Feeling Down?

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Given what happened today, I sure can use a hug.
How about you?
How about a group hug?
~From the whole gang at Fellowship of the Minds  😀

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0 responses to “Feeling Down?

  1. HAHAHA! Always on it right “E”?

  2. No,I’m not down,I am mad. more lies,I don’t like liars. obama is a phony.

  3. lowtechgrannie

    Thanx! I needed that!

  4. I’ve felt uneasy all day. I sure needed this hug but more importantly needed to know that I am not alone. I can always come here and find my thoughts, my ideas, my perspectives right here in this blog expressed by all of you.
    Can we ask for Mr. soetero’s birth certificate next?

  5. After the beating I took at NB today, as well as the fact that I might just get blown to Chattanooga tonight (no joke) I could use a hug, and a few seriously stiff adult beverages.
    I think I’m going to load up Flight Simulater, jump in the Baron, and head north with real time weather set.
    LOL – Flying in and around thunderstorms sounds relaxing.

    • Dave, prayer coming your way that you’ll be safe from that huge storm heading your way tonight.

      • Thanks, Eowyn.
        Ya know, the really crappy part about being blown clear to Chattanooga (and I like Chattanooga, as it’s a nice town) is going to be walking all the way back to Marietta.
        LOL – I think maybe I’ll pick a little stouter airplane than the Baron for my virtual flight.
        Maybe the 737. 🙂

    • Stay safe Dave!

  6. I give everybody here a big hug and I blow kisses too! Life is wonderful, but deception, what we experienced today, makes you angry! May God’s love abound in your soul, your entire being today and every day!

  7. Heh, I survived the (for real) storms here and flew the (virtual) Baron from McCollum Airport to Huntsville and back during the worst of it.
    LOL – Its fun being sneaky. 🙂


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