Feckless: Samantha Bee says President Trump should be ashamed of behavior to hack Jim Acosta

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From Hollywood Reporter: Sam Bee broke down the “mixed bag” of Tuesday’s midterm election on her 100th show Wednesday night, highlighting the Democrats’ re-taking of the House of Representatives and bemoaning the re-elections of Rep. Steve King and Rep. Duncan Hunter.

The Full Frontal host also addressed the spat that CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta and President Trump had during a press conference on the midterms earlier in the day. During the fight, Trump told Acosta, “CNN should be ashamed of itself having you working for them.”

“No, we should be ashamed of you working for us,” Bee countered. “Oh my god! You are at work. This is behavior that would have gotten me fired from Tim Horton’s and they didn’t even fire me for turning their donuts into bongs.”

She later narrated the interior monologue of the press aide who tried to take the microphone away from Acosta, who held on. The aide later backed off and kneeled so as not to be in the way of cameras. “I hate this job so much, It’s horrible, and … plié,” Bee said.

At the top of Wednesday’s show, the Full Frontal host addressed the news that Attorney General Jeff Sessions had resigned earlier that day at the request of President Trump, an expected shift after the midterms. “He wanted to leave to spend more time doing what he loves most — racism,” Bee joked.

Bee proceeded to tick off some of the positive outcomes of the election, including the fact that the Democrat-majority House will be in charge of the House Intelligence Committee and therefore be responsible for Robert Mueller’s investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 election. She also said Rep. Maxine Waters, a favorite to chair the House Financial Services Committee, “can subpoena the f*ck out of Trump’s tax returns.”

More importantly, Bee, added, addressing the GOP, “You can kiss your wall goodbye. Democrats are not going to give you an inch.” She then played a clip of Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi praising a bipartisan approach to solving issues. “Guys?” she joked.

In other highlights Bee mentioned, the 2018 midterms ushered in a record number of women to serve in Congress and Florida passed Amendment 4, returning the right to vote to felons. “So I’m going to say something I rarely get to say: Good job Florida,” Bee joked.

Still: “I have to admit, I was a little disappointed in the size of the blue wave,” Bee said, noting that Democrats only gained 23 seats in the House. She also added in downsides to the night’s results that Rep. Steve King of Iowa and Rep. Duncan Hunter of California, who have both been accused of racism, were re-elected.

Bee concluded, “Last night was a mixed bag, but overall we should take it as a win” given the gerrymandering and voter suppression that Bee said was hurting the Democrats.

Later in her program, Bee also praised the campaign of Democrat Georgia Gov. candidate Stacey Abrams, who has called for a runoff in her fight against Brian Kemp, and listed “Bullshit we won’t forget” that included dirty tactics and off-color statements form Republican candidates during the election season.


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11 responses to “Feckless: Samantha Bee says President Trump should be ashamed of behavior to hack Jim Acosta

  1. Who cares what Samantha Bee thinks!

  2. And she says she is a mother? Well, she omitted the most important word in the cliche applicable to herself and only her! ENVY is what kills them, and I can tell she is jealous and envious, take a good look at her and Ivanka, wouldn’t she want to wear her panties if only for a day? Eat your words ugly mother……..

  3. Hard-working Housewife

    Samantha Bee must be suffering from some form of brain damage. She is incapable of thinking critically, or even evaluating a situation that has been put on display for all to see. She is an embarrassment.

  4. Who? She has the feelz and I’m supposed to care? Sorry I’ll pass.

  5. Kevin J Lankford

    Never seems to cross the minds of ‘anti-Trumpers’ that they are the real minority. I would also deny their claims of dingbat clinton actually receiving the majority of ‘popular’ votes, considering the origins of the claim, though many seem to accept it as factual.

    It just makes it all the more baffling to me that democrats seem to accumulate such unrealistic numbers of votes in so many elections;…as if by magic.

  6. Surely General Mattis and officers loyal to him and the President realize democracy in America is now on a lethal trajectory nearing impact, inasmuch as human dirt like that vicious woman are allowed to influence the outcome of elections that were bad enough as popularity contests, but have now for the electorate on the left degenerated into homicidal vendettas against the people and principles that made this country worth saving.

  7. I know OF her,but I don’t know her,nor do I want to. She certainly showcases whatever idiocy the Liberals consider “humor”,which is NOTHING like REAL humor.

  8. I used to get annoyed at the ploy of constantly labeling everything “left” or “right” or Repub. or Demonrat, but now they’ve further reduced it to Trump (which equals “racist” somehow) and Globalist (which is supposed to be a “good” thing).

    The fact that these people who are paid by these networks to represent them on TV can be this vile is instructive. This is supposed to be the United States (although they don’t want it to be), not some third-world dungheap. So, I suppose it goes, “if we didn’t vote for him we can insult him”?

    This crap is toxic. So are the people behind it. This is not “naturally occurring”. No one would tolerate this willingly.

  9. That hack is still on the air? Go figure.

  10. Buzz off back to Canada where you belong, Bee.

  11. Just wait until 2020, when some Americans finally realize the mistake they made, and liberals drown in a second Red Sea.


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