Feminist pours bleach onto men’s crotches for man-spreading

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The Sun reports, Sept. 25, 2018, that feminist and law student Anna Dovgalyuk, 20, is combating the “gender aggression” of man-spreading by pouring bleach on the crotches of men who spread their legs on the St. Petersberg, Russia subway. Most of the men are too stunned to react.

Dovgalyuk uses a solution of bleach and water which she says is 30 times more concentrated than that used by housewives in their laundry, so that “It eats colors in the fabric in a matter of minutes, leaving indelible stains”. Those stains serve as “identification spots” showing “which body part controls the behavior of these men.”

Dovgalyuk claims to act “on behalf of everyone who has to endure the disgusting manifestations of you declaring your macho qualities on public transportation”.

Russian news outlet Rosbalt said the video is fake, but Anna insists it is “absolutely real”.

In the event YouTube takes down the video, you can watch it on The Sun.

Dovgalyuk crowed that no one has sued her so far because “I don’t think people are going to go to the police to file a report about jeans.”

What she did to the men is ASSAULT.

If she (or other feminists) tries this stunt in the United States, she’ll be decked.

H/t Daily Wire


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22 responses to “Feminist pours bleach onto men’s crotches for man-spreading

  1. I agree, what she is doing is assaulting these men. Unfortunately, it would seem that foreign men are so “pussified” that they refuse to stand up for themselves. They should all take to wearing the pink pussy hats. The fact that this is a woman doing the assaulting should have no bearing on this case–she should get clocked for perpetrating these assaults!

  2. I am dumbfounded, I left a reply just five minutes ago–yet it does not appear here?

    • Auntie Lulu:

      For some reason, unlike other commenters, EVERY comment of yours must be “moderated” (approved) by me before it’s published. I suggest you log into FOTM, then comment. Maybe that way, your comments won’t require my moderation.

  3. I so hope she gets the crap beaten out of her.

  4. Hey Anna, there’s a physical reason some men sit like that and don’t cross their legs. It’s called BALLS (and thick thighs). You try having them and squishing them with your legs crossed.

    I know you think you’re cute but you’re an IDIOT.

  5. I’m not a violent man, but crap like that deserves a punch in the face. Then a wetting down with some more bleach. If she did that to me, jail or no jail, she wouldn’t be able to sit for a week.

  6. Basically, now they think men owe them an apology for being endowed with male genitalia. These people are insane.

  7. I actually think that if someone did this to me on public transportation, he or she would get punched by me. I always try to walk away from any fight, but the instant someone assaults me, things suddenly change. I also don’t hit women, as a rule. But the moment that a woman assaults me it immediately changes her from a woman into an attacker.
    Who knows, the liquid she was tossing could have been some kind of acid, and serious injury could have been the result. So I would have most likely reacted by popping her in the mouth with a right hook.

  8. And how is this not aggravated assault?

    Knock these K**nts out. Seriously.

  9. I hope there’s some dude that not only intercepts her, but pulls her head back, and makes her chug her bleach tonic.

    That’ll be the last time she bleaches someone’s crotch.

    And couldn’t she have poured the bleach on all the “womyn” that showed their crotches, as shown in the last caption contest here?

  10. The proper thing to do would be citizen’s arrest and hold her till the authorities arrive. If that kind of solution can ruin clothes what will it do to the eyes? Don’t let her escape with the evidence.

  11. “Man-spreading” is not the result of male privilege, it is the result of female privilege.

    Simply put, men are taller than women. They need taller seats. But since public seating is sized to accommodate women rather then men, men must sit lower, with their knees higher relative to the seat height. When in a relaxed pose, their legs will spread until the thighs contact and are supported by, the seat.

    So “man-spreading” is due to female privilege.

  12. Pardon my coarse language, but if a female does this to you, stand up and knock that bitch to the ground. Knock her out.

  13. Disgusting. This indeed is assault. If that is stronger than household bleach as the that young witch spelled with b claims, then it can eat through the material, and if any of these men were not within a few minutes of being able to change their clothing that bleach could start to burn their skin. I never once in my life viewed the way men sit as an issue to even contemplate. If these arrogant, man hating, brainwashed feminists keep it up it does not bode well for the future of male female relationships.

    • After decades of feminism, you gals are just STARTING to figure that out?! Is it any wonder why men are running away from marriage?

  14. Flannigan McGaffigan

    I remember my puzzlement over hearing of a women being raped before her throat was slashed, but I think I now understand.

  15. Grab the bottle and throw the bleach in her face

  16. Set her down and put the stuff in her crotch

  17. This does count as assault, but not simply assault but assault with a chemical agent, if someone were to do this to a politician they’d have chemical weapons charges brought against them as well, I suspect.

    Also that is a sensitive and permeable area down there, anyone who has ever had an accident handling rubbing alcohol knows that if a chemical, especially a caustic one like bleach, gets down there it can and will burn causing much pain for a rather long duration, if not serious damage to the skin and organs, if not rinsed properly, and within a short time.

    The men should bring chemical weapons charges against her, and since there is ample evidence, it should stick.

  18. Come try in in New York City, Anna Banana! Come On!!! I will give you a maximum of THREE MEN before you get your clock cleaned—and good.

    (Just as an aside: With all the poison of feminism these past 50 years, have we been witnessing the consequences and results of Eve’s Sin? Just asking.)



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