Federal Govt's E-Verify Shows Obama's Social Security No. is Fraudulent

You’ve read here about Obama having multiple Social Security (SS) numbers and that the one he’s currently using is a Connecticut-issued number (042-68-4425) — a state in which Obama had never lived and with which he has no association. Then it was discovered that the SS number 042-68-4425 belonged to a man who had died in 1981. Then another investigator found that the SS number isn’t even in the Social Security Administration’s files and is listed as “doesn’t exist.”
Now there’s more evidence that the President of the United States is using a fraudulent SS number.
A concerned U.S. citizen ran Skippy’s SS number through E-Verify — and it flunked.

E-Verify is an Internet-based, free program run by the federal government which verifies whether or not prospective employees have the required authorization to work legally in the United States. The electronic program compares information from an employee’s Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9 to data from government records. If the information matches, that employee is eligible to work in the United States. If there’s a mismatch, E-Verify alerts the employer and the employee is allowed to work while he or she resolves the problem; they must contact the appropriate agency to resolve the mismatch within eight federal government work days from the referral date. The program is operated by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in partnership with Social Security Administration.
Jerome Corsi reports for WorldNetDaily (WND), Sept. 12, 2011, that WND has obtained a copy of an affidavit from Linda Jordan, a private citizen who entered Obama’s Social Security Number into the “Self Check” section of the E-Verify website, only to find out that Obama’s Social Security Number was flagged by E-Verify as likely being fraudulent.
Jordan is a wife, mother and homemaker. A self-described “an average citizen with reasonable research skills,” Jordan was frustrated by Congress not being willing to investigate issues concerning Obama’s identity, including whether or not he currently is using a fraudulent Social Security Number, and by federal law enforcement authorities also doing nothing.
She states in a signed affidavit:

“Between October 2008 and May 2011, I submitted several requests to agencies and people with the legal responsibility and authority to investigate the use of forged documents and election fraud, concerning Obama’s birth records and Social Security Number. To date no one with the legal responsibility and authority has responded to any of these requests.

I did my own research and I found allegations that Obama was using a fraudulent Social Security Number and that his birth certificate had been forged were more than credible. Then I saw many brave people putting their reputations on the line to get the truth concerning Obama, including military officers like Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, and I decided I could no longer just sit back and watch. I considered myself to be one of the employers of the president of the United States, so I decided to sign up for E-Verify and see if I could determine whether or not I could find out something about his true identity.”

After Jordan entered Obama’s Social Security Number into the E-Verify Self Check, the system indicated Obama’s Social Security Number produced a mismatch that warranted a visit to the Social Security Administration to investigate the discrepancy.
According to an audit report authored by the Office of the Inspector General,Social Security Administration, titled “Effectiveness of Special Indicator Codes on the Social Security Administrations Numident File,” dated August 2008, there are 9 special indicator codes as of November 2008:

  1. False Identity
  2. Noncitizen Not in Status
  3. Multiple SSNs with Different Identities
  4. Scrambled Earnings with New SSN Assigned
  5. SSN Obtained Using Fraudulent Documentation
  6. SSN Assignment Based on Harassment/Abuse/Life Endangerment
  7. Fictitious Identity
  8. Fraud – OIG Investigated
  9. Fraud SSN Misuse

8 of the Special Indicators have to do with fraud of some kind. WND’s phone call to the media office of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigrations Services of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security went unanswered.
A big h/t to beloved fellow Tina.In the meantime, there’s silence from the mainstream media, Congress, the courts, the Democratic and Republican Party leaders, law enforcement officials from across the United States — including that supposedly fearless Arizona’s Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio who has promised he’d look into the matter.
Here’s the contact info on Sheriff Arpaio:

100 West Washington
Suite 1900
Phoenix, AZ 85003

Arpaio’s phone no.: (602) 876-1801

I can’t find an e-mail address for Arpaio, but here’s the contact form for the Sheriff’s Office.

This is the message I sent the sheriff (feel free to use it as yours!):

Dear Sheriff Arpaio:

You have a reputation for being fearless and a righteous enforcer of the law. About a month ago, you promised a Tea Party delegation that you’d look into Barack Obama’s constitutional eligibility to be on the state of Arizona’s ballot for the 2012 presidential election.

Due to the indifference and inaction of due authorities, a private citizen, Linda Jordan, took it upon herself to verify Obama’s current Social Security number — that curious number 042-68-4425 with a Connecticut 3-digit prefix — with the federal government’s E-Verify electronic system. The result is that when she entered Obama’s Social Security Number into the “Self Check” section of the E-Verify website, she found that Obama’s Social Security Number was flagged by E-Verify as likely being fraudulent.

Here’s the WND article on this: https://www.wnd.com/?pageId=344461#ixzz1XrKONaEl:

Mr. Arpaio, what more evidence do you need? You can double-check Ms. Jordan’s information for yourself by entering Obama’s SS number into the E-Verify system.

What are you afraid of?




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Ted Nougat
Ted Nougat

If you run the same number using the name Harrison J. Bounel, it should be a match. I think you guys covered that story. That name (Bounel) also appears on documents related to Obama’s home in Chicago. This and other scandals would have brought down any other president within days. I have said numerous times, we knew all about “Joe the Plumber” within a matter of hours – his marriage/family, tax situation, work license status, political affiliations, education, etc., – all because he asked Obama a question at the curbside, but the same media refuses to touch this president.

Ignatz (@ignatzz)

And how the hell do you know the President of the United States Social Security Number? Seems to me that would damned confidential. Mine is.

Clifton Lee West

How many chickens are working today? We are going to need a great deal of egg production to cover the egg on so many peoples’ faces when this whole coverup is exposed. Ever since 2007, I have been wondering how in the world did Barack Obama get this blanket black out of his past? Even worse, the fact that the American people would allow it, ignore it and vote him into the highest office in our nation. By this action, we have all downgraded our own nation leaving it open to political attack by any snake oit salesman walking down… Read more »


I just called and made Sheriff Joe an offer he couldn’t refuse.
Trust me, nothing will come of his investigation now. LOL
Mark my words. Report me. Turn me in to the FBI. Whatever you wanna do. Either way, 3 months from now you won’t hear anything else out of Joe on this issue. And I’ll still be a free man.
I’ll check back in a few months just to brag about how true my prediction is.


You have issues underestimating the influence of a psychopath with the right connections. Just take a wait and see approach. You’ll soon find out.


“Either way, 3 months from now you won’t hear anything else out of Joe on this issue.” Cool, because that might just mean that by then the Dear Ruler will have been found out, removed from office, arrested, and riding a bench in a federal lockup awaiting trial – right beside Herr Erich von Holderen. “Turn me in to the FBI.” Why bother turning you into a federal agency that has been completely compromised by the aforementioned corrupt AG and his dog-washer Frau Janet “Reno II” Himmler? It would be much easier (and much more fun) to point a few… Read more »


Dave: You threatened to sic your loony relatives on me many months ago. They sure are incompetent.


the left is in sheer panic mode- “Barak Ubayud” Barry Soetoro,Bounel,can’t remember all the names the illegal uses right off hand. Fraud. Communist/muslim. All will be null and void.


“After all, there is a war on, ya know.”
Tell em to bring the war home. Us commies are waiting on you in your back yard.


tbm – it is obvious that you are very afraid, which is why you are making threats. Just exactly what is your point and purpose?