Fellowship of the Minds locked down, attacked by thousands of spam

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A few minutes ago, our host server finally unlocked FOTM, so we are back online.

As you no doubt were aware, yesterday, our blog was under severe spam attacks, in spite of our spam blocker/filter, which led to the server locking us down.

The result was that when you tried to access FOTM, you got this error message:

Error destablishing data base connection

To give you an idea of how massive the spam attacks were, below is a screenshot of FOTM‘s activity in the past 24 hours. See the huge spike? That’s the spam attacks.

Our server informed me about the problem via an email:

After further investigation, we found out that the database that’s connected to your website was locked due to spam attacks coming from your website. We sent the case up to our Security Department to unlock the database so you can clean up the spam messages stored in the table. Once unlocked, we will send you an email so you can get access to your database.
To prevent this issue from happening again, please enable security features like a captcha to prevent your website from spambot attacks.

Needless to say, FOTM does have spam block, which was installed when we reactivated FOTM on another server, 1&1, after evil WordPress took us down on August 15, 2018.

Yesterday’s massive spam attacks were the latest version of the Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) bot attacks that began nearly a month ago on November 10, which account for why sometimes you get a blank page when you try to access FOTM. When you do, just keep refreshing the page until you get a substantive page.

See “Fellowship of the Minds under attack,” Nov. 10, 2018.

A distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS attack) is a form of cyber attack wherein a website is flooded with incoming traffic originating from many different sources. This effectively makes it impossible to stop the attack simply by blocking a single source. A DoS or DDoS attack is analogous to a group of people crowding the entry door of a shop, making it hard for legitimate customers to enter.

Since the DDoS attacks that began on November 10 and continuing didn’t dissuade us, the evildoers resorted to massive spam attacks.

The upside of all this is that FOTM clearly is a thorn in the side of evil doers, otherwise, they wouldn’t want us gone.

Thank you for your patience and your prayers.

~Dr. Eowyn

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36 responses to “Fellowship of the Minds locked down, attacked by thousands of spam

  1. Thank you for posting this, as after so many blank pages I thought there was something wrong at my end. It just goes to show that you’ve made a difference, and it’s one that certain parties don’t like, for good reason! Daylight is the last thing they want to see.

  2. The ” great silence” .
    Its here.
    Only gonna get worse.
    Hang in there Doc.
    Thanks for fighting the good fight.

  3. They hit Canon212 with the same thing beginning Sunday.

    • Yes, that tells me that they watch. They can do these things on a whim. Several years ago I used to post on a site. It was very good. Things were really clicking. Then “they” started in. They destroyed it in a few month’s time.

      If they get serious they can be relentless. It was far too organized for an individual or two. They were posting under multiple aliases. You could tell by the writing style that some were the same person.

      I’m not savvy enough to offer advice on these things, but some are. There are a few out there who seem to know how to keep all this off their sites. I think there are ways to do that but they take expertise and time.

      There’s little doubt that we are now entering an extreme period of speech control. It’s happening all over. They are trying to play it off as “normal”.

  4. OMG when will this stop! Controlling the media (even newsletters) is their goal. They already have the Mainstream Television/Cable and Newspaper, now they’re moving in on all others! Stay Strong, Patriots and FoTM!

  5. “The upside of all this is that FOTM clearly is a thorn in the side of evil doers, otherwise, they wouldn’t want us gone.”
    Yes- 100% true.
    Keep up the good fight!!

  6. I suspected with the message the site was hacked as most here did.

  7. TPTB are determined, for sure. Shame that free speech is so under attack.

    When you can’t debate the message…

  8. Dr E. You are appreciated ! Not to leave out DCG , Dave and our other fine bloggers. This site means a lot to us. Thank You!

  9. Kevin J Lankford

    I was rather baffled that no where could I find a notice on any other site that there was a problem. Even doing a ‘google’ search of “Fellowshipoftheminds”, any and every result which should have went to your site resulted in the same message. Only the sites with criticisms of the site itself would load.

    My self, I am still plagued by my every comment going (apparently) straight to ‘moderation’ before actually posting, ever since just before wordpress took down your site the first time. Wondering if I am the only one.

    • If it’s any consolation, you’re being approved; I can see (and reply to!) your comment. Earlier on in my time here at FOTM, my comments were ere mostly all moderated. I suspect there are still wrinkles to be ironed out. Cheers, my friend!

      • Kevin J Lankford

        It really was not a problem until I tried to up-vote a comment and was lured into some kind of wordpress registry which would not accept my email and password and that I am who I said I am. From then on I have been in some kind of wordpress limbo.

  10. Thank you for steadfastly continuing. The battle is not to be confined to the internet, it is planned for everyday speech, on the streets or at home. Part of what the NWO promoters seek is critical discussion of Islam to be ruled as blasphemy and criminal. Destruction of Christianity is a major objective for Lucifer, and his followers are carrying out his commands. Globalised Marxism mated with Sharia would serve him.

  11. I must add my own thoughts to those of the others. It is obvious that someone does certainly not like what you are saying here, in fact, what everyone says here. I tried to sign in, and like the rest, I was perturbed by the problem, but I also was pretty certain of what had happened.
    The thing that troubled me was the worry as to whether or not they had succeeded in finally getting rid of you. I am so glad that you are back. And I hope for good, now. Your voices are certainly needed the way things are going, with the media and government.

  12. I am so grateful you see back. Since our move things have been sporadic at best. I can only vote occasionally on here, so if anyone thinks their amazing remarks are being ignored, rest assured they aren’t. We have changed sources, and here and FB are the two I am limited to responding. I see where several people that voice their opinions are sent to FB jail for a month. Others can’t vote.
    It is a shame so few put the fear of God into the liberals masses to the point they feel the need to silence us. Poor souls.

    • I have never had a “social media” account. It doesn’t bother me at all. I understand that people get used to having one. I think that EVERYONE should drop Facebook and Twitter. They are CIA run and that was always their intent.

      I’m sure some creative computer-savvy individual can come up with something better than the State-controlled duopoly.

  13. The Odor is strong this week. It is clear to me that they are working “globally” to install a worldwide, “Chinese-style” “credit” system. They hope they will be able to control public speech with that.

    It is getting worse by the day. I also note that every time there is a distraction, say the “Yellow Vest” riots in France, many other elements are put in place while attention is focused elsewhere.

    I’m glad the site is back. That old saw about being over the target and therefore taking flack, is quite correct. I doubt if there has ever been a greater divide between reality and what’s on TV now. The hatred and lies are simply stunning.

    To me it seems that they are making the final push to set up “sides” where there can be no compromise. They want full worldwide communism (by some other name) or war. They have no compunction about starting a war to get what they want.

    I really think that people should get serious about developing alternatives to what we have now on the internet. As long as nodes are controlled they can disrupt and/or destroy at will. There is nothing they can’t jam in a pinch.

    At the present rate we may soon be looking to shortwave.

  14. Lophatt | December 4, 2018 at 10:42 am | Reply

    I have never had a “social media” account. It doesn’t bother me at all. I understand that people get used to having one.

    For all here that can’t live without Twitter/FB/other social networks…you must watch The Circle with Tom Hanks..if it doesn’t change your behavior–there is no hope for you.
    I never use any, like lophatt and never intend to.
    I don’t even participate with services/businesses that say…FB us please–I usually find another site.

  15. Stay strong, keep up the boycotts.

  16. “The flak is heaviest when you’re right over the target.“

  17. Dr. Eowynh, sorry to say but 1&1 is giving you terrible tech advice: theguardian.com/technology/2008/aug/28/internet.captcha That and most people know captcha tends to block out/inconvenience more (legitimate) people than it does automated spam bots. I’m surprised they’d throw such a limp-wristed suggestion your way.

    Sorry to hear the site is under continued attack as well, wonder what it is you’re hosting that they’re after, or if the attack is just meant at the site in general? 1&1 also need to be telling you who is doing the attacking, giving you IP addresses of the attackers, and if possible, names either of the people doing the attacking or of the IP hosts they’re using. Keeping you in the dark is probably corporate policy though, if I were to venture a guess… and then there is also the question of if that would lead to some… interesting… people/organizations perpetrating the attack.

  18. Thinking about what Lophatt said about the state’s shutting the Internet down, it might not happen. Face to face meetings would take its place, uncontrolled by the government, with many former adversaries immediately understanding they have a common enemy in an alien government in DC. Then there’s also a Samizdat network beyond the government’s reach, which in Russia was instrumental in deligitimizing the Soviet government and taking back Russia for the Russian people. Still, nothing characterizes the deep state’s preppy clods better than their blockheaded bad judgment, so maybe we should expect them to do the obvious and shut the Internet down.

    • I’m not suggesting that they would “shut it off”, just control it to the point where it is useless as a mechanism to share truth. Sure, they’ll let people have meetings (an observe what’s said).

      But, if you say something “controversial” (read not what they want to see public), they’ll lock it down. If they use the Chinese method you’ll accrue negative points. Enough of those can cause you to lose your house, your job, access to your money, etc..

      They already are asking for histories for some jobs. They want to scrutinize what you think.

  19. Years ago a monk said to me: “the forces of evil want you dead”. Not pleasant information, but it reassured me I was heading in the right direction. Doc, the forces of evil want you dead and GONE. Take this a high compliment. We must all be prayer warriors to keep FOTM online.

  20. Sandy Hook spooked them. Note: the CEO or the founder of Cloudflare is a bone-deep liberal. I forget his name, but I read some comments he made a coupld of weeks ago and thought “damn. That’s bad”. Bad because Cloudflare is supposed to be expert at defending against DDOS, with multiple failovers. Many hosting companies even throw in Cloudflare included in their service.

    But we knew it would be bad when we signed up. Satan is tightening up the noose.

    • Matthew Prince.

      He has said this: “We needed to have a conversation about what the role of deep infrastructure companies like Cloudflare is when it comes to determining what you’re allowed to see on the internet,” Prince said.


      • In a way it is always the same. Free speech is only preserved through speech. It isn’t about limiting speech they don’t like.

        This is too big a temptation for the few who control the technology. It doesn’t matter if they are “well meaning” or they think they are doing the “right” thing.

        Just read the words they use. Things considered “Right Wing” are equated with “White Supremacy” or “White Nationalism” or (name a spooky thing). Then there is talk of “liabilities”, etc., all of which can be avoided by simply refusing to control speech.

        If people don’t want to read something, they don’t have to. They are obviously worried that speech might cause some to think. If they think they may not want to buy what they’re selling.

        • TPTB are all in: Apple’s Tim Cook says People Who ‘Push Division’ Should Be Banned From Social Media, Tech Platforms


          • Yes, you’re right, of course. There is no hope of getting the current controllers cooperation. It would take a break away net. Theoretically that isn’t impossible.

            Just like short wave works if you know the rules and how to use them, the internet could do something much more useful. The harder they seek to control something the more important it must be for them.

            During times of occupation, etc., the short wave radio was how people communicated. It isn’t “handy”, but it works. It is movable enough to make it hard to stop.

            Of course as time goes by and the technology gets better, it is now easy to zone in on just about anything. They can’t have those cattle mooing at each other without proper supervision.

  21. Glad to see FOTM back up. Too bad the IP addresses of much of the spam can’t be traced (?); maybe if they could be traced, they would trace right back to (((Gerald Pozner))).

  22. “If you’re not catching flak, you’re not over the target.”

    If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter. – George Washington

    Truly is an info war going hot:
    Prager on His Videos Being Banned: ‘If It’s Pro America, Pro-Religion or Pro-Israel, It’s Almost Always Placed on the Restricted List’

    Keep up the good work!

  23. Short wave radio would be a lot more exciting than pecking away at a keyboard. Things now come into focus why puppet Obama signed those executive orders granting immediate takeover of basically everything, not just the Internet, so over-the-top as to reveal the vulnerabilities they’re worried about, only for themselves, like how food and all the good stuff continue to flow into their strongholds while America disintegrates around them. Years ago Eva Braun already saw that the America of government and its msm and its leftist flunkies in academia was an empire of lies.

  24. Hmm. 🤔 I wonder how Eva Braun knew that way back then?! 💡


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