Federal Reserve Bank has a Kids Page?

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The ultimate propaganda for the upcoming generation!  Check this out!

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0 responses to “Federal Reserve Bank has a Kids Page?

  1. Sounds like fired school teachers are running the Federal Reserve now.
    Do they serve Kiddie lunches there now too?

  2. This was probably designed to be used by public indoctrination teachers in having kids read this to do assignments/reports re the Fed.

    • Yes, you’re quite right, DCG, the indoctrination must start when children are able to recognise images. They do NOT need to read per se, only know what the Great Seal and the fasces are about, and the sooner the better, so they can understand and accept their role as wage slaves.
      Hegel was right: in the end the State takes on a life of its own and crushes even those who created it and thought they controlled it. This is very close to Aristotle’s ideas re potentia and telos: ends once defined and delineated move to their end[s], even if self-destructive. It was these and other ideas that awoke my Conservative mind; my spirit was confirmed by Dr Weaver’s Ideas Have Consequences. He would have said that the Fed fulfills exactly what its creators were ignorant of: when what are supposed to be ideals are grounded in materialism, the end will always be corrupt and dead. That’s why it’s correct to speak of these as Satanic, because the father of lies is their progenitor, and the banksters are merely his minions, although they think they are running matters!

  3. Hey, kids, create your own sovereign debt… it’s easy and fun with Fed 4 Kids website!


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