FBI Warning about Internet Searches on OBL

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From a confidential source in law enforcement:
From the FBI and DHS:
     Please DO NOT try to download any pictures or videos related to Osama Bin Laden while doing open source research, there are numerous alerts from FBI and USCERT related to malware or phishing efforts that will do harm to PC’s and possibly networks.
The FBI, and others have issued alerts about malware campaigns linked to the Osama news story. 
 Expect a lot of phishing emails promising additional details, videos, pictures, etc. of the operation
 Notifications about
malware could be used as a hook to open an attachment that leads to a worm or Trojan Horse.
H/T to confidential source and a BIG THANK YOU for the heads up!

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0 responses to “FBI Warning about Internet Searches on OBL

  1. And the STORY just keeps getting better. I’m pretty sure my gut feelings on this are right on. I am so sick of this administration. Their communistic ways,they are so phony. Do they really think Americans,true Americans are going to conform to their NWO? They all need to get the hell out of here,this is a fair warning. Or we will take you there. That is not a threat,it is a promise. Guaranteed.

  2. lowtechgrannie

    This was email to a law enforcement agency, not a press release to the general public. The FBI probably doesn’t care if John Q Public picks up any nasty viruses. If we did, it would stimulate the economy as we’d all have to have significant work done or replace our computers.


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