Fellowship is joining the protest against Internet censorship

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Next Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2012, the U.S. Senate will vote on the internet censorship bill, Stop Online Privacy Act (SOPA).
If SOPA becomes law, it will have far reaching repurcusions for the web as a whole.  What makes this legislation so bad? Here’s how it would change the Web:

  • Communication platforms – from YouTube to Facebook to Amazon – could be shut down if a single rights holder alleges a violation.
  • It would make the Web less stable and less secure.
  • Social networking sites, like Twitter or Facebook, could be forced to track and control user behavior, stunting innovation and undermining free expression.
  • Your Internet provider could be required to inspect all of your traffic and browsing.

Visit mozilla.org/sopa for information – and make your voice heard before it’s too late. See also my post on SOPA detailing what’s wrong with the bill, here. See also “The Dirty 19: Senators who voted to censor the Internet.”
To protest SOPA — and to demonstrate to readers what the net would be when censored — countless websites, including Wikipedia, are “going dark” today, Jan. 18, from 8 am to 8 pm, EST.
For a growing list of “going dark” websites, which includes Fellowship of the Minds, go here.
For FOTM to go dark, we need a “go dark” plugin. Alas, our host WordPress does not have the plugin feature for WordPress.com sites. So this is what FOTM is doing:

FOTM writers are not blogging today, in protest against SOPA. Nor can readers post comments as the comment feature is turned off.

The above will be in effect from 8a to 8p, EST, January 18, 2012.
Please join today’s strike, and help protect the Internet. Contact your representatives in Washington, DC, and tell them to vote against SOPA! If you go to Wikipedia today and enter your zip code, Wiki will give you your representatives’ phone numbers, twitter accounts, and links to their e-mail contact forms. Click here!



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0 responses to “Fellowship is joining the protest against Internet censorship

  1. Done!

  2. Great move by authors and friends here at Fellowship!

  3. It’s lights out on the Creek, too, that day.
    Please do not use the internet – for billpaying, for commerce, for surfing, blogging.
    Put the day on your pop up calendar or scheduler.

  4. Going ice-fishin’ ,,, 🙂

  5. Yay!

  6. SOPA was first and next we get ACTA which will be drastically worse in Europe in particular. If you utilize You tube, Facebook and twitter or have by chance shared a mp3 clip you will soon be a lawbreaker.


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