Fellowship's Host, WordPress, Under Attack

If you had problems accessing this blog yesterday and early this morning, you are not alone.
WordPress is this blog’s generous wonderful host. Yesterday (and early this morning too), WordPress came under a huge and potentially politically-motivated Distributed Denial-of-Service attack. The attack is the biggest in the 6-year history of WordPress.

Bloggers feel the force of DDoS fury

WordPress stung in massive Distributed Denial of Service attack
by Steven Mostyn – The Tech Herald – Mar 4 2011, 09:46

Bad news for the greater blogosphere this week after leading host WordPress was struck by a huge and potentially politically-motivated Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack on Thursday. 

“The size of the attack is multiple Gigabits per second and tens of millions of packets per second,” outlined WordPress in an official alert email to its user base.
Although engineers “are working to mitigate the attack” the mail warned that its extreme size was “proving rather difficult” to deal with.
As a result, the 18 million blogs regularly relying on WordPress for online hosting were left experiencing problematic connectivity issues with the service.
In terms of impact, WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg said data centres in Chicago, Dallas and San Antonio suffered the brunt of the attack, which is described as the biggest to hit the hosting company in its six-year history.
In offering an opinion with regard to a reason behind the attack, Mullenweg told CNET that it “may have been politically motivated against one of our non-English blogs.”
As of Thursday afternoon, the DDoS attack had reportedly been quashed, but users have been advised that it could make an unexpected return at a later time.
WordPress parent company Automattic has since launched an official investigation into the matter.

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one thing the “Fraud” can’t handle,is people knowing the truth. Americans are taking a stand against him and his people-{Muslims} Orly Taitz is on word press also,she is very close to nailing his fraudulent social security number{numbers} lately you can tell he is getting desperate,calling the Tea Party racists,LOL good one. Your racial bullshit doesn’t work. “The Fellowship of Minds” does an excellent job of getting the “truth” to the people.{Da Commies don’t like it!}


Methinks this stinks. There’s that million of faux e-people capability… who’s to say it couldn’t be used for massively engaging websites all at once this way?