Fellowship Has a New Page!

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Fellowship of the Minds has a new Page: Leftwing Pathology.”
The page contains the posts this blog has published which help expose the true face of the Left. We hope you’ll find the page useful to remind ourselves who our political enemies are, as we battle to take back America this November and in 2012!

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0 responses to “Fellowship Has a New Page!

  1. Eowyn:
    Thank you for starting this blog.
    I appreciate the warmth, good humor, and valuable information.
    Surfing here always makes my day!

    • THANK YOU, Zorro!!! You have no idea how much that means to me!
      I can’t do this without my colleagues and co-founders, Steve and Joan, and all the regular witty commenters and the stout-hearted Fellows who send me newstips.
      A belated but very enthusiastic WELCOME to the Fellowship! 😀

      • Eowyn:
        I am always glad to acknowledge great people and true talent.
        Stay tuned for more of my input.
        BTW, you are the only “under the radar” conservative blogger with any class and intellect.
        All My Best,

        • Wow! I’m speechless. Thank you. I will try to live up to your very generous regard.
          Looking forward to seeing more of your spot-on and funny comments. 😉

  2. Yes, and I appreciate Eowyn and her brilliance with all of my being, and I also thank Steve for all of his clever and valuable input! This is a wonderful page! Zorro, you are a good friend! I know there are millions of us in this country who think and feel as you do! God bless you!


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