but otherwise they are useless. Who in their right mind would buy into that willingly? It was far better when men were valued as protectors, and the head of families. We have seen in places like Chicago just how good it works out to have bazillions of female headed households–the young males are out shootin’ up the neighborhood every weekend. Lets face it this little missy is an airhead. Feminism is not good for women, and it is not good for children–and it is not good for men. Everyone looses under feminism. I don’t blame men for retreating into a “safe place.”

    • her “boyfriend” should get a clue and get out of that relationship like yesterday…before he gets “trapped”.

  7. Maybe she’s just jealous because SHE can’t have a Man-Cave. BTW-her boyfriend probably has the “Sewing Room”.

  8. Gee, you’d think, with outrage like this, Ruidas and company would glady take on the misogynist He-man Woman Haters’ Club of ISIS et al… but no!

  9. The feminists just don’t get it: It is UNBIBLICAL for women, in most circumstances, to rule over men. They don’t get it that they don’t run the show.
    I rent a room here in Long Island City. I cannot afford an apartment. My landlady is entitled to the rent. Beyond that she leaves me alone. But I imagine the feminists would consider it just if I became homeless. Then the feminist who takes my room over would complain over that.
    I’ve had a LIFETIME of this leftist commie crap, and I’ve had ENOUGH of it!!!

  10. I like Anonymous’ comment — go join ISIS. Also, if she is so anti-male why on earth does she have a boyfriend! Her boyfriend needs to dump her.

  11. Goodness, I have a whole different take on man caves. I must lead a sheltered life.
    Women, shop, dine, exercise, and even go to the rest room in groups. It is their safe place and makes them one of the pack. A group where they can be themselves.
    Man caves seem like the same place to me. Many women make a nice cave for their men, where they can unwind after a hard week. A place where they can invite their friends and be themselves and their women know where they are and who with. No big deal. I know many men that feel pride in knowing their wives feel secure enough to let them have such a place.
    Many women have the same room, their kitchens. Many women love to work in theirs and do nice things for their family. They design it, paint it and decorate to the envy of other women. Many men are proud to help in the clean up.
    Each partner should want what’s best for their partner and want what makes them happy.
    As long as both sexes save good quality time for their partners, no one should feel insecure or threatened.
    If either sex hides in their said caves and refuse to associate and uses it to avoid contact, then, all bets are off.
    There has to be an even balance.
    The above chick though has problems that extend beyond a man cave.
    Maybe if she helped him clean it up,and make it pleasant, he might change. Or he might be keeping it that way to discourage her from coming around.
    Some men like to share their happiness with a willing partner. She needs to find some women and go drink some wine.

  12. Men need a man cave because likely the house or apartment has been taken over by chinzy cheap female crap like doilies, fake flowers, dolls, sentiental worthless “art,” homade crappy pottery, quilts hanging on the wall, etc. etc. The man only gets one room – the bitch gets the whole rest of the house.

  13. Snotty feminasties are probably the reason man caves came about in the first place.

  14. BTW: I have yet to see a man cave with any signs hanging around promoting cheap beer – unless you consider Guinness Stout to be cheap.
    LOL – It ain’t.

  15. “I am most anxious to enlist everyone who can speak or write to join in checking this mad, wicked folly of “Women’s Rights,” with all its attendant horrors, on which her poor feeble sex is bent. Feminists ought to get a good whipping. Were woman to “unsex” themselves by claiming equality with men, they would become the most hateful, heathen and disgusting of beings and would surely perish without male protection.” — Queen Victoria, 1870 

  16. ‘Reading this article I can’t help but laugh. First off, that place that “Kalani Ruidas” describes is “NOT!!!!” a “Man Cave!!!” No, that’s a “D-U-M-P!!”…. The only thing missing is his goats!!! She has no idea of what a “Man Cave” really is or for that matter what a “Real Man” is!! The way she talks I would think her idea of a “Man” is one of those lipstick wearing metro-sexual freaks wearing a dog collar and being led around by her on a leash!! Sounds like something from a Hollywierd Halloween Party!!
    This “homo sapien” “Kalani” (I’m not going to venture into what style, class and variety of human she is) seems to suffer from a severe case of constipation of the brain. She can’t remember what it was like to be a kid. Kids would get into groups and form “Clubhouses!!” Anybody remember the “Our Gang Comedy” with Alfalfa, Darla, Spanky, Buckwheat and all!! Kids everywhere acted like that!! The Clubhouse was a group event and the “Man Cave” is the singular out growth of that!! Another example of the kid’s “Clubhouse is in that TV movie “Little Giants” with Shawna “The Icebox” Waldron….The “Kids’ had a gathering place…the “Club house!!”
    Well Boyz and Girlz, Kids “usually” Grow UP!!!! I use the term “usually” very loosely here!! The grown up “Singular” version of the Club House morphed into the popular term”Man Cave” ….I’m sure there are some “Woman Caves” out there perhaps the “Massage Spa” and “Beauty Salon” for a few examples. ……………
    BTW The intro top photo is “NOT” a “Man Cave” no, that looks more like the electronics and TV display section at the local WAL-MART!!!!
    Hope ya’ll enjoyed my rant!! Heeeeeee!!! I love Club Houses, Man Caves, and ya’ll never thought of it but “BARS!!!!!!” of every persuasion!! My favorites are Biker, Country and Sports (fishin’ an’ huntin’) and oh yes I can’t leave out “H-O-O-T-E-R-S-!!!!!!” I’m sure my last note will cause Kalani to, at least, have a cerebral hemorrhage !!!!
    Someone please call 911!!
    Got Gunz…….OUTLAW!!!!!!!,
    PS Did I ever tell ya’ the story about the time during the Indo-Chinese Conflict when some of my Skydivin’ buddies started a Jump Club out in WESTPAC (If I tol’ ya’ where it was I’d have ta kill ya’) yeah, they got air support from the local Helo Squadron to get the pilots Flight time and train them in Parachute ops!! Hehehehehehehe and they got to jump!!! Well the Club House aka “MAN CAVE” got fashioned out of an old abandoned CONNEX BOX they salvaged!! “MAN CAVE!!!!” What we do for FUN!!!!!!!!

  17. As a guy I can honestly say that if you need a space to “get away” from your wife/kids then you don’t deserve them. Life isn’t all about you and your desires. Also, I’ve seen way too many comments about other guys saying that “a woman’s cave is the kitchen and batroom” yeah, where she cooks for YOU and makes herself look pretty for YOU. Doesn’t sound very relaxing to me. My wife sometimes has friends over and so do I but we don’t need rooms specified for it because we’re grown-ass adults who don’t have anything to hide from eachother. And sure, we don’t agree on everything when it comes to how the house looks but that’s where this amazing new invention called “compromising” comes in. A man should never be yanked around on a leash by his wife and neither should a woman. Everyone here needs to stop victimizing their selves. Ladies, you shouldn’t bash on men for wanting a place to escape from you because you’ve got to be pretty dense to not see it coming by the way he treated you before marriage. And men…grow the fuck up. You don’t need a man cave, you’re not 17 anymore. Marriage isn’t something you can turn off and on or escape from. If you feel the need to “escape” from your woman or kids then you have some issues that need counseling.

  18. Again, suggested reading, “Men Are from Mars, Women from Venus”, John Gray, great book!


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