Fellowship of the Minds is back!!!

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We are back in business!

FOTM has been migrated to a Cloud server, giving us nearly unlimited storage.

Readers can now post new comments; our writers can publish new posts.

For this, I have several individuals to thank:

  • TrailDust for trying to help.
  • Deplorable Patriot for connecting me to an IT professional, Andy, and for his suggestions and recommendations.
  • And most of all, Andy, who generously and unstintingly gave FOTM so much of his time, labor, and expertise, with no expectation or wish for financial compensation. Andy is that rare individual who is genuinely a “good guy”. He gives me much hope for the future, for, with Americans like him, despite the corruption and decadence of our present time, there is hope for America.

I also thank those readers who, in emails to me, offered to help, including with their donations, which I declined — Auntie Lulu, Brian Heinz, CalGirl, Glenn47, lophatt, and Recynd77.

Thank you, all, and God bless you!

For what happened, see “FOTM problems: We’re still working on it“.


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23 responses to “Fellowship of the Minds is back!!!

  1. Glad you, we, us are back.

  2. Yes, welcome back! I’m glad to see things returning to “normal” (whatever THAT is).

  3. Thank You, Dr. Eowyn, et al., for all you do. Glad to see FOTM is back.


  5. Woo hoo!

    Thanks all for your hard work and Dr. Eowyn for your persistence!

  6. If ever I doubted FOTMs return, I made a fool of myself. You, Dr. Eowyn, can really deliver FACTS, thanks, and to those that have made it possible, many thanks.

    • Your hysterical emails, accusing me of giving up, added greatly to the extreme stress I endured for more than a week. You even enlisted other readers (Brian Heinz, lophatt) to contact me, although I had responded to your first hysterical email.

      • So sorry I had piled onto your extreme stress, and under those circumstances you may have perceived my emails as hysterical. I do not recall accusing you of giving up, on the contrary, your endeavors are to be commended. As contacting other fellow contributors, it was done as a gesture of support to You and Fellowship of the Minds.

  7. Welcome back and all the regulars in attendance. You were sorely missed.

  8. Dr. Eowyn: One thing is for sure: Satan hates your guts. You must be a real threat to the Deep State. Keep up the good work.

    “My main ambition in life is to be on the devil’s most wanted list.”
    –Leonard Ravenhill

  9. Glad to see the site is functional again, one wonders if shutting the site down and making people unable to post or communicate, unless old info was purged was perhaps part of the spam attacker’s goal? Making it look like the “only option” to get by and anything “dangerous” in the old articles would have been ‘net bleached.
    Of course for any articles that Archivers might’ve caught there is archive.org and also archive.is (or archive.fo) which should have at least some material as well.

    Best Regards.

  10. It’s great to see you back up. Best of everything, Dr. E.

  11. Nice to be back – I thought something was going on when I suddenly couldn’t post using 3 different browsers.

  12. God bless you for hanging in there. And God bless all your support people. Wear your attacks as a badge of honor.

  13. Thank you to all who made this comeback happen.

  14. My father, an Italian pacifist, often repeated to me that “A true revolutionary must be willing to patiently explain.” Going by his standards, it seems to me that you have accomplished a truly revolutionary feat in terms of educating hundreds of thousands, if not millions, by now!

  15. Doc as usual you pulled the rabbit out of the hat and my hat is off to you.

  16. JOY! Bless you Dr. E., and also, supporters and helpers, & good-wishers!

  17. CogitoErgoSumantra

    Welcome Back! Thanks to all who aided the return!
    “It’s never easy…” (Captain Dylan Hunt, “Andromeda”)

  18. Congrats getting back online! How harrowing to find tens of thousands of faked subs! I can’t imagine how the trolls can create so many separate email addresses. They must have machines that do it for them, or something. Wonder if it’s Lenny still causing the trouble or the entire Deep State!

    I did not “panic” Sunday when I could not access FOTM, like I DID gasp in shock/horror back on 8/14-15/18. This time around when I got error messages Sunday, SSL or something, I even guessed you may have been switching hosts or something similar.

    I also figured if 1&1 had done something horrible like WP did, that you guys would maybe tweet out a notice. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case.

    I do greatly admire your ability to cope with/endure the repeated stressors of having a website in these often dark, Commie-laden days!

    Great quote above in Comments about wanting to be the person most hated by the Devil! Ha. I’m thinking Christ holds that “honor.” Even so, God “faked out” the Devil as the apostle describes: That if the dumb spiritually-dark Devil HAD KNOWN that Christ’s death/burial/resurrection was THE avenue by which mankind would be saved, that the Devil NEVER would have persecuted/killed “the Lord of Glory.”

    Another saying often used by Christians: “New Levels, New Devils.” Meaning: for every step forward or upward, or gaining wider expansion or exposure with any ministry, expect a new horde of devils to attempt to thwart, stall, interrupt, or interfere with that progress.

    Lastly, as an FYI, when clicking through from your twitter links tonight, I encountered 3 errors: 1st said “Gateway did not respond in time,” & 2 other times it said “Error 404, page not found,” 1 of those was using the main homepage URL. But I kept trying & eventually got through, yaaay! 😀


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