Fearmongering: Seattle mayor says visiting family during Thanksgiving could mean visiting them in the ICU at Christmas

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan has a frightening message for y’all up north:

Apparently Seattle – and the whole state – is seeing an alarming number of Wuhan virus cases. How bad are the numbers? Let’s take a look, shall we?

As of 11/21/20:

Note that the above numbers are cumulative.

Washington State has a population of 7.6 million people. Total cumulative confirmed cases of Wuhan virus: 141,260. Total hospitalizations: 9,765. Total deaths: 2,619.

You do the math.

Note that on the state’s Wuahn data dashboard, for hospitalizations they state the following: “COVID-19 in Washington State: COVID-like Illness Hospitalizations: COVID-like illness hospitalizations (CLI) are not exact counts of people hospitalized with a COVID diagnosis. Since these data do not rely on a diagnosis, they provide near-real time trends of the outbreak.

Funny how Mayor Durkan wasn’t so concerned with “flattening the curve” during the “summer of love.”

Remember these large, “mostly peaceful” protests?

One thing I learned having grown up and lived in demorat-controlled Washington state for over forty years, the masses will never understand this one simple and obvious lesson:


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2 months ago

If they get guns this can be the “West Coast Chicago”.

2 months ago

I have some very close friends, one of whom fails to see through the lies of the MSM. Due to the ratcheting up of all the fear about the upconing holidays, she thinks the likelihood of us all getting together is zero until the government has a 100% effective vaccine. What bothers me most is that she is very much a devout Christian. All this proves that if we are not careful who we listen to, we can go very far away from the common sense truth. This grieves me to the core of my being.

Iron Man
Iron Man
2 months ago

I’d like to visit a bunch of politicians for Thanksgiving and attend their funerals before new year’s eve.

2 months ago

So be it.
I would have my family visit me in the cemetery before I would obey a petit tyrant for one day.

Tom Jones
Tom Jones
1 month ago

She looks like another C C P-funded TRAITOR – the West Coast political establishment is CRAWLING with them…

1 month ago

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