FDNY rescues dog stuck on a Brooklyn window ledge

NY Daily News: What a lucky dog!

A precious pup in peril was saved from the narrow ledge of a second-floor  window in Brooklyn on Thursday thanks to a calm FDNY communications worker and a  helpful crowd.

The dog, believed to be a chow, appears to have wiggled its way through the  small gap between the child window guard and the top of the open window, only to  realize that it couldn’t get back inside.

James Morgan, who  caught the exciting rescue on camera,  said he was walking home when he saw what he thought was a pooch sticking its  head out the window to keep cool on a hot evening. Then he did a double-take and  saw that it was actually stuck.

“The dog must have really been crafty,” Morgan told the Daily News.

A crowd had gathered in front of the apartment on Court Street in Carroll  Gardens, and a member of the FDNY showed up with a bucket truck.

“Everyone was very concerned,” Morgan said. “People were trying to offer  help.”

Someone handed the civilian firefighter a dog bowl filled with water, which  he used to try to gain the chow’s trust. The water didn’t work, so he gave the  pup a couple treats. Those seemed to do the trick.

The patient firefighter eventually attached a leash (“in case she jumps,”  someone yelled from the ground), and gathered the fluffy dog in his arms. Once  he had safely lifted it into the cherry picker, the crowd erupted in cheers.

“It was a real community effort,” Morgan said.

(Actual rescue starts at 3:30 point in the video.)


Loves a happy ending!


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6 years ago

Awwww, that was soooo sweet.

6 years ago