Feminism in 2015: Dye your armpit hair blue!

The feminist movement was begun in the 19th century by courageous suffragettes who fought for women’s right to vote.

Fast forward to the 21st century.

Feminism today is about letting your menstrual blood “flow freely” because, you know, wearing a tampon or pad during menstruation is submitting to oppressive patriarchy. /sarc

Here’s the latest absurdity:

Once upon a time, beginning in the 1960s, feminists would make a statement by not shaving their armpit hair. Now, womyn across America are striking a bold blow for feminism by dyeing their armpit hair.

Andrew Adam Newman reports for The New York Times, July 15, 2015, that the new trend apparently was begun by Destiny Moreno, 17.

Sometime last year, Moreno stopped shaving her underarms. After she drew plenty of negative comments, according to her, Moreno got in the face of her critics by dyeing her armpit hair in the shade of Voodoo Blue by Manic Panic, purchased from a Sally Beauty Supply store near her Seattle home, “as an act of defiance.” The next day, Moreno posted a video on YouTube of herself in a tank top, proudly raising her arms to show her turquoise armpit hair.

Destiny Moreno shows off her blue armpit hair (photo by Ruth Fremson, NYT)

The video has had more than 264,000 views. Moreno has since dyed her armpit hair in other bright colors — hot pink, purple, green, neon yellow and orange.

Moreno said, “Nobody questions when a guy wearing a tank top does a selfie that shows his armpit hair. But if I happen to show my armpit hair in a selfie, it’s like, ‘Whoa, feminist witch asking for attention.’ ”

Hmm. Yes, you are asking for attention, Ms. Moreno. Why else would you post that video on the Internet?

Moreno’s video went viral. Über exhibitionist Miley Cyrus displayed her newly pink underarms in a photo she posted to Instagram on May 1, drawing more than 396,000 likes and more than 30,000 comments. On Instagram, more than 700 photos of women (and a handful of men) have been posted with the hashtag #dyedpits. At “pit-ins” in Seattle and Pensacola, Fla., groups have assembled for dyeing sessions.

A blog post, “How to Dye Your Armpit Hair,” by Roxie Hunt, 31, a Seattle hairstylist who stopped shaving her underarms 5 years ago, has been shared more than 37,000 times since it was published last October. Nowadays, Hunt’s armpit hair is dyed pink (“Cleo Rose” by Manic Panic). She is a co-founder of Free Your Pits, a website that celebrates growing and dyeing. Hunt and site co-founder Rain Sissel write in their manifesto:

“Our goal is to use this demonstration of personal choice and expression to help broaden and challenge the standard of ‘beauty’ in a society that already places way too many harmful standards on women.”

Hunt works in a “feminist-leaning” beauty salon in Seattle, where she offers the armpit-dyeing service for $65 — an irony that seems to elude her.

Some other examples of womyn striking a blow for feminism by growing and dyeing their armpit hair:

  • A womyn who paid Hunt $65 for a dye-job “because she was going on a family vacation and wanted to freak out her in-laws.”
  • Alyssa Bishop, 38, who lives on Vancouver Island in British Columbia and works in a commercial greenhouse, dyed all her body hair a deep blue (Manic Panic’s After Midnight), including her shoulder-blade-length hair, eyebrows, armpit hair and pubic hair (“below the belt”). Bishop said her underarms in particular function as a litmus test: “If people don’t think that my blue armpit hair is funny, then they probably aren’t worth my time. It’s really great for turning off people who aren’t accepting.” There is also narcissism: Bishop said, “When I see myself naked in the mirror, I laugh every time because I think it’s hilarious and kind of awesome.
  • Racheal Bennett, 20, who lives in Ottawa and is studying to become a hairstylist, stopped shaving her underarms when she was about 15. Last December, she posted an instructional video to YouTube in which she dyes her armpits with the color Virgin Rose by Special Effects. She said her parents “think I’m crazy” and “my dad is still very much grossed out,” but “I do it because it looks cool. And because I think that people should be able to do what they please, and feel beautiful regardless of what they do.”

I wonder if Racheal Bennett would include rapists among “people should be able to do what they please.”

There you have it — “People should be able to do what they please,” the 2015 version of the motto of satanist Aleister Crowley and the Church of Satan, “Do As Thou Wilt.”

Of course, “Do As Thou Wilt” is also the first sin — that of Lucifer who then went on to corrupt our first parents with the same self-indulgent, narcissistic temptation.

H/t FOTM reader Meadowhawk


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