FEMA prisoner box cars with shackles and guillotines in America?

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There is a sensational article “FEMA Ordered 102,000 Boxcars with Shackles” on Project.Nsearch, written by Anna Janek, Oct. 19, 2012, which was re-published by BeforeIt’sNews. The article claims that FEMA prisoner boxcars fitted with shackles and guillotines (!) have been seen across America. This is what Janek wrote:

FEMA ORDERED 102,000 Boxcars With Shackles! THE FACTS-GUNDERSON PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES-A REPORT Here is a summary of the previous information circulating about Gunderson’s PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES from previous reports circulating all over the nation on this subject, which I have written. BRENT GUNDERSON is challenging my information. CAN YOU PROVE HIM WRONG??? Many people have raised skeptical questions about reports of prisoner BOXCARS AND SHACKLES being sighted across America. Some people think that they are only reported originally through Phil Schnieder in a Patriot interview. Recently, someone erroneously reported that MY information on them originated from Phil Schnieder. WRONG! My research and documentation on the boxcars and shackles goes far beyond Phil´s interview. Long before I heard of him, I had eyewitness information on these boxcars. A van full of eyewitnesses, missionaries traveling across America to evangelize and pray, stumbled across these boxcars in Montana, near Columbia Falls in Glacier. They described boxcars, in this case painted black, with shackles welded into them and a modern guillotine at the head of each boxcar inside. As they were photographing mountain scenery, they decided to follow railroad tracks into the wilderness so as to not get lost. This is how they came upon these boxcars with shackles. I later received a report from Lee Harrington of Valier, MT, who was a professional metal worker. He told me how in Glascow, MT, summer youth workers were employed to weld shackles into boxcars in that operation. They were then shipped west to Glacier and stored on remote sidetracks. Passing through the Blackfoot Indian Reservation in Cutbank, a local Blackfoot Indian, George Bullcalf, spotted these strange boxcars. When I interviewed local Patriots in Columbia Falls, they confirmed that hunters often stumbled upon such boxcars on remote train spurs in that wilderness region. I THEN TRAVELED TO PORTLAND OREGON, and lectured in the home of an actual employee of GUNDERSON STEEL FABRICATION. The wife of this high level executive called this meeting personally to make a public admission. In the meeting were OTHER GUNDERSON EMPLOYEES who had witnessed the prisoner boxcars in the higher than normal, three floor/three tier prisoner boxcars. She admitted that her husband finally told her that GUNDERSON WAS UNDER SECRET CONTRACT FROM THE US GOVERNMENT TO PRODUCE THESE PRISONER BOXCARS. She also admitted that Gunderson had a satellite factory for a boxcars with shackles operation in Texas. I called Col. Jim Ammerman in Texas, famous military Patriot-lecturer against martial law, and told him about this. He replied, “A friend of mine who is a metal welder called me recently, and said he had gone to apply for a job in offered in Texas for welding. When he was told that it involved WELDING SHACKLES INTO BOXCARS, he declined the job!” I later interviewed Russian immigrants in this area who admitted that some of their people were working at Gunderson, and one young man, Sasha, admitted working on prisoner boxcars and described them completely to his Russian Christian friends there. THE RUSSIAN COMMMUNITY NOW KNOWS ABOUT THEM AND IS VERY AFRAID OF THE IMPLICATIONS!!! Many Russians still work there. Another source, WATCHDOG, a retired military vet with a watchdog group, described yet another boxcar with shackles operation in New Hampshire, with three tiered boxcars fitted with shackles. Metal worker Lee Harrington also described 20,000 CHINESE prisoner boxcars with shackles and modern guillotines, in the form of 40 foot railroad containers, coming into America via the west coast. They were ordered by the American government through a Senator who visited China and ordered these items. Workers unloading them became suspicious and began to investigate and discovered these horrors from China. Such 40 foot cargo containers from China are now piled up along the West Coast, especially around Long Beach Naval Shipyard, turned over the Chinese. I receive constant reports across America regarding these types of prisoner boxcars from former radio listeners and Patriots across America…and Canada. Recently, a former high level satanist from the mountains of North Carolina, now a Christian and receiving discipleship, admitted that boxcars with shackles were indeed in the mountains of NC and waiting for the hour of martial law. (Asheville, NC) He warned that many Patriots and Christians arrested and secured into these prisoner boxcars under martial law will never even make it to the death camps..that many will be tortured and sacrificed once restrained in these prisoner boxcars.

This news is so alarming, it cries out for verification. But how does one confirm or disconfirm alleged sightings of these boxcars?

One way to do that is to double-check the identities of the individuals named in Janek’s article.

I searched for the individuals cited  in the article, using paid-subscription people search engines. This is what I found:

  • There is a Lee Harrington, age 63, in Valier, Montana.
  • As for George Bullcalf, not only could I NOT find a George Bullcalf in Cutbank, MT, Instant Checkmate says they can’t find a George Bullcalf in all of Montana or in any of the other 49 states. but I did find a Glenda D. Bullcalf, who has a P. O. Box address in Browning, MT. However, no names came up as her “related persons.” Also, there is no Cutbank, MT, but there is a Cut Bank, MT, which is about 35 miles east of Browning, MT.
  • As for “Col. Jim Ammerman, Texas”: If it’s the same retired U.S. Army chaplain Col. Elmer Harmon “Jim” Ammerman, described as a “widely recognized proponent of New World Order conspiracy theory,” he had died on May 17, 2011. — one year five months before Anna Janek’s article.
  • As for “Gunderson Steel Fabrication,” a search for those 3 words yielded only websites reproducing or referring to Janek’s article. I can’t find a company that’s actually called Gunderson Steel Fabrication, in Texas or Oregon. There is a Gunderson that is one of the companies in The Greenbrier Companies headquartered in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

Here’s Greenbrier’s self-description:

The Greenbrier Companies, headquartered in Lake Oswego, Oregon, is a leading supplier of transportation equipment and services to the railroad industry. The Company builds new railroad freight cars in its three manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and Mexico and marine barges at its U.S. facility. It also repairs and refurbishes freight cars and provides wheels and railcar parts at 40 locations across North America. Greenbrier builds new railroad freight cars and refurbishes freight cars for the European market through both its operations in Poland and various subcontractor facilities throughout Europe. Greenbrier owns approximately 9,100 railcars, and performs management services for approximately 216,000 railcars.

The Company Timeline says Greenbrier began in 1919 as Wire Wheel Sales and Service, “a leading steel fabricator in Portland, Oregon,” owned by the Gunderson brothers. By 1947, the business became known as Gunderson Brothers. In 1985, James Furman & Co. acquired the former Gunderson site from FMC Corporation and changed the name back to Gunderson, Inc. In 1994, the company completed its IPO (initial public offering) and became the Greenbrier Companies, Inc.

Bill Furman is Greenbrier’s CEO. Here’s his contact info:

The Greenbrier Companies
One Centerpointe Drive, Suite 200
Lake Oswego, Oregon 97035
Phone: 503-684-7000
Fax: 503-684-7553
Email Greenbrier: gbrx.info@gbrx.com

This map shows Greenbrier has two manufacturing plants in Texas and one in Oregon.

Here are some pictures of what looks to be box cars on Greenbrier’s website:

From https://www.gbrx.com/Location_Maps_Home.php?expandable=100

Greenbrier’s page on boxcars has 6 photos of its boxcars of different colors and sizes. None resembles the alleged prisoner boxcars pictured in Anna Janek’s BeforeIt’sNews article:

To conclude, I cannot confirm that there’s a George Bullcalf in Montana or anywhere in the United States. Most egregious is the fact that the Col. Jim Ammerman referenced by Anna Janek had died 17 months before she wrote and published her article in which she quotes him. There is no Gunderson Steel Fabrication. Furthermore, the company name “Gunderson” hasn’t been used for at least 18 years, not since 1994.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. But Janek did not produce photographic evidence of the shackles and guillotines inside the alleged prisoner boxcars. That evidence would certainly be useful.

For us to believe — and spread — Janek’s sensational claims would play right into our political opponents’ cartoon depiction of conservatives as looney-tune nutcases. Don’t fall for it!


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0 responses to “FEMA prisoner box cars with shackles and guillotines in America?

  1. Yes, lets see some photos. 🙂

    • The person to contact is a Mary Starett who use to run a radio program on KPDQ in PDX, OR about 1996. She spoke about it and had photos of the cars in question. The Gunderson Steel Fabrication you refer to is called Gunderson Steel and is located in Portland and is still being operated to build rail cars. At the time, I worked at Burlington Northern RR, on Yeon RD, which shared the tracks with Gunderson. Late at night, several engines trips hauled about 50 cars at a time out of the Rail yard on track 40. Although I did not see inside, they were black. Contact Mary for more info.

      • Mary starrett elected yamhill county commissioner in oregon 2014 would be great to see photos

  2. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this “amazing” post and for your meticulous and very hard work to research the fascinating claims of Ms. Janek. I wonder what a “modern” guillotine looks like? (LOL) She also describes eyewitnesses and “missionaries” evangelizing, who are the individuals who saw these boxcars with the “modern” guillotines and “shackles” attached. I agree Dr. Eowyn, that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, or in the legal world, “substantial” evidence, which clearly does not exist to support Ms. Janek’s claims. People who makes such ridiculous claims not only defy logic and reason, but hurt all of us who are seriously trying to make a difference fighting Obama and his evil administration, by making us appear as lunatics or people “on the fringe” of reality. Once again, Dr. Eowyn, thank you so much for your accurate and significant research in this matter, for your professionalism, your expertise and your love of Truth.

  3. Great stuff & research, as always. I’ll turn this over to my friends in MI & the IT community and let you know what comes of it ASAP, likely tomorrow. We should use SKYPE, as it’s encryption is so good even NSA can’t break it. It’s useful for stuff such as this….

  4. https://www.midcontinent.org/rollingstock/builders/gunderson.htm

    Looney? Possibly, but if anyone had told me 12 years ago when I started tracking things like the box cars, the strange oversized so called coffin liners and odd camps in out of the way places; I would never have believed we would have this president with his nefarious agenda. But now we do. But when I read his books in 2007, I began to understand what he was. I’m not a conpsiracy theorist, but some things are really of kilter in this country.

    • But as you can see Linda, if an individual desires to make such claims as “modern” guillotines attached to boxcars along with shackles, the eyewitnesses and detailed evidence must be able to be verified; the evidence must be substantial. Otherwise, such claims do not help our fight. This is the point of this post.

  5. By the way, Texas with FEMA’s help is building 35 – 20,000 to 30,000 sq ft. domes along the Texas coast. Our coast is 624 miles long. That’s roughly 1 dome every 17 plus miles. Now, tell me this; why just Texas, why not Fla, why not Ms, and La. They plan to store a lot of equipment in them for deployment during disaster, and also to use as shelters or so they said. This is NOT rumor. It was on TV, and in our local paper here in Texas. Doesn’t anyone find this just a little odd?

    • It sounds odd, but out of context anything could sound odd. The gestalt is lacking a few more points to fill out the picture. This is the time to do more research rather than scream to high heaven about things which may or may not be true or may be substantially different than people are saying they are.

  6. This is a huge operation they also manufacture barges.
    If this story is true you would think at least one worker might be carrying a cell phone camera.

    Gunderson and Greenbrier entered into a joint venture.
    Gunderson Rail Services LLC – May have other name designations also.


    A history of:

  7. Thanks for all the good info. Very interesting, so much stuff out there, it’s hard to know what to believe.

  8. How else will Democrats achieve “social justice”?– but let’s see some pictures, too.

  9. Or the box cars could just be car transporters, like new-ish designs from Honda called ‘Auto Max’ that house 22 cars vs a standard 10 in conventional ones. —FROM 2008 mind you!


    • I think all auto manufacturers use these cars for shipping now. They are a lot better then the old open style. They also use an enclosed trailer as well. Volkswagen, Porsche, Audi, especially.

  10. Even the simple fact these box cars are 110ft long, that would require well over 2,000 miles of track to just store them sitting still. (or the distance from Chicago to LA) I think we would be seeing quite a few more pictures about it if 102,000 were sitting around.

  11. This is all true. i knew this information since 2006 and had posted in 2008 concerning it. every one ! stop feeding energy in to this and simply
    R-E-V-O-L-T !, throw all out of there offices that do not live in “Unconditional” love and get individuals in that do ! Take back ur lifes and be free, and stop walking a round in shackles. Take back ur homes and re fuse to pay there MAN MADE DEBT ! You out number them by
    B-I-L-L-I-O-N-S ! so do what you need to do now ! and be free a gain !!!!!

  12. Thank you, Dr. Eowyn, for requiring some verification on this story. The times we live in are troubling enough without throwing in any fear mongering stories.

    Let’s keep holding steady to our values, persuade anyone we can to vote conservative next week, and not get side tracked by this stuff.

    If this stuff exists, we will have better chances of dealing with them if we don’t have Marxists in control of our government.

  13. Gunderson employee

    This is all fantasy & very poor journalism. I work at Gunderson. Worked here for 30 years. We all laugh at these stories. Shackles? Seriously? Come on. Get real. We need orders badly to keep our jobs. If somebody wants shackles, give us a call! Otherwise, nip this made up story in the butt. It’s so embarassing for guys like Dr. Eowon. So many of his facts are wrong and unchecked. Our name is NOT Gunderson Steel Fabrication, and never has been. We operate under the name Gunderson. We build railcars & barges. We have a website with this information. We have phone numbers you can call and talk to live people.These are all easy facts that Dr. Eowon could’ve checked out. Seriously, if he can’t even get our NAME right…. who’s dumb enough to believe the rest of his story? Guess he likes to sensationalize slavery and the holocaust. Whatever. You’re a bad American. Shame on you. Are you really a Doctor? What kind? LOL.
    Time to tune in to the real world Doctor. And leave the journalism to the pros.
    Later, MUCH.
    A proud Gunderson employee – building the best railcars & barges in America.

    • Gunderson should be embarrassed to have an employee who can’t even properly read an article.

      You keep accusing me, Dr. Eowyn, of not checking facts and referring to your company as Gunderson Steel Fabrication. If you’d actually read my article, you’d know that’s PRECISELY what I did — checking alleged facts, including the fact that there’s no company called Gunderson Steel Fabrication. Gosh, I feel sorry for you for being so reading- and IQ-challenged. It must really suck to be you.

    • HA!

    • ahhh one of the worker dweebs who wants the orders to come in so he can put in the shackles.. just order them please.. he;ll install them! Here’s the thing.. this guy and the ones he works with will be the first on the trains…. then they can tell everybody how stupid they are.. the US brainwashes their people thoroughly.. BTW.. shackled trains and concentration camps where put in Germany in 1933.. 11 years before the war began.. who was it who went to those camps in those shackled trains? the people who asked questions and who spoke up against the system.. it was not the Jews in 1933.. it was the people of Germany..OK?? it was marshall law! But the world asks .. why did the germans stand by and allow the holocaust to happen.. well they didn’t stand by.. instead.. for 11 years, they watched their neighbors and their leaders systematically thrown into concentration camps and killed before the world took notice… they were not unbiased.. they were keeping their mouths shut because they knew what would happen to them if they didn’t.. see, due to the fact that they didn’t stand up when they saw the shackles in the railroad cars or when they saw their neighbors being taken away…the end result was, they were forced to accept their own fate.. and that fate was a living hell… and a world war…there comes a time when all of us have to stand up and say NO.. or we will be run through completely.. this is our time America! Come on.. Wake up! I can’t believe how many of you are willingly brainwashed.. you would rather stand up for those who want you dead than to stand with those who want to prevent your death.. are you really that brainwashed?? are you really that lazy not to study and see what’s happening before your very eyes?? are you really that stupid??? you want to die??? damn what is wrong with your brains??? wake the FRAK UP!!! and also.. shut the frak up when we are talking about this.. get the frak off of our sites.. and keep your stupid, ignorant comments to yourself! You are choosing to be killed and tortured.. we are not!!! we will keep the world alive and want nothing to do with your ignorance!



  15. As a railroader, I wonder how stuff like this even gets started. There are so many problems with claiming auto-racks are prisoner cars, it is absolutely crazy. FYI a very good year would be 50,000 rail cars built. So they are claiming a FEMA order of over twice the annual production for all car types built in Canada, US, & Mexico including flats, wells, tanks, hoppers, gons, etc. This would create massive shortages of wheels, sideframes, couplers and other railcar parts. Not to mention there just isn’t enough assembly capacity for that many cars. Since the per diem bust in the early 80s a lot of car builder capacity has been lost. And that is just one problem with their story.

  16. Hello Dr. Eowyn,

    Thank you so much for writing this and for the fact-checking you have done. I have recently been “tipped-off” by a friend who I consider to be extremely reputable, who was relaying information that he gleaned from individuals who he considered reputable as well, and have been extremely dismayed at the information he gave me. I have been doing lots of internet searching to try and, hopefully, refute these claims and I keep finding story after story seemingly corroborating the information. Your article here was the first to really give me any relief about this.

    If you don’t mind, could you address a couple of issues based on your research?

    1) I have read so much about enormous FEMA camps all over the nation that are new and empty, waiting for guests, each with a railroad running through. I have seen some pics and a video as well. The story you refuted contains references to these facilities. Have you done any research into this?

    2) Recently a policeman (I believe) over on the east coast somewhere warned that the government was conducting training for an impending martial law, which is supposed to be enacted this year. Again, have you done any research about this possibility?

    I do appreciate any response. Again, I was relieved to a degree when I read your article, but unfortunately I have already opened Pandora’s Box and am kind of freaking out. If you can dispel any of this I would be a happy guy 🙂


  17. p.s keep up the great work, we need more people like you, but they are to comfortable in there lives. down with N.W.O and the illuminati.

  18. In response to your not being able to find an individual named George Bullcalf….if you read the article it states that he is a local Blackfoot Indian. You might want to rethink saying he doesn’t exist….he may live on the reservation and the only way you’ll find him is to contact the Blackfoot Nation….which just so happens to be up around Montana.

  19. These box cars with shackles are nothing more than prefab prison cells made for federal, state and county prisons/jails. Having worked in the corrections field I have seen them before. Surely you do not think any American with any since of honor to his country would even agree to be part of such a vial scheme.

  20. Ok, at James…. if there are to be no Militia, how did the news report on the graduation of the first 235 I think it was, new graduates from one of those camps that don’t exist, and yes, run by FEMA. I saw that on the news myself… Obama’s militia….. somebody know where to find that one? I don’t.. it WAS on our local station so I am sure it was other places too. I think it was end of summer 2012. Here are some links.. I don’ t know if these check out though.




    So what is the truth… I can believe the boxcar story if there is a plan to declare martial law. You just don’t know what to believe anymore… thanks for reading my post… does anyone have and REAL answers?

  21. I know two men who work at Gunderson Steel for years…they are a Portland based company,,,i live in Portland OR…so strange you cannot find the company….

  22. These cars have been spotted around the country, FEMA camps are growing in numbers, federal agencies such as FEMA, DOJ, TSA, and others that have never carried arms are being trained to kill, our officials are trying to infringe on our rights, our money is dead, and our President wants to incite civil war. WHAT ARE YOU MISSING? WAKE UP AND REVOLT!

  23. ive read the comments…has anybody taken the time to duplicate dr. eoyn’s work or are they taking his word for granted as well?.

    • Why don’t you verify the research I did. It’s not tough; even someone like you can do it. I’ve embedded links to every one of the sources I used. Go ahead.

  24. Why are there no pictures? 102,000 box cars. 145′ each. That is 2800 miles worth of something to hide. Where are they hiding all these cars? We are talking about a line of cars that is lined up end-to-end would stretch farther than Los Angeles to Savannah and not a single photograph.

    If the DHS was to hide these cars at 100 locations, they would have to find 280 miles of track for each of the 100 places. Certainly someone would have come across at least one of these cars and taken a photograph of the inside of it. Not a single photograph. (And I don’t mean the stock bullshit photos. I mean a clear photo of the inside of one – or more – of these cars).

    Well, they are behind fences. Ok. We are talking about enough fence to cross America twice. At least 6,000+ miles of fence. The fence companies would have had a field day.

    If the designers of this car gave each person three feet of space, each car would hold 300 people (which is a conservative estimate since only the outside of the cars would be used to chain people to). That would mean someone would have to weld 300 chains to hold the inhabitants if they were shackled on a single appendage. That is 30,000,000 welds. Where are all the people who have done the welding? I guess DHS kept them in concentration camps and then killed them when they were done welding the shackles. One post said they used children to do the welding. I guess they were pretty good by the time they were done.

    That is also 30,000,000 hand or foot cuffs. I guess GSA just bid that out to a firm is Bangor, Maine. Sure, they took the contract and didn’t think twice about. OR – it went out to a lot of small businesses under a ‘secret contract.’ These businesses produced their hundreds of thousands of shackles and never thought twice about it. The people who work at these businesses did the work – year in, year out and never thought twice about it. Odd, since they were shipping them to FEMA, or a ‘shadow company’ under a ‘secret contract.’ That is a lot of welding and a lot of manufacturing for no one to ever think that there is something odd about making millions of welds and millions of restraints.

    I Washington, a place that can’t keep a secret for ten minutes, this project with all its ‘secret contracts’ really stayed, well – secret!

    Did Gunderson manufacture these cars? They must have used thousands of workers who were sworn to silence under pain of death. The thing is, last year Greenbrier (who owns Gunderson) delivered 15,000 rail vehicles of all types. At that rate they would have had to use all their output for 6.8 years to complete this phantom fleet of 102,000 rail cars. They would have had to own a ‘secret facility’ to complete the manufacture of these rail cars. Since their manufacturing took a dive after 2009 (the recession) I would bet they would have liked the business. But I guess the Greenbrier 2012 Annual Report investor report is nothing but a government cover up (phx.corporate-ir.net/phoenix.zhtml?c=98215&p=irol-irhome).

    (Greenbrier Manufacturing Segment Report –
    Manufacturing revenue was $1.254 billion, $721.1 million and $295.6 million for the years ended August 31,2012, 2011 and 2010. Railcar deliveries, which are the primary source of manufacturing revenue, were 15,000 units in 2012 compared to 9,400 units in 2011 and 2,500 units in 2010. Manufacturing revenue increased $532.9 million, or 73.9%, in 2012 compared to 2011 primarily due to higher railcar deliveries as a result of increased demand and a higher per unit average selling price principally due to a change in product mix. Manufacturing revenue increased $425.5 million, or 144.0%, in 2011 compared to 2010 primarily due to higher railcar deliveries partially offset by a decline in marine barge activity and a change in railcar product mix with lower per unit sales prices.)

    Let me make an estimate for the price of these cars. At $50,000 per car it would have cost FEMA 5.1 billion dollars. I guess Bush and Obama just handed that money over.

    Also, if you transport 30,000,000 (oh, did I mention that 102,000 cars times 300 people per car equals 30 million – or around 10% of the population) in shackles, you have to transport them naked. Why? Because you would have to have an army just for unchaining people who needed to defecate. So, they would have to be unclothed because they would need to go where they sit. Then, once they got to their destination, you would have to use precious water to hose down the cars. Also, you would not be able to transport in the winter areas during winter months. You would also have to keep track of their clothes (unless they were just going to stay naked or you were going to kill them right after they got off the train).

    These Americans DHS is going to transport. They aren’t going to be like the Holocaust victims. You put these people on a train filled with shackles and they KNOW what is going to happen. They aren’t going to stand idly by and walk to their deaths. That means there is going to be a lot of killing before and after the transportation. Remember Flight 93. So, you are going to need a lot of Americans who are willing to kill women and children. Lots of them. What I hear from my right wing friends is the people who will fall in line will be people dependent on the government. That is a code for ‘people of color.’ They are just animals anyway, so why wouldn’t they be willing to kill women and children to hold on to their food stamps and welfare?

    When they transported arrive, I don’t know what you would do with the people. They would be covered in shit. Disease would be rampant. The guards would have to be wearing coveralls and using breathers. The stench would be beyond belief. Also, would they feed these people? Would they provide water? After a few days the guards would be carrying people out of the cars.

    It would make more sense to simply use the cars as rolling jail cells and leave the transported loose and not chained down. The shackles don’t make a bit of logistic sense.

    But the people who dreamed this up thought the shackles would scare people more. Either way, the shackles make no sense at all. I mean if you are selling fear, chains make more noise.

    Will DHS feed any of these people? You would need tons of food to move 30,000,000 people. How would you feed them? They would be chained down. I guess you could leave a pile of food at one and of each of the 3 floors and it would get passed around. But, since there’s no way to use the bathroom, it would be easier to go without the food.

    The next question is why do you want to move 30,000,000 at one time? That is close to the population of California (38 million in 2012). What are going to do, move them to Mexico and leave them there (that’ll teach them for sending us millions of illegals)? Or – will the DHS move 30,000,000 people somewhere and kill them? Maybe that is why they need all those coffins (which aren’t really coffins – even if you thought they are). You don’t bury 30,000,000 people. You burn them.

    Where are all the cars? 3,000 miles worth of cars… Where are they? There is not a single photograph of one of the inside of these cars. There is not a person who worked on them who has stepped forward. Every person in America has a digital camera on their person. Where are the photographs? And while I am at it, where are the photos of the guillotines that are on each of the cars? I mean they are making them in Asia and sending them (under ‘secret contract’) to the states for use on this 3,000 mile fleet of phantom rail cars.

    Funny how there is so much of this (hundreds of thousands and miles and miles of proof out there) and all of it is secret and not a single person has produced a single shred of evidence that this fleet exists. Funny how I know people who have a answer for all of this. The answer doesn’t make sense, but it is an answer from a patriot and that should be enough. It isn’t. The thing isn’t that this story is a lie. It is. The thing is why do ‘God fearing Christians’ have so much invested in it being true?

    You call yourselves patriots? You look like liars to me. This lie has been floating around since 2004. It is time for it to stop. A lie, is a lie, is a lie.

    And this ladies and gentlemen, is a lie.

  25. What is even more alarming than these stories about gullotines and such is the posts where people pooh pooh them and laugh at even the idea like those things couldn’t happen here. Well it can happen here. People better wake up and smell the coffee or our people could be i more danger than you’d ever imagine.

    One post was right on. There are billions of us. We need to vote these people out of office and get people in that will value our freedom and turn this mess around for the good of the country.

    Why can’t people see the need. WAKE UP America!

  26. i have video of these box cars and took the video my self.

    • Then you should publish your video to YouTube or send it to FOTM: fellowshipminds@gmail.com.

    • I saw them, but was not prepared for a photo. We just looked above at the trestle where about 6 were going by. We know what we saw. It was 2 mos. ago at 12:35pm on a Friday. I wonder what the people of Germany were thinking before Hitler rose to power. A friend from there said they had no idea. They just went to work and came home every day as usual.

  27. https://mises.org/journals/jls/12_2/12_2_6.pdf
    The Road to Serfdom, Hayek
    Read it.

  28. I live near the Gunderson Steel Fabrication in Portland Oregon and it does indeed exist. It is located off the Willamette river in an industrial area next to train tracks.

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  30. I remember reading stories of the infamous White Cars back in the mid-90s along with what is called ‘wheel houses’ (have seen pictures of these) where they have been refitted. All the former windows have been bricked closed and the roofs have had all the vents removed, less one. The rails are still in place. These were discovered to be ‘gas’ houses. Pull a train load of people in one way – close the doors – turn on the gas killing everyone in the white cars then pull them through onto another or different track and then take the entire car out into the desert and bury it. I have seen these White Cars traveling through the desert mountain areas of the west – with nothing in them. None of them represent any of the other vehicle transport train cars that travel the same tracks nearly everyday – with vehicles in them. I do agree with the issue of no photos of the insides of these White Cars, however, there were two steel fabricators working in Portland, Oregon that did come forward with the story of what they were doing inside these cars and that was they were welding shackles (not auto tie-downs) on three levels. Their report was released back around 1996 but was quickly squelched. There was also a report released during the same time that FEMA indeed have a contract that was first offered to Germany (how ironic that was) but they refused it immediately due to the scar of the Nazi’s during WWII. This contract was then offered to Wabash who in turn transferred the manufacturing operations to some sub-company in Mexico who built many of these and shipped them into the United States. This was all being done back in the 90s. I have never heard or read anything about guillotines until this report herein and above. Do these cars exist? Some say yes others say they are something different. Last year I was privy to see a video that was taken by two elderly Native Americans traveling across their lands when they noticed these White Cars going down the tracks that went through their lands. What caught their eye and why they video taped this scene was because this train was accompanied by another train of heavy armored military vehicles. At the time they didn’t know what they were filming until they showed their film to others. This entire post was very informative on many levels and the main thing I would like to compliment everyone on is the fact that people are paying more attention to what is going on around them and when possible filming it. Considering all the other information surrounding this particular issue that could easily be associated to activities going on all across this nation and Canada as well is that there is something definitely going on that we need to keep a keen eye on. Oh, on the question of where are they hiding all of these cars – well, how about in plain view all over the place. How many of those who have responded to this post who have actually seen these cars have also actually seen any vehicles being carried in any of them? Personally, considering the agenda of the NWO, FEMA and Homeland Security I would not take this issue too lightly.

  31. Dr. Eowyn,
    I investigated this to some degree myself, the boxcars with guillotines and shackles is Disinfo, it would seem, tailored to make Christian folk look like nutbags. Usually the primary promulagators of the story (which has only mixed elements, but not changed, since as far back as 1992, sometimes its boxcars with just guillotines, sometimes its boxcars with just shackles etc, and never with any evidence of any kind surfacing, same as the fameous “camps list” that circulates the net every few years, which has bogus info in it.) are pamela rae schuffert, a disinfo agent that makes a claim to be Christian, that regularly likes to put fear into people about various bogus theories, the other is one who first started going off about it, near as I can tell (I can’t, with my present resources trace the notion back any further, and wouldn’t mind some help.) is “Linda D. Thompson, Esq.” Who, is allegedly “dead” now… so maybe she retired from the disinformation business? But this likely goes back to posts made on a BBS that Thompson ran, referred to as “The Motherboard”, which could well have been where she heard it from, however, I was not able to find an archive of it’s contents, not that one doesn’t exist, it might, but I was unable to find it.

    As an aside, there is usually a coupled with this, as “evidence”, the citation of a failed georgia bill that was floated by one Doug Teper, who, it would appear is also a disinfo-oriented fellow, of the “holohoax industry” sort. My guess is he’d be a talmudist, concerned with noachide stuff, which may well be why he put up a guilotine bill in the first place (ritual beheading etc.) which is usually the reason given as to why “guillotines” would be used in the first place (instead of say, guns, or beam weaponry etc.). This is often used in conjunction with a misreading of the apocalypse of John, that uses a word to describe execution that is meant to tie the book to John the baptist (pelekizo, to remove the head [with an axe]) in an attempt to force a reading of the text which would make it all seem like modern prophecy fulfillment. There are disinfo agents that twist religious texts to mess people up as well, and I think this is an example thereof.

    If you would like info with more details, just let me know and I’ll mail it to you.

    • Thank you, Seumas. I never thought of disinformation, but that certainly makes sense!

      • Happy to help, and hope the information is of some use. The fields of disinformation do get into shady less-covered areas, religion is one of them, in Christian circles we’re more familiar with false teachings, and doctrines of demons (date setting for the time of the end, for example), but many folks are less familiar with the more involved tactics that are used to back some of the more fringey things, such as trying to make certain elements of the apocalypse of john fit with certain events, if not some other books… there are many claimants to being “one of the two witnesses” while also claiming to be the return of “elijah”, in one case the pretender has mixed truth about the NWO with lies from their father, that is the false prophet “jahtruth” who proceedes to get into some very complex messes in trying to say noahs ark was a spaceship, or saying other things will be spaceships etc.

        Usually they try to tie the bible texts to aliens/UFOs or try to force other corrupted meanings, but those people who are unawares will step into that trap. As for an example of a big disinfo effort in Christian circles, look at the pre-tribulation rapture theory, “left behind” and other things sell lots because the majority of “churchites” (or self-described as christian but not really practicing… you get the idea) have a fatalist or escapist mindset going on, which causes them to fall prey to rumors of the end, date setting, and other such things, because they’re too anxious for it. They typically won’t look into the subject themselves (much less look at the exact language of the texts, and their context), or question it’s veracity, because they believe questioning is showing a lack of faith, when the truth is that questioning will confirm and strengthen faith.

        The trouble with these more elaborate disinformation things, is they’re often entrenched enough in the mainstream thought/school of theology that questioning them becomes the questioning of a “sacred cow”, so to speak, and that results with the usual “you’re questioning the truth” rhetoric. Thing about that is, Truth does not fear investigation, because it will stand to any question put to it, for the fact that it is Truth. Yeshua Christ, for example, has proven that Truth can endure over 2,000 years of questioning from all manner of intellects, and philosophies, yet still he stands, completely unmarred by the questions, and no less Holy.

  32. HI all EvS here, veteran and blogger. When not blogging Im a railroader (freight) the first picture shows inter-model cars being pulled by 2 engines (owned by Genesee & Wyoming Railway -its their colors or one of their branch lines). Inter-model cars are hardly box cars or “prisoner cars”- they are sea containers. The next picture with the tall cars are called “tri-levels” and hold vehicles- they get driven in and unloaded wherever. Sounds like someone has a pretty big imagination when it comes to rail cars. Ive seen other articles talking about box cars (white or black) with handcuffs welded in them. The doors on box cars aren’t the greatest and just about anyone can get them open if they aren’t locked. It would actually make more sense to transport prisoners by passenger cars and just draw the blinds. Box cars are very inefficient for transporting people and a real waste of space. Too much WW2 Germany thinking with the box car stories. Another problem I have with some of these stories of “a welding contractor” told to keep quiet. Really? If the army wanted things to be quite they would have the engineers weld these cars together and tell them its for Iraq or somewhere else and remind them of their security clearances. Don’t get me wrong the NWO is a real enough threat. So let’s stick to the facts and cut the bullshit.

  33. It’s just called Gunderson…it’s near the Willamette river in N.E portland Oregon. The manufacturer custom train cars.

  34. Why no pics of shackles and gullitine

    • How come when I get on the internet, all the transporting cars are not like the so called FEMA boxcars? This year my husband and I saw them go through Muncie twice, the so called FEMA boxcars.

  35. I am a model railroaded and build custom g scale models. I have seen these “fema death box cars”. They are three level automotive carriers. I have seen them parked at the Conway, pa rail yard. Courtesy of an engineer who works at Conrail, I was taken on a tour of both empty and full three level ” death cars”- needless to say, the “shackles” were used to secure a complex web belt harness that holds the cars in place, the “benches” support the automobiles being hauled, and the “guillotine” like assembly is a folding loading ramp that allows the rail cars to be loaded and unloaded with no special or heavy equipment. Check out the articles printed by Model Ra

  36. Although at first you had me at hello, many of the numbers just really don’t add up. Would make a good Hollywood film though. Probably could make it into a sequel even. Black Man’s Black Boxcars of Death 2. I am not a supporter of POTUS. Even he is too stupid to pull off something like this.

  37. The trains that are coming through our small towns are truth …My friend I went to high school with , was waiting for the train to pass in our lil small town of Belmont NC….not far from where a large majority of these are stores in Asheville NC…..He did video it…and ought it was strange…it was about an 8 minute train with guillotines and shackles on them attached with medal……they looked creepy….especially for the 21st century ??? But, I seen the video with my own eyes…as it went across our lil town of Belmont NC headed toward the mountains….I have nothing to gain by telling this truth…I don’t know anyone on this site ….But, the fact of the matter is…my friend Bill Morrison still has the video and all of his friends that seen it …..I’m sure copied it to their fb pages also……it’s just a matter of time to look through the timeline and find the exact date he sent it…..We all have it…and, he narrated the whole train session as we watched in unbelief …We all know that town very well, and the main lil track that goes straight through the middle of town….YOU HAVE TO STOP IF A TRAIN IS COMING THERE IS NO BY PASS ….EXCEPT ON THE FAR SIDE OF TOWN…..SO, IT WAS VERY EVIDENT AND SPELL-BINDING WHEN SOMETHING OF THAT NATURE COMES ROLLING ALONG IN A SMALL TOWN. CAPTIVATING TO ALL WHO SEEN IT…AND TOOK TIME TO VIDEO AND NARRATE. YOU CAN BELEIVE WHAT YOU WANT…BUT, WE AS AMERICANS ARE NOT BLIND , DEAF, OR DUMB, EVEN IF THE WORLD NEWS AND LOCAL NEWS IS NOT REPEORTING ….WE ARE WATCHING IT BEFORE OUR EYES…..AND SHARING WITH ALL WE KNOW TO SHARE WITH. FRINDS, RELATIVES, BUSINESMEN, MILATARY, ETC. ETC.

  38. Sorry for typos …I stayed up all night to research and I’m too tired to focus on grammatical errors … 😟😤😎

  39. I live in Portland Oregon and Gunderson DOES exist. They are located in the Yeon industrial area of Portland, that runs down the Columbia River. They do make train cars and other things.

  40. Two friends of mine were curious about some boxcars parked next to a very busy road. When they looked in the boxcars they saw wooden benches, as shackles? Needless to say they are pretty unsettled about this. Why are they making these trees of trains anyway? I don’t get it??
    Thank you,
    P.s. this was in sacramento,ca.

  41. I am from Cut Bank, MT 59427. I was born and raised here. I am a semi retired former oil worker who started in the Cut Bank oil patch. I am also part Blackfeet and have relocated back to the reservation after my chosen career.
    I am aware of the rumored Cut Bank death camp. I know that in 2007 there was a directional oilwell drilled on the site this internet rumored death camp is supposed to be. It was chain link fenced off as per federal regulation for safety reasons both human and livestock reasons and to mark off the companys leased land. They did some fracking on this well and the chain link fence was a way to contain trucks equipment etc. The oilwell was eventually plugged and abandoned because it didnt produce enough to be worth it. I looked at this former drill site and i see the fence is gone, there is no activity there and nothing more has taken place at this site. Come to Cut Bank. I will take you out to this abandoned drill location. I will introduce you to the landowner. While im at it i will give you the cooks tour of Cut Bank and you can see for yourself.


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