Female House Democrats defy patriarchy with sleeveless Friday

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With all the problems in America and the world, female Democrats in the House of Representatives showed their defiance of the oppressive patriarchy by baring their arms yesterday, declaring Fridays henceforth to be sleeveless.

The U.S. House of Representatives has a dress code for House chambers of suit-and-tie for men and sleeves and no open-toed shoes for women.
Some of the female representatives tweeted their decisive blow against male patriarchy:

Hank Berrien reports for The Daily Wire, July 14, 2017:

The brouhaha over the dress code was triggered when Weekly Standard reporter Jenna Lifhits tried to use paper from her notebook as a way to cover up her shoulders, but was refused entrance to the House chambers. Independent Journal Review reporter Haley Byrd was ejected from the Speaker’s lobby for wearing a sleeveless dress.
On Thursday, House Speaker Paul Ryan indicated he would ask the sergeant-at-arms to modernize the dress code that also includes requiring men to wear a suit and tie in both the Speaker’s lobby and House chamber.
The celebration over the defiant escape to freedom from the patriarchy now will be etched in history alongside other historic moments such as the 1963 Martin Luther King-led March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.

Next on the Democrat women’s agenda:

Hairy Armpit Friday!

Because shaving women’s armpits is submission to the oppressive male patriarchy.


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0 responses to “Female House Democrats defy patriarchy with sleeveless Friday

  1. No decorum, next they’ll be wearing shorts and halter tops…these women are idiots! This is our government, have some protocol, please…I’m sick of seeing short shorts and tiny tops even in church. Where’s the decency?

  2. Add respect to that as well

  3. Hey, ya’ll got this 100% WRONG: They demanded their right to ‘bear’ arms, not ‘bare’ ones, which are useless for self defense.
    Stay w/me on this one Dave, Glen, truckjunkie, calgirl, traildust and other regulars who know me. I see some mileage in it for at least today….

    • You’re RIGHT-this is a Second Amendment issue,which relates to the Constitution that many of our elected officials choose to follow SELECTIVELY,at best. When we gun owners get full acceptance and support of our RIGHT to own and BEAR Arms,THEN we can discuss their right to BARE arms. In the meantime,they need to handle this in a LEGALLY ACCEPTABLE manner,NOT by “Willful Disobedience”.

      • Well Maxine Waters still has her James Brown wig-hat on her head. These idiots are grazing at the public trough. It’s a classy bunch.

  4. Here in New Orleans when you visit CITY HALL the city employs what looks to be a Saturday Afternoon in the Park mind set with Shorts, t shirts, sandles, tennis shoes, no tie, what looks to be homeless or at least POOR people walking the halls without any purpose, No where near a professional appearance. Just trash like Mayor LAndrieu, he is allowing the city to fall apart

  5. It all got started when UGLY MOOCH OBAMA wore those tasteless sleeveless dresses showing her muscle arms looking more like she had been arm wrestling the sisters in ghettoland.

  6. Kevin J Lankford

    Not that I really care about sleeves or dress codes one way or another (well, other than teen aged and mature men walking round with their pants to their knees, or women’s blatant disregard for any form of modesty) but there is something seriously wrong with the attitude of so many who are supposed to hold the trust of this Nation to so callously express such defiance over an issue so meaningless.
    Can any be trusted to hold to any true realistic principles?

  7. For the huge amounts of money and benefits we pay these women, we ought to be able to expect that they show up for work (on the few days they actually work) attired in a dress suit. Who in the world wants a bunch of lamos coming in to do the business of We The People, dressed like you going out into the garden to pull weeds? This is so disgusting.

  8. anything for liberals to defy and get attention….I knew these morons would do this after hearing about the female reporter who was kicked out of the speaker’s lobby for not wearing sleeved attire…these idiots are so disrespectful. Men have to wear suits and ties and you don’t see them protesting. If these dregs to the dress code want to be professionals, then they should act like professionals. They scream “equal rights!” but then complain when a dress code is put upon them as the men must adhere to.
    I wonder how many of them send their kids to schools that have dress codes?….what a great example they are setting for their kids and constituents (sarc.). I pray recall efforts results from their antics.

    • MomOfIV . . . I agree completely. When you actually take the time to scan the picture slowly, these women look like middle class run of the mill employees at any run of the mill business. This is so disgusting that the men “dress for success,” but these woman just do not feel they need to dress in a professional manner.

  9. — Kevin L. — I agree with all the comments so far, but I agree with yours, Kevin, the most. I wrote a note similar to this earlier. It is a shame that the leaders of the People’s House and Senate even have to deal with this issue. By the time you get to this stage in your life you should be adult enough to ascertain the appropriate attire for the business at hand. If you are going to an office environment, then dress in business attire. If you are going to the beach then dress in your swimsuit. If you are going to the local bar, then dress as to attract attention (by the way this is better known has dressing as a hooker or a lady of the evening). If it ain’t for sale, then don’t advertise. How hard is this to figure out?????????

  10. Women making a statement without knowing about what they are talking. They need understanding of the appreciation they should have for the people they represent accompanied by signs of respect for their offices of responsibility.

  11. I’ve noticed and been unhappy about the number of women news reporters and even anchors wearing sleeveless tops in the past few years. I don’t see what compels them to show off what usually aren’t even attractive arms and shoulders. How long until they’re showing side boob? And then? Why don’t men start the same thing, maybe wear Bermuda shorts & flip flops too?
    Not sure why it bugs me; it just looks unprofessional, like they don’t care.
    Then again, that is how the guys dressed in law school back when I made that fateful error in judgement to attend. I was almost 10y older than my classmates, having already gone through grad school, work, and started teaching, but I was mortified at their appearance and attitude toward studies. Different generation. And that was almost 25y ago now…
    On the other hand, I once visited a Bally’s Health Club in Dallas and was wearing a sleeveless shirt just because it’s comfortable while working out. I don’t have guns worth gawking at… yet as I was leaving for the day, a front desk worker told me I could not return unless I wore proper attire, including NO sleeveless shirts, which “intimidated the women”. Really? At a fitness club? In Dallas? I think there’s a time & place… but ok, whatever.

    • Sleevelessness is nothing compared to FoxNews female anchors’ exposed cleavages & thighs:

      • Come visit our stations, BOOBS’aPOPPING pretty soon!

      • Dr Eowyn . . . I certainly agree with your thoughts on that matter. For some time now, I secretly thought that these women cheapen themselves by displaying all their bits & pieces . . . how could the majority of objective observers take these women seriously when they look more like what you might expect of a hooker trolling a bar? Is it any wonder that FOX News has had problems with “sexual harassment issues?” I personally just do not like this, in my estimation, this is not “dressing for success,” unless the success you are seeking is to have men leer at you and hit on you! It is not professional, and it teaches a wrong message to young women, and young men I am sure learn to objectify woman as being sexual creatures, rather that intelligent counterparts.

  12. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:
    Is this a Soros/Alinsky tactic for division of our country? Making something out of nothing for nothing. The greatest problem for some people of this generation is that they don’t know what a real problem is. If their masters are successful using them, we all will know.

  13. Come on girls. Have some self respect. I call them girls since they are acting like a bunch of 12 year old spoiled brats.
    Obviously they never studied the Emily Post rules of etiquette. They lack so much here, makes me think they aren’t fit for the job.
    The proper attire is business suits or skirts and jackets, down to the middle of the knee and heels with hose. Hair is to be done in a dignified style.
    I would simple ignore them, they are wasted energy. we have bigger fish to fry that to involves saving this country.

  14. Kevin J Lankford

    Just noticed the black woman in the front who does have sleeves. Were they all just to scared in their grand show of defiance to tell her she is out of place; she does not fit in; she ain’t on the right team, she’s let em down; or were they just scared of being called racist, or intolerant,or noninclusive?
    What a grand gathering of dingbats.

    • Here’s my take on that woman: it could be that she has a sense of both decorum and presence, as she would have had 2X the difficulty getting elected as her ‘white’ sisters. But then I’m a ‘white’ 74 yrs male w/few prejudices other than the usual suspects.

  15. Well, that’s okay.
    They show up for Brainless Twit Day 24/7/365.

    • they should have given the middle finger sign to make it a picture perfect!

      • Alma . . . That is extremely perceptive of you . . . that’s exactly what they meant by this kind of silly show. Most middle aged women look far better in clothing that covers the upper arm, unfortunately, unless they have been religious in hitting the gym, women’s upper arms start sagging, as you age you start loosing muscle tissue, and the skin starts to look less than what we would consider pleasing.

        • Auntie Lulu, have you seen a plucked hen? That’s me! Elbow sleeves all year long!

          • Alma . . . I’m with you. I always wear clothing with sleeves. At the age of almost 71, my upper arms just do not look like what they did when I was 14 . . . heck they don’t even look like what they did when I was 40!

  16. Constantly having their way with us breeds contempt!

  17. I’d like to thank all of the ‘sleeveless’ women for continuing to show us who they are and what they are about. Let them keep embarrassing themselves. Who wants to look at all that cellulite and baggy skin anyway?
    You’re not going to change the mind of those that don’t matter and you don’t need to change the minds of those that do. Covfefe.

  18. I am reminded of Merv Griffin, who once asked Telly Savalas, “Hey, Telly… Have you ever met a bald lady?”

  19. At least Sheila Jackson had the good sense not to bare her bat wings.

  20. 😂😂😂 wait how about short bangs Tuesday?


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