Fellowship of the Minds under attack

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Late yesterday afternoon, I published the post, “Parkland anomalies: David Hogg was at home during school shooting; interviewed girl before shooting,” then closed down my computer.

I awoke this morning to find a series of 16 successive emails from Jetpack Support, about FOTM doing down and then up throughout the night. Jetpack Support says it’s a connectivity problem.

Although FOTM now uses a non-U.S. host server, after our previous server WordPress burned down our blog on August 15, 2018, we still use WordPress’ Jetpack software because our readers and writers are familiar with the format and all the “bells-and-whistles” features.

I called our host server, and as we were talking on the phone, FOTM came back on. Minutes later, FOTM went down again: All you see is a blank page. I asked the server’s customer support if FOTM is under attack. He refuses to say, but said they’re “monitoring” FOTM and will call back.

He called back and informed me that the reason FOTM keeps going down is because we’re getting “a lot of hits with different IP addresses” — as many as 703,000 IP addresses — which led to periodic “system overload”. He promised that this now has the attention of the server’s “higher-ups” and that they’ll increase FOTM‘s “processing” to handle the extraordinary number of “hits”.

From Wikipedia:

A denial-of-service attack (DoS attack) is a cyber-attack in which the perpetrator seeks to make a machine or network resource unavailable to its intended users by temporarily or indefinitely disrupting services of a host connected to the Internet. Denial of service is typically accomplished by flooding the targeted machine or resource with superfluous requests in an attempt to overload systems and prevent some or all legitimate requests from being fulfilled.

In a distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS attack), the incoming traffic flooding the victim originates from many different sources. This effectively makes it impossible to stop the attack simply by blocking a single source.

A DoS or DDoS attack is analogous to a group of people crowding the entry door of a shop, making it hard for legitimate customers to enter, disrupting trade.

Clearly, Fellowship of the Minds is under malicious attack by “bots” pretending to be different IP addresses. The timing of the attacks suggests the attacks are due to the “Parkland anomalies” post. TPTB do not want you to read the post. But I’ve archived the post here, and reproduced it on Blogger. James Fetzer has also reproduced the post on his blog.

Please say a prayer for FOTM.


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19 responses to “Fellowship of the Minds under attack

  1. Dr. Eowyn, what is going on that the host isn’t telling you is what is known as a DDoS attack (Distributed Denial Of Service) that “floods” the web host with tons of bogus “requests”/”hits” to make a site slow down and “drop” legitimate requests to see it, or make the site go offline completely for periods of time.

    Someone at the hosting company didn’t do their homework, and has ill-prepared defenses against DDoS attacks, it seems, something which could be construed as… embarrassing. There is little you yourself can actually do about it, as far as I know, since the problem is with the host’s servers basically with their flanks unguarded. I suggest all readers do try to make a copy of the article, and it’s pictures on their own computers.

  2. “On the day of the shooting, I got my camera and got on my bike and rode as fast as I could three miles from my house to the school to get as much video… ” (he says on video).

  3. First, a QUICK TIP: Archive all important FOTM pages at ARCHIVE.IS site (Iceland). Just copy/paste the active URL of any FOTM page into their page & they archive a copy of the page & give you a URL for it to save if/when needed. It’s quick & easy to do.

    The same can be done using ARCHIVE.ORG site. Good to have two or more copies saved around the web in case other truther sites (Fetzer etc.) go down for whatever reason.

    You could also use YahooGroups to zap-via-email backup copies of important posts to save online copies there as well. (Even InfoWars used to use YahooGroups for their TONS of news posts by PJ Watson, though I’m not sure if they still do.) Also not sure if Yahoo has gone total Commie like WordPress has.

    Since I check your twitter feed at least every 1-2 days to access from there new posts, I noticed the FOTM twitter profile still shows the prior WP URL vs the new .com one.

    NOW, secondly, WOW!!

    Thank you for this notice! as I was WONDERING because I’ve been having trouble with FOTM pages not loading (off & on since first attempts circa 8:20am EST today. I was not online at all after circa Noon yesterday, so can’t comment to the problem last night or during the night).

    I thought about zapping you a tweet this AM but figured it was possibly my older browsers & maybe FOTM had updated some techie-something “behind the scenes” that my browsers could not handle.

    What has been occurring is this (others can compare their experience): I click bookmark or your twitter links to your posts & a blank page opens, but the URL window’s “loading bar” would only “travel” as far as https://FELLO… & then QUIT, & pages stayed BLANK, never loading any content.

    It took numerous tries over several hours to post the few comments this AM on the other “Bar Shooting” article but perseverance prevailed. 🙂

    SO NOW WE KNOW WHY! First time EVER any problems loading FOTM that I can recall. And I must say, WOW at the 700k+ BOTS/DDOS attackers. Busy Evil Beavers!

    And very interesting re the Parkland post TIMING & THEN the attack. (Excellent DETAILED post, btw!) EVIL GOES FORTH out of BROWARD COUNTY re Election FRAUD, Parkland School Shooting FRAUD, & possibly the “orders” to attack FOTM emanated from same locale(?) If MOSSAD PSY OPS HQ is really stationed in Broward (per a MHB recent post), then maybe so.

    Since FOTM has many prior also-Excellent posts on other hoaxes but NO ATTACKS re those, it must be that “extra scrutiny” of FOTM by the bad guys only began in RECENT times which means FOTM must now be “on their Radar,” as the saying goes. 🙁

    Prayers offered & Hang in there! You’re hitting them where it hurts > TRUTH & LIGHT on the cockroaches!

    • “And very interesting re the Parkland post TIMING & THEN the attack.”

      Not a coincidence that it happened NOW, IMO. Commies hate free speech.

      • You can assume it’s no coincidence. They have all the tech help money can buy to do dirt to the “Alt Media”. All they have to do is report a site and HQ takes it from there.

  4. 4:12pm EST, it’s still pretty bad. It takes 10 tries to get pages to finally load. Anyone else having better success?

  5. Yeah, I commented a couple of times but it didn’t “take” and I couldn’t get back in.

  6. Yeah a DDOS attack, but not a very serious one. Kids, or 20-somethings with a youtube-level of dark-side training. 🙂

    Look into Cloudflare as a guarantor of uptime. I have used them and like their service. Defending against DDoS attacks is one of their primary attributes.

    Hosting – I have a couple of sites on Siteground, an eastern European company that isn’t as persnicikity about content as a US-based wussisfied snowflake Obamanoid loser hosting company. Their parents struggled under authoritarian rule and these fellows have been very prompt to give me good service.

  7. 19thwardchicago.blogspot.com covered it.

  8. How do you know it wasn’t Turdpress?

  9. It still took me a few times to refresh before the pages finally loaded.

    TPR’s got the right idea in suggesting the use of Archive.is as a backup.

  10. Well you got someone’s attention, for sure… this means you’re doing well.

    There are other archivers as well, like webcitation.org/archive and a list of others found at this nasty little article: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Web_archiving_initiatives (nasty, because I detest having to use wiki(d)ped(o)ia articles for anything.) and with Mr. Fetzer and others mirroring articles that also makes for more information persistence.

    The juvenile DDoSer really needs to learn to do something better with their life, like actually working for Good, and dumping that satanic garbage which does no one any good.

  11. I had loads of trouble yesterday, a little bit today. Yes, I agree, this means your truth & analysis has our Bolshevik/DemocRats enemies running scared, as they can never compete with the truth on a level playing field. They are losing and you will see them get more desperate & insane as time goes on………….

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