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Harper as she was first found, unable to walk

Deformed puppy learns to walk

Grab a tissue before you read this…
From Daily News Alert: A puppy in Sanford, Florida, was rescued after being found in a garbage bag.  Erica Daniel, 26, found the puppy outside the Save-A-Lot. A man was selling pit-bull puppies for $50. Daniel could hear a noise coming from a garbage bag next to the man. Daniel pressed the guy until he allowed her to look inside.
Inside was a deformed puppy that couldn’t walk or hold up its head. Shelter workers and veterinarians came to the conclusion that the dog should be euthanized.  
Daniel fosters dogs that need serious help. While she was outnumbered on the deciding whether or not to euthanize this pup, she decided to take her home for the night to give the puppy unconditional love. The plan was to have her humanely euthanized in the morning.
It’s a good thing this woman took her in because now the puppy is recovering to the point that she’s able to walk. They named the little girl Harper.

Happy girl!

Harper’s disorder, commonly called “swimmer puppy disorder“, causes dogs to lie flat on their chests with the legs perpetually sprawled out. Most dogs afflicted with it don’t survive.
Within hours of taking Harper home Daniel noticed a difference. She massaged the puppy’s tight muscles, hoping to relieve some of her pain. It worked. Harper lifted her head and looked around. Her front legs also became more limber. Daniel quickly canceled Harper’s appointment to be euthanized and instead made an appointment with a veterinarian at the University of Florida.
The good news is the things they worried she might suffer from such as degenerative bone disease, brain abnormalities and a severe heart murmur were not to be found in this pup.
Her story quickly spread and when the people at the Hip Dog Canine Hydrotherapy and Fitness in Winter Park, Fla., heard about her they decided to donate free hydrotherapy and massage therapy to the puppy.
The water therapy has been so effective that she’s now able to walk on grass, carpet and concrete. Daniel said she still struggles with hardwood floors and tile.
Sniff, sniff.  But what a happy ending!

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Really nice story…
thanks, I needed that! : )


What a great story. 🙂
And anybody who would put a live puppy into a garbage bag should be taken out and horsewhipped.


Thank you DCG! What a dear little puppy! We live in a disposable society where if something isn’t perfect, just throw it away. This is done to babies, little animals, all creatures! It is the highest form of evil. Thank God for loving and kind people! This story gives us faith in humanity!


Hahahahahahahaha…….. (sadly, me too, LOL! 🙂 )

Dr. Eowyn

Tears…. I hope there’s a special ring in Dante’s Hell for the person who put Harper in a garbage bag.
I also want to know who is that POS who gave this post a one-star, thereby depressing the total # of stars for this post to 4, instead of 5.


Heartwarming story!!! Hope Harper grow big and happy and have a long and happy life!!!


I hear ya, Steverino! This shows us that humans can do good unto others, even critters deemed “lesser” beings, if we give it an honest effort. What’s sad is the too-many so sunk into themselves they won’t make the effort.

Patriot Angel

I am running so behind in m email. This was a great story. I am such an animal lover I would have done the same thing.
This story is back up to a 5 star rating!

Patriot Angel

Well I thought it was up to a 5 star rating. It wasn’t until after I posted that I seen that it wasn’t. I am sorry guys and gals…I tried!