Fellowship of the Minds' email account was hacked

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About half an hour ago, when I tried to access FOTM’s email account (FellowshipMinds@gmail.com), I discovered someone had hacked into it, so that I no longer can access it.
It will take Gmail 3 to 5 business days to investigate this and determine my ownership.
In the meantime, if you’ve ever received email from FOTM, you probably have or will received this bogus email, which is typical of something sent from a hacked email account:

Am sorry to bother you, I’m in Limassol Cyprus at the moment and i just misplaced my bag containing all my vital items, phone, passport and money at the bus station. I am stranded at the moment and i need your help.

Ignore it. Don’t EVER EVER answer the email.
I don’t believe it is a coincidence that just 3 days ago I published the post, “Christians are leaving the U.S. military,” which named anti-Christ atheist Mikey Weinstein’s Military Religious Freedom [sic] Foundation (MRFF) as being the instigator of attacks against Christian chaplains and soldiers. I know MRFF has a link to this post, which brought in a slew of commenters all parroting the same lie: that Christians in the U.S. military are ramming and forcing their religious beliefs on others. I’ve checked with friends who are active service members and they all confirmed this is a lie. For that reason, I did not allow those comments through.
This is the new email address for Fellowship of the Minds:


Here’s my message to the pusillanimous anti-Christ enemies of FOTM:
Armor of God I can do all things through Christ
St. Michael, the Archangel,
defend us in battle.
Be our protection
against the wickedness and snares of the Devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray.
And do thou,
oh Prince of the Heavenly Host,
by the power of God,
cast into Hell,
Satan and all the other evil spirits
who prowl about the world,
seeking the ruin of souls.


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0 responses to “Fellowship of the Minds' email account was hacked

  1. Mikey’s buddies… be prepared for the “I am a Nigerian prince and need to get $3 million out of my country…” e-mails next.

  2. Amen, Dr. Eowyn.

  3. I got the exact one you mentioned . Flushed it down the toilet .

    • Good move! 😀

      • Reason being , never have received an e-mail out of the blue from f.o.t.m. . If it was that Weinstein clown behind it , all that is proving is he is one of many of these control freaks who call themselves jews . Neo-cons like Wolfowitz , Chertoff , Rumsfeld , ……C.F.R. elites wanting to rule over people through legislative fiat or false flags to compensate for their lack of balls to do it man to man , face to face , one on one …

      • Hi Dr. E. I received a bogus email from you today. I know it was not really from you. Someone has hijacked your account. Making a comment here is the safest way to let you know.

  4. Yup- I received the bogus email too.

  5. How do we know this post is not a hackers Hoax? DR. E., tell me something only you and I know? Example: Like how you hate my simpleton attempts at Poetry LOL! Hackers Hack But God IS Still On His Throne! God Protect and Bless FOTM!

  6. Got the email…deleted it (didn’t open it). God Bless You Dr. Eowyn…keep walking the straight and narrow path (that weinstein and his buddies are clearly avoiding)..

  7. I wasn’t planning to be back here, but thought this important enough that I should cruise by — I was immediately suspicious of the email (I’d hardly be the one that anybody here would reach out to if stranded halfway around the world), but I’m on a Linux system and can generally be fearless about such things so I checked it out. I’ve saved the email with its full headers, and it has a reply-to address at yahoo.com if that is of any use in an investigation. You know how to get in touch.

  8. Received the email as well.
    Coincidence that it was hacked after that post? Maybe. Probably not. Cowards.

  9. Mistake #1 – having a gmail account. Gmail is google mail, right? Google is NSA.
    Mistake #2 – refer to “Mistake #1”

  10. I got that email from FOTM. Immediately knew it was a virus or hacker. It’s the Nigerian Prisoner scam: “Help! I’m stranded in _____ and the police are demanding $____ to release me! Send me money via Western Union!”
    But in FOTM’s case, it’s probably the government trying to screw with your site. The Regime is desperate b/c the truth is leaking out!

    • PS Obama is a huge moslem! And his real name isn’t Obama! The truth is coming out, so the Regime is panicked. That’s probably why they’re pulling dirty (lame) tricks with your email account.

  11. Hi there, Dr. Eowyn! It’s been a long time. I hope all is well with you. I received that e-mail, too. I’m distraught to find out it was a hack-job, because I just wired $1,000 to Cypress…
    Ha! Just kidding. Of course, I recognized it as a hoax. But it was still fun to get an e-mail from you in my inbox – even if it wasn’t really you. You and I don’t agree on much, but I respect your tenacity and love of country, and I think it’s pretty despicable for someone to hack your e-mail like that. FWIW, if you ever truly needed help, I would gladly come to your rescue (not that you would ever ask me to).
    Regarding the RFF, I am not in the Armed Forces, so I can’t personally speak to the claim that Christians in the military are forcing their religion on others. But I did read an interesting article on this topic a few years ago:

  12. Good Catch, Dr. Eowyn. Perhaps we can hear more on the RFF and Mickey Weinstein. I wonder if there’s any relation between them and the SPLC.

  13. Its been a while since we spoke Dr. Eowyn, I see that you’re still doing your thing, I still follow FOTM and read your and other followers comments everyday(silent reader as of late) I also received this bogus email, stating that you were in Cyprus and you load all your personal belongings and needed help. I figured it was some virus or some type of setup. Keep up the good work Dr.

  14. Received the mail…check.
    Deleted said mail….check.
    Thanks for the warning.
    On the other hand, the lies being told of religion being forced down others throats in the military, is the other way around.
    Religion is being denied to those that believe from all directions.
    God being taken out of mottos/logos, etc.
    A plan to take the Bible out of military hotels.
    Chaplins being denied the ability to do their job. And other assaults.
    Who is to deny anyone that believes, to take God with them into the trenches?
    This smells like a big push from confirmed atheists.
    They forget, they do not get the last say.

  15. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for the new e-mail address for FOTM. Today, I asked the Holy Trinity for extraordinary protection against evil, also requesting the angels and the saints to help you and FOTM. The prayer was thorough and fervent.

  16. Stuck in Cyprus, yep I got it. I was so honored that she asked for help! 🙂

  17. I received one as well, Dr. E. Unlike the others, I sent you $25. That’s just the way I roll.
    Let us know when you get back to the USA.
    (p.s.) I want a “Dr. Eowyn Went To Limassol, And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt ” souvenir.

  18. Over the last five years I’ve received maybe a half dozen of these idiotic scams. They are SO blatantly the product of evil stupidity that one wonders how anyone could ever fall for them. But then again, I fell for three male con artists who promised to help me through difficult times, and all they did was steal enough that I’m going through bankruptcy. The fact is that I’ve been my worst enemy, as I’ve yet to learn how to be as wise as a serpent!

  19. I was just in the process of contacting DCG (Hi, how are you?) regarding the veracity of the e-mail, when I thought I should visit the site to see if the e-mail was mentioned. Glad I did. I can delete it without wondering if I missed something important. I don’t open anything that I have any doubts about its authenticity–the IT folks here are very protective (yes, I am at work, but taking my break).
    Keep fighting the good fight! (And I agree with stevor. I don’t trust gmail.)

    • Hey Laura! Doing good, sent you an email awhile ago but never heard back from you…will try again soon. Good thing not to open the email 🙂

  20. Didn’t get this email- but have received similar emails in the past. Can recognize this type of thing. Thanks for the heads up, tho.

  21. I received it today. I knew it was bogus immediately and trashed it. Sigh. They are EVERYWHERE!

  22. Well unless you clicked or downloaded something recently on a webpage or in the mail, then it can be presumed that the crook in question probably “cracked” your password, either with a program or manually by being familiar with the themes that are important to you and gambling on whether they could guess right. In any case though, I believe you can have a pass for gmail that is up to 30 characters long, and it allows for some “special” characters like underscores etc. Try to have one completely unrelated to themes which the public (we readers here) could extrapolate from looking around FOTM (If you did have one that was).

    • Seumas, how do you know all this? Have you successfully hacked an email account or work for an email server?
      unless you clicked or downloaded something recently on a webpage or in the mail
      If that were the case, my other email accounts would also be affected, but they’re not.
      the crook in question probably “cracked” your password
      The password is something so private that even my husband will not guess what it is, in a million years.

      • Back in the 90’s I had some friends who were of a “hackerish” sort, who were considerate enough to give advice to those who would listen. I am not well versed in computers or e-mails, no, but I do know of some degree of preventative measures, especially with regards to password security because in the ‘net unless one is using heavy encryption etc. passwords are pretty much the keys to everything, so making sure they are strong is important. It is good to know a given service’s max password character length, and the allowed characters for a password, so as to make the password as complex as possible… and to avoid overly simplistic things that can easily be “brute forced” (by programs that have whole dictionaries coded into them). You wouldn’t want to use one that only allows 6 characters max and only allows you to use all lower and capital letters only, for example… allowing special characters or unicode characters is very helpful for such things, and especially if a large max password length is allowed.
        Incidentally, I also got that e-mail… I took the liberty of copying the header information before I erased it too, should you need that info for anything. Seems it does indeed go to some yahoo account (fellowshipminds(at)yahoo), so you may want to contact yahoo corp’s abuse department as well, and see if they will do anything about it on their end. (But don’t expect too much, after all they own tumblr and continue to permit it to host porn, so, can’t say the company is very moral.)

        • Thanks, Seumas, for the tips.

          • Just hope it helps Dr. Eowyn, and condolences about your account getting hacked. One other thing I would suggest, always keep your password written down clearly on something physical (IE Paper/Card) and stowed somewhere safe in, say, an envelope or something, where no cameras/webcams/cameraphones etc. could “accidentally” see the face of the card, and where you aren’t likely to walk in front of a window while carrying it. After all, would-be hackers cannot crack what isn’t even electronic.

  23. I got that email too. I opened the email to read it but didn’t go any further. Does that present a problem?
    I’m wondering as my internet protection software, Kaspersky, caught an intruder today trying to access trough some means or another but I haven’t looked at the log yet to see what that was all about.
    The internet is the Devil’s playground I’m afraid…very few know that WWW is 666 by Hebrew transliteration. (and 888, the number of the Christ by Hebrew transliteration is XXX, and who but the Devil himself would turn such a beautiful thing into something that means something so degrading? These numbers come from Gnostic Christian esoterica, as I understand and while 888 is said to be the number of the Christ, it is allegedly not the number of the man, Jesus or Yeshu’a for those that prefer to call him by the name He answered to. The number of Jesus/Yeshu’a the man is 33 and Miriam/Mary is 55 fr anyone that has an interest in such things. …and 33 is GG and 55 HH btw…by Hebrew transliteration.)
    May God Bless you all in your striving to find the Lord in your hearts.

  24. @ Dr. Eowyn!
    Hello Dr Eowyn , I have received so many Scam mails from your ID , asking for money.. The emails I received were from your yahoo ID. The guy is pretending that I am stranded and needing Money. I was just curious If She is really Dr Eowyn, so I sent a mail this time your Gmail ID, received reply back from yahoo saying Yes I am Dr. Eowyn and I am stranded and needing 1500 Euros, and further saying that Send it to me through Moneygram..
    This is disgusting.. Such scammers wont get the right way..

    • Dr. Ali,
      Someone hacked into FOTM’s email account. The yahoo ID is the hacker’s, not FOTM’s email. Ignore all mail from that yahoo account. FOTM now has a new email address (scroll down our page, on lower right). I hope you are well?

  25. I received exactly the same email from your yahoo id, not Gmail. I knew that It’s a Scam mail So dint reply him on yahoo, instead sent you email on your Gmail ID. Again got the reply from the yahoo one ..


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